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This is inside information,
but the business is being sold. You’re not gonna
believe what happened. I met this girl and I think I asked her to
come to Vegas to get married. Franco:
The day before your wedding,
do you really love her? I’m just sitting there
enjoying my drink, they asked me if I want
to go the fight with them, so I said yeah, and Silent Dom is sitting there
with the sunglasses on, and he kinda looks
like Jack Nicholson. Rick:
You’re looking
for fight tickets. Yeah, sure, yeah. Ok, you don’t mind,
with Jack Jr.? No, hey, it’s an honour. Good. You– you–
our shirts match. I mean, what are
we gonna do here? Yeah.
Cheers.♪ She said don’t wanna
see me again ♪
♪ Well, that’s all right,
it’s all right ♪
♪ I don’t deserve
another chance ♪
♪ Well, that’s all right,
it’s all right ♪
♪ I’m gonna keep
the pressure on ♪
♪ Well, that’s all right,
it’s all right ♪
♪ Give it another go
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ Lay it on some more
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ Sit her right on down,
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ I ain’t gonna mess around
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ ‘Cause she knows
I can’t say no ♪
♪ She’s in control ♪♪ Riding in that
underground train ♪
♪ One thing I always
know for sure ♪
♪ I won’t ever shake
the thought of her ♪
(whooping) So, we just
arrived in Las Vegas. We had to change in the airport because we’re going
straight to see Rick. Vegas baby! Both:
Ow ow ow! Ow ow ow ow! Hello!
Present for you! Housekeeping,
me fluff your pillow. Faith:
Rick, we’ll be
waiting here for you! We’ve been waiting
long enough, Rick! You’re kidding me.
You serious? (all whooping) You smell glorious!
This is my best friend Rachelle. Hi, how are ya?
Nice to meet you. How are you? So nice to meet you. Oh, Dom! Dom!
Dom, you didn’t like us. No, I, uh– Ravenous. You know, Rick, he’s lucky. He can pile into a bat of shit and come out smelling
like a rose. He’s nuts. Faith:
What is this cute bed?! So, I– I– I– I– guys,
I went crazy, I went crazy. Okay, we’re gonna
go put our bikinis on. Hi!
Do you like my new bikini? Rachelle’s got a white one. I don’t know, what do
you guys think? Is it cute? She’s got the pink one.
I got the white. Faith: Wait. Hey, I heard
you were a wild one. Yeah, it sprung. He’s like a kid
in a candy store. I’ve seen him with some
pretty nasty looking women. It’s like uh, Sally two-bagger– on one bag on her head,
one bag on your head, just in case her bag breaks.
No shame. Faith:
Where were you and Rachelle,
by the way? You guys were
gone, like, how long? How long is a Chinese man. How long is a Chinese man. Very short.
How long is a Croatian man? I don’t know.
No, no, no. I’m shy. Rob:
He had five different women, all at different
times during the day. He hasn’t changed
all these years. Hey, Lars! Both:
Hey, Lars! We miss you. Rachelle:
We’re not even ready. Haley:
We’re not ready. Hi. I wouldn’t’ve taken any of
these girls to a cockfight, like literally
that’s how bad they looked. Tie one pork chop
around their neck, just so the dog
would play with her. True story. What do you get– what do you get when
you get oral and Laurel? Oral Laurel. You get a mouthful. And backdoor Billy. Rick:
Backdoor Billy lives. Rachelle:
Like, the look… Bye! Faith:
We’ll see you guys later. Love ya. I’m the one in the lobby. I said, “Hello, Lilly,”
and guess what? The Greek’s all over her. Rob:
I tell ya, I think
they feed off each other. So, it’s who can fuck
the dog the best. And they think it’s fun. Franco:
This is the best. Billy:
How would you like
to fuck her, Large? No, I’m married,
thank you, though. Thanks for the offer. Lars:
Talk to you later,
fish finger. My best friend’s
a yoga instructor. She’s a playboy
model, too, so– Perfect, bring her, yeah. There you go. And one of these days,
I’m gonna hit it. Look, he shuts the door on me. That’s how my night’s
going I can’t even talk. You fucking– I’m’a fucking kill
this fucking guy. I’m gonna fucking
bury ‘im in the desert. I’m gonna light you up.
Like the fourth of July– ow. Rob:
The problem with Lars is,
it’s all self inflicted. I’ve never seen
so many drunken cowboys and derelicts in my life. I didn’t touch your penis.
I would never touch your penis. What’s wrong with you,
sweat bag ? This fucking hat
is wetter than a fucking– That girl that just
walked in next door. Does she… Rob:
At the end of the day, they can’t always be part of the
problem and that’s what happens. What’s the difference between
that girl and the Titanic? You know what? Only eighteen hundred people
went down on the Titanic. I said fuck it,
I’m gonna go out for a walk. Do you believe this place?
I mean it’s my first time here. Let’s go, follow me. Woman 2:
Yup! Hey, you gonna be dancing
with those shoes? No. Buddy, you’d rip up the
dancefloor with those things. Those are the best. All the best, eh? Alright, uh-huh. Wrapping things up.
Looks like I sold my company, so it’s sort of
a farewell party to me. You know I just got here, but I look forward to going home
and seeing my daughter. That’s what it’s about– family. And, uh, this was fun. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am. Is that your badge?
Yeah. I got one too, you know? You can buy them
in the stores. You see his teeth? You can buy it in the store? Yeah, over there. Thank you.
Hey, be safe. Where the hell are these guys? She’s over there. Listen, uh.
I just seen Nikki. I had to go lurk in the weeds.
Is she there? Is she gone? Now, I’m ready to do the deed. I wanna get married. Franco:
And we’re gonna
make that happen. You are my brothers,
you guys protect my back. Where the hell
is my fiancé? Franco:
Well… Like I want– Give him to midnight
like Cinderella . Let’s go have fun. Ricky! You look hot!♪ My angel ♪♪ She doesn’t have wings,
but she can fly ♪
♪ Above the sky ♪♪ My angel,
like a bird who flies ♪
♪ She can fly ♪♪ Above the sky ♪♪ She soars ♪♪ She soars ♪Franco:
Mild Ricky, what’s he do? They dump my ass.
They went without me. So, what did I do? I got stuck, by myself,
walking the streets. Was that Large in a dress? I’m gonna ask this guy. Hey where’s Mild Ricky?
You seen this guy? He’s got the green skin. I’ve been looking for him.
Where is he? (growling) All right. You gotta watch that thing. You don’t wanna
cut off your corleones.♪ But she knows
how to pull me in ♪
♪ And draws me out
from deep within ♪
♪ As I share my fears ♪♪ She takes me as I am ♪♪ She’s always stood by me ♪♪ With everything I need ♪♪ My angel ♪♪ She doesn’t have wings,
but she can fly ♪
She’s not here.
The wedding is over. It’s over. It’s over. It was crazy.
Look at these ones. Oh my god, they’re– they’re one
after another, just on fire. I’m really worried though
about Billy, uh, Franco. When’s he coming? Well, it’s his wedding,
he’s not even here. Is he backing out? I can’t get a hold of him. We’ll take a run at Nikki. She’s wild. Yeah? It’s the guys fiancé,
leave her alone. She’s a fucking whore. She’s had more fucking cock
in ‘er than out of ‘er. You know where he met her? Where? Billy:
Thirty four, thirty four C’s. She was doing push ups
in a cucumber garden. You can’t scoop
the guy’s bride, he loves her. It doesn’t matter.
It’s open season on her tonight. And now it’s time for, as we say
in Italian, la vendetta. Oh, we get a vendetta tonight.Billy? Apparently, the guy didn’t even
show up to his own wedding. It’s pretty sad, the guy stands
her up at the altar, but I think there’s a few guys
that will step in for him. We got Franco, Mild Ricky, even Dom might even fucking
swing his bat at that, you know? Cut. Two of the hottest women
here on Fremont Street. You guys put out at least? Whatever you’re selling– I’m not selling anything. –I don’t want. But I wish you all the best. Thanks, man, appreciate it. I need to talk
to you for a minute. I got Mild Ricky and Franco
trying to come on to her. I see your frustration. These two guys, I am done
with them after this weekend. You’ve turned the corner.
You’ve been a loyal guy. you’ve made a
few mistakes along the way. Yes I have. Okay, but that’s fine.
I forgive. Hey, can I get a ride.
Get over here. What do you want? Get over here. I had enough of you. You and Mild Ricky have gotta settle down
with your testosterone. It’s been a long time
coming for that Greek. The chickens have come to roost. Look who’s trailing behind. Uh, move it along,
uh, lovebirds. Unbelievable, these two. I don’t wanna talk
to you, Franco. Franco:
Listen, you’re pissing me off. What the fuck?
What’s wrong? Just go to the Hogs and Heifers,
where you’re at home. I beg your pardon? I’m getting married.
I deserve to actually do this.♪ (It’s all right) ♪♪ Sit her right on down,
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ I ain’t gonna mess around
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ Little louder now
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ Come on, louder now ♪♪ Sing that out ♪♪ Louder now, come on,
sing it out ♪
♪ Yeah, that’s all right
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ That’s all right
(It’s all right) ♪
♪ (That’s all right)
Oh, yeah ♪
♪ (That’s all right) ♪♪ The girl’s in control ♪♪ She ain’t gonna let me go ♪♪ All, I know, all I can say ♪♪ I need some more,
more of that love ♪
♪ She bad! ♪Sam, all I ever wanted
was a burger with cheese. Burger with a lotsa cheese. That’s it.
Got it. Look at the cheese on that, and
look at the cheese on that. She’s nice. Mmm.
Wow. (Nikki laughing) What are you doing
underneath there? Excuse me, you know how
embarrassing this is to us? She is getting married. These guys are whores, okay? They bang the
same broads together. Bros before hoes. Rick’s gone, Rick just left. He sick to his
stomach of this shit. So, you know what? I just tried calling
Billy right now– Lars:
He could be with hooker. Why is his mailbox full? It’s not the
only box that’s full. I– Billy:
How would you
like to fuck her, Large? No, I’m married.
Thank you, though. Thanks for the offer. Talk to you later,
fish finger. Nikki:
No, I don’t believe it though,
I don’t believe that at all.Rick:
Let’s get an In-N-Out Burger. Look at the cheese on that, Sam. Sam:
That’s what I told the lady–
extra, extra cheese. Who needs steak and caviar? You like In-N-Out? Do I like in-and-out?
Yeah. Rachelle:
Did it spring for you? Rick:
Yeah, it sprung. I used to. The best in the west. The best in the west. In and out. Burgers, yeah. Oh, burgers.
I love– I love burgers. Yessir. Nothing like some good In-N-Out. Yessir. I’m going to the airport, Sam. Okay. Yes, sir.
We’ll get you home.(speaking inaudibly) (speaking inaudibly)Nikki:
I need a really stiff drink. Yeah. Let’s get out of here.
I mean, you know, when one door closes,
another one opens up. So, Franco Vegas lives.My angel ♪♪ She doesn’t have wings,
but she can fly ♪
♪ Above the sky ♪I trust you. Now, I come alive. It’s the midnight hour
and I’m coming alive. (siren sounding) (voices chattering) Franco passed out.
They’re taking him away. Nikki:
How many drinks did he have? Can you believe that
he’s such a chickenshit? I know. (siren sounding) He’s totally wasted. He’s a memory now,
that’s it. He’s gone. Now is just you and I. We’re gonna have a great time. Awesome. I want you to
take me for a ride. Take you for a ride? Take me for a ride.Mild Ricky:
Woo-hoo! Billy, you suck! Billy who? Fuck Franco! Fuck Franco. Fuck Franco.Arriba! Abajo! Tequila! Aah-ante! Where is he?
Where is that rat fucking prick? I’m gonna go back
with Silent Dom. I go with you guys. Fuck him. Unbelievable. You believe this guy? Lars:
What the hell is
going on around here? Franco:
I’m not getting on a Ferris
wheel with that fucking guy. He knows I’m scared of heights. Between the plane and–
and the Ferris– I am done with you. Where’s your fucking suit? Rick:
You never know in life. Everything came full circle. Everybody’s true colours
came out in the end. Mild Ricky,
he became Wild Ricky. This is what men do, they look
for love in the wrong places. If it filled a void
for him, that’s good, but he’s got a heart of gold and
he’s a big teddy bear. I wish him the best,
and I love Mild Ricky. Boss Hogg, I knew from
the first day that I met him that he was bigger
than life star. It was a lot of work
to motivate him, give him the positive
affirmations that he needed. He’s a showstopper,
he’s bigger than life. It’s too bad about, uh, Franco. To say it was a
disappointment… Some people are the types that
are just spend, spend, spend, and make sure you are
the only pig at the trough . He’s going on to,
uh, his new life. Franco, I’m done.♪ I know, I know,
I know, I know ♪
I will see Billy
when I get back. Billy, also like I said,
is all heart. All the guys are full of heart. It’s been fun. What’s next?
People ask, “What’s next?” If you believe, you can achieve. In the end, they are paisans.♪ When she’s gone ♪♪ Ain’t no sunshine
when she’s gone ♪
♪ Only darkness every day ♪This was a bittersweet day. I’m coming to
the realization that, uh, I’m slowly
losing this company. And, uh, this was supposed
to be a nice day, and, uh, something felt off. So, here we are. Can’t believe it. It’s over. Christine:
I know. Lot of memories in here.
All right, so I’m out of here. Yeah. Christine:
This is depressing. Nice while it was lasted.
Lot of memories. Sabrina:
It’s been, like,
the saddest day today. This job’s only
brought him stress, like you wouldn’t believe
and he says he’s done. He’s done with the business. I– I can’t even talk, it’s–
I don’t even know what to say.

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