TV Dinner – Simon’s Cat | SHORTS #3

El gato de Simon.
Subtítulos Yuri Sabillón (Honduras) En: “Tv cena” *Sonido de cambios de canal de televisión* *Maullidos* *Rasguños y ronroneo* *Maullido* *Maullido* *Rasguños* *Chasquido con los dedos* *Rasguños* *Chasquidos y Onomatopeya* *Rasguño al subir* *Ronroneos* *Rasguños y quejas* *Maullido* *Maullidos* *Maullido mas fuerte* *Onomatopeya* *Inhalación* *Maullido y Grito* *Ronroneo y rasguños” *Maullidos suaves* *Rasguños y Ronroneo* *Sonido de vibración del celular* *Sonido de quejas* *Campanita de mensaje* *ronroneo* *Sonido de televisor apagandose* *Ronroneo* *Maullido*

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  1. I get that little huff all the time, especially when I'm trying to pay attention to something else.

  2. I would take care of my dog if I miss a show I would Record it first then I play it back. Record on the tv not my phone if you didn’t understand

  3. Ни капли правды,я бы отпиздил ахуевший кусок шерсти и нахрен из комнаты

  4. That is ridiculous. I never told my cat to hush or be quiet. I lived for the moments when he came to me and wanted to chew my ears off with his "talking". He wanted to tell me about his day and I never not wanted to listen. I miss my little black troublemaker. 🙁

  5. Good O' Days Watching this and laughing my head off! I still laugh but, It don't Feel the Same :/ kinda does

  6. LOL!!!😄 I don't think I had this much problem with my cat while watching TV. At the Dinner table yes but never at the TV.😄 Great use of traditional animation, Brilliant Comedy.😊 Keep it up.❤️😊

  7. Ehen my cat nunu stretched on the coach like that & he wouldn't move we just pretended to sit on him & sometimes he still didn't move so then we actually sat on him & he didn't care to him it was some attention

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