TUSD1 – Gale Elementary 50th Anniversary Invitation

Why I came here was the culture I was excited to come back and be a teacher at this school I’m thankful for the the families that are here. They are so helpful and kind and encouraging a really supporting the kids Same for me. It’s just a it’s a cool experience to look out upon the same field that Lisa and I together stood and we played You know same things that the kids today are doing and it’s neat to have grown up here And then I have my own children here as well. So it’s just it’s kind of like history repeating itself. I think it’s just neat that we’ll get to be you know, things like this photo this 50 photo like forever We’re gonna know we were a part of that moment So it’s just a neat thing to belong to, absolutely. So we would love to have any current Gale families or Past Gale students, Gale alumni the evening of January 29th We’ll be hosting an event on site. Some details are still being planned, but it’s gonna be great You’ll be able to take a walk through and kind of you know Look through the old stomping grounds and just be a part of this history So we really hope to have a huge turnout. We would love to see everybody.

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