TVF Bachelors | S02E05 – Bahubully 2 : The Conclusion | Season Finale

After beating Professor Dahi bhalla,
Jitendra Bahubully was our new HOD. The students went crazy that night.
Everyone partied like crazy! Even the Sindhi and Marwari students
contributed to the party. I was passed out all night. What a party it was! The next morning came with
Professor Dahi Bhalla’s surprise test! That would occur once every 26 days, but it still surprised all the students. -What?!
-What?! And there’d be long lines to get
copies of the notes. Even that day, the photocopy machine
hadn’t stopped working since morning. And just like every batch has a ‘Sardar’
(Sikh) and fat person always, it was the same even 5 years ago. Just like the two of you, there used to be
a fat guy and a sardar. Who were waiting in the line since
morning for a copy of the notes. -Get lost now!
-?? I just have 2 sheets left.
You’ll have to make do with it. I’m even running out of ink. That’ll do for me! Listen, reduce the font size to 4
and fit all the notes in 2 sheets. They can also be turned into
cheat sheets for the exam. Hey, I’ll take the 2 sheets.
I’m from the management quota! So? I’m an international student
from Lahore. -I’ll take the 2 sheets.
-I’ll take the 2 sheets. -I’ll take the 2 sheets!
-2 sheets…? -2 sheets…?
-2 sheets…? -2 sheets…?
-2 sheets? 2 sheets! 2 sheets?
I want those 2 sheets! I want them! -I want those 2 sheets!
-He’s gone crazy! I want those 2 sheets!
I want those 2 sheets! I want them! The photocopy didn’t stop… Bahubully? The HOD who’ll bully us?! The post that was supposed to be
Professor Bhalla’s, was given to that Bahubully. Professor Bhalla has everything like,
more experience, a deep voice, along with
salt and pepper hair! Which are traits an ideal HOD
should have. And yet, that bloody HOD…! What do you say, Professor Bhalla, shall we make him a librarian? This is not you, but your cow’s pee talking,
Brinjal Dev. Your loyal Phd has arrived. Sir… HOD Bahubully has injured his leg. He was teaching everyone
about the moment of inertia at my birthday bash last night,
by dancing on one leg. So what? Do you expect us to bandage him? No, sir. He won’t be able to teach today. So he asked Professor Bhalla to do so. Why? Why didn’t he ask me to teach? Is it ’cause I’m short? I can draw a complete circle on the board
even today inspite of my height! Look! Your height is not the reason
he didn’t ask you, sir. The reason is your half-drawn circle. Do you know the consequence of talking
to a veteran professor like that? -How would I know?
-Randomly guess. You’ll send the person
to the library. You heard everything? No, sir. I’m a loyal Phd guy, right?
I researched it. So students, surprise,
surprise, surprise! Your test isn’t for 3 hours today, but
for 2 and half hours and the time is up. So submit your answer sheets quickly!
Come on now. Give that to me!
You ass! Give that here! Give me your pen as well.
You fatso, give me your pen! Give me your papers! Everyone has to give me
their papers! You’re next. Give that to me!
How much are you going to write? -Give me the paper! Let go…
-Sir, what you’re doing is wrong. -Let go off the paper!
-Sir, what you’re doing is wrong. Let it go! Take him to Chewingami! Jasmeet Singh Lahori! We can deport you
back to Rawalpindi for such indiscipline against
Professor Sattupatti. -Ma’am…
-Shut up! Do you have something to say? -Bahubully…
-Bahubully… -Bahubully…
-Bahubully… Jassi, tell me clearly,
what exactly happened? The surprise test was to be over
at 3 PM, but professor Sattpatti surprised us again by taking
the papers half an hour ealry. Just because he had a movie to go to
at 3 PM. He began to snatch our answer sheets away! He was going to do the same with me,
so I bit his hand. That was wrong of you, Jassi! You don’t bite the hnads of professors
who make movie plans during college hours, you get his salary cut! HOD Jitendra! Such violence in front of me? Jasmeet Singh said everything
without fear. I found a ticket to a 3 PM movie
in Sattupatti’s pocket. It’s a corner seat. A day’s pay of Sattupatti’s
salary will be deducted. The decision has been made! The decision of Sattupati’s pay
being cut, is not your decision to make, but that of the account’s department. What account’s department are you
talking about? The one that pays a full salary
to professor like Brinjal Dev? Or the one that fixes the
gum holes in your desk from the dues that students
pay at the library? I’ve been holding it in! Move! Dean, do you see the consequence
of making him the HOD? These students adore him and keep chanting
his name all around. He didn’t even spare you today. How do you feel being bullied by him? Don’t you think he should
be a librarian? A HOD is like a chewing gum
to a department. If you don’t spit it out
at the right time, it turns bitter. Professor Jitendra will be
your librarian henceforth. And your new HOD will be… ..Professor Bhalla! -That’s my order.
-But, Dean… My order is extra louder now! Professor Bhalla… More experience, a deep voice,
salt and pepper hair… The one you know as Dahi Bhalla,
which is me! I give you my word, that I will teach you from
this day forward… Our HOD, Professor Bhalla! -Professor Bhalla!
-Professor Bhalla! Thank you. Jitendra Bahubully, who is me! -Bahubully proffu!
-Bahubully proffu! -Bahubully proffu!
-Bahubully proffu! -Bahubully proffu!
-Bahubully proffu! -Bahubully proffu!
-Bahubully proffu! -Bahubully proffu!
-Bahubully proffu! -Bahubully proffu!
-Bahubully proffu! -Bahubully proffu!
-Bahubully proffu! -Bahubully proffu!
-Bahubully proffu! Guys, it’s really an earthquake!
Run! Get out!
Get out! Kattapa. It wasn’t fair for them to snatch away
your HOD quater, proffu. We’ve all put mattresses for you
in the corridor. -Kattapa, if there was a bed…
-You come on, sir. Why are y’all crying? Such an awesome professor
is coming to live in our hostel. We can get our doubts cleared
at anytime now. Prepare for a night out! -Where are you going, proffu?
-I’m going to sleep. The B and D wing guys have been
waiting for their turn. They’ve turned the canteen
into their waiting room. And you’re aware that the muggers don’t
share their notes a night before the exam. If you fall asleep at a time like this,
then who will teach them? Tell me, tell me, proffu? Look at this, Bhalla. If he remains in this college, he’ll be a professor
no matter where he is. What do we do with him, HOD Bhalla? Kattapa! A few unfaithful students are working
on their projects under me. But go elsewhere to clear their doubts. It’s not like those idiots
are going to pass out this year. You tell me… Do you want your Phd degree
this year or not? Sir, I come from a village area. My dad’s taken a loan
from the World bank for my education. My mom can’t see in the dark clearly. -We have to demolish one of the floors…
-Do you want a degree or not, man? I do want it, sir. Here’s my project report. Get Bahubully thrown out of college. No, sir.
I can’t do this… Get him thrown out of college
and take your degree. Or else, be prepared to work on
your entire projext report again. The entire report again? How do I do this? Do you have anything on your mind? Search all their bags. Brinjal Dev… You! Sir… It was in hope for peace,
you let it go, sir… Shut up! -That’s mine, sir.
-Yours? It’s mine. Why’d you put it in my bag? What’s this? Sir, this is a hard disk, it has
professor Bahubully’s notes in it. He only gave it to us all. -Really?
-Yes. We’ll find out the truth now. Plug it in, will you? Look at this. Notes… Important notes. Very very important notes. Bahubully’s songs. Put it on, even I want
to listen to them. Dean’s daughter begging to cum… -Hairy Librarian has a long black…
-Stop it, Bhalla! Don’t jump to conclusions. Bhalla, just play it and check. It could possibly
be a tutorial video. Look at it. Look. Do you know what this is,
Kattapa? Notes! The students won’t turn into
10 pointers over night, but they’ll surely pass. Now, they don’t have to stand in
long lines for me to teach them. I’ll give it to Jassi. Sir, you get some rest. I’ll give him this hard disk. I’m going to wander outside
the girl’s hostel anyway now. I’ll even find Jassi there. It’s our daily routine. Please forgive me, proffu. Please, forgive me… Stop it! Stop it! Did you see that, Dean?
It’s got the entire Babesena! This is not a hard disk,
it’s the entire Babesena! He wants to turn this small babes
into mountains! Librarian Jitendra? You’re suspended from the college
this very moment! You are rusticated! Snatch his ID card. -No, sir…
-Do you want your Phd? Go! Bahubully’s notes are still eternal
in Babesena! And Bhalla teaches them to the 10 pointers
till today and boasts of it as his own. And porn? It’s not there,
it’s been deleted. You ass, you should’ve told us
before that Babesena has notes! We’ve made a rebel group
thinking it was porn! Guys, Bhalla is throwing
a fresher party tomorrow morning. Come on, let’s put on
face-packs and sleep! -Party…?
-There’s a party, man! -Party…
-Wait, Jeetu! Where are you going? There’s a party tomorrow,
I’m going to sleep, Kattapa. No, Jeetu! You can’t go anywhere! -Let me go, I want to party hard!
-No, Jeetu! You’re a look alike of
our professor Jitendra. Think like him. Think like Bahubully! Sir… Sir, all the students have come
and they look quite confident. These idiots don’t even know that
a party at 7 in the morning doesn’t start but it ends! Isn’t it, Bhalla? Let them come. Like always, there’s going to be a surprise test
at the fresher party. Sir. Bhalla! What’s wrong?
Show me. Sir. Babesena is not in these shackles! This is getting on my nerves! What’s happening here? We will have our fresher party, sir.
But after your surprise test. The students have a few doubts
but there’s half an hour to the test. So clear our doubts until then. Sir when Benzene hexafluoride is
reacted with tri-hydro-chlorine in presence
of aqueous copper sulphate -then what is the…
-Sir, how much pressure is required for
an adiabatic isentropic process PV to the power gamma minus 1… In Mughal empire,
Babar came to power… -??
-Sir, when will I get my Phd? HOD Bhalla… Clear their doubts, for God’s sake
you’re their HOD! How will he do it, madam? He doesn’t have this hard disk. Why are you talking about? Professor Jitendra Bahubully made these
notes with great difficulty. He put it in this hard disk for students
like us to study and pass our exams. And this man turned this hard disk
into Babesena! Dean, you thought that Bahubully showed
them porn and spoilt them, that he’s only making us have fun. But it was him who conspired to get him
thrown out by putting porn in this! He did! Is this all true, Bhalla? Is this true, Bhalla? She’s asking you something, Bhalla. Below the bubble of my bubblegum,
all this kept happening, but I didn’t know anything! Forgive me, if you can, proffu. You are immediately suspended from
the post of a HOD! You are rusticated! -This is my order!
-But, Dean… My last order is larger
than louder!

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