TVXQ! Debut 10th Anniversary Message

[TVXQ!] Hello, we are TVXQ! [U-KNOW] Finally, it’s our debut 10th anniversary. On December, 26th 2013! [MAX] Congratulations! [U-KNOW] Congratulations to you as well
[MAX] Thank you! [U-KNOW] Well, most of all, it has been 10 years already and I think there are things that have changed and unchanged during last 10 years. [MAX] What are the things that have changed? [U-KNOW] The fact that we became seniors is the thing that has changed [U-KNOW] And what has not changed is that our fans are still with us [U-KNOW] Not only at the stage but also together with our fans, we are making great albums through the years. [U-KNOW] Those facts make me feel emotional. How about you, MAX? [MAX] Well, I am not just saying empty words but really, to our fans who were with us and supporting us for the last 10 years [MAX] Since they are giving enormous love to us, no matter how hard we try to give back our love to them. Honestly, I think it is impossible to equally pay back our love to fans as their love and support are too great to pay back. [MAX] That is how I feel.
[U-KNOW] Wow… you are really cool [MAX] Haha yeah, as always. [MAX] So, 10 years has passed and I wish to try hard working continuously for the next years for great music, performance and all other activities [MAX] So that we can pay back the great love and support we are receiving from our fans. [U-KNOW] Yes. Most of all, I believe that we TVXQ! are here thanks to our fans’ support and I hope you to anticipate the future TVXQ! as well. [U-KNOW] As we, TVXQ! are just getting started. [U-KNOW] Let’s promise that we will be with you for next 20th and 30th anniversaries as well [U-KNOW] Please send us lots of love and interest afterwards. [U-KNOW] Until now, we were
[TVXQ!] TVXQ! Thank you!!

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  1. ii hate the idea that tvxq it's 3 instead of 5 member, but congratulation tvxq!!! i have been their fan for 8 years, i didnt know about them before, bcauze in peru we didnt have too many computers at that time.i love all of them and i feel so proud of them, each one of the members are perfect in their own way, and they have grow up a lot since 2003. congratulation in your 10th anniversary, and i hope we can still hear tvxq music for many many more u tvxq!!! and i love changmin!!! 

  2. DBSK T.T you're always at our hearts :-* AKTF! The Kings of Kpop 🙂 we Cassiopeias are all proud of you guys because you didnt bring us down!

  3. Thank you DBSK for bringin us the most amazing 10years!! We love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow onwards!! -lots of love from SHAWOL&S♡NE

  4. Happy Aniv to TVXQ! I hope TVXQ! always given the best
    note for changmin oppa: please cut your hair,,^^ LOVE TVXQ! JYJ+HOMIN

  5. Changmin, it has been 10 years and you still think that it is impossible to equally pay back your love to us? Bring back smart Shim Changmin for me. You mean a world to us. Love you help us realize and learn many things. To you it is impossible to pay back our love and support, to us it is impossible to pay back for always trying your best to make us proud. Whenever we r happy or sad, you are the one that help us get up. Happy 10th anniversary baboya~my loves, DBSK. Be happy. Cassiopeia always stand by you. Always Keep The Faith~Hope To The End.

  6. I know it's late, but … happy 10th anniversary.
    I hope to continue working so very hard, and continue to share the talent with cassiopeia…
    I love the 5 members. and yet leaneth
    good .. thanks for the 10 years of joy and sadness, but always showing charisma their fans can convert liters of tears in joy, friendship and love.
    really love you always, because his words are sincere, listen to feel like they were my brothers.
    we are T , thank you very much to you DB5K

  7. it seems there are no end of arguing between fans… after listening to the highlight medley of next album, i thought homin shifted their position to show kinda happy bright side of them instead of blaming someone in their songs. so i hope fans concentrate to what you love and stop arguing for them…

  8. Yaaay english subs! happy dance
    I am glad that TVXQ! lasted this long and I cannot wait for the next album… and all those that will come afterwards!

  9. many people are happy for tvxq comeback,but they are also some people who want to spoiled the happiness…….
    for them sadness and misery are their happiness,so they want others people to feel that too.That is why they keep delulu and hypocrites  themselves here,and then they are calling as "it's my opinion" lol

    the one who have right to celebrate 10th anniversary are TVXQ,so whoever are called TVXQ have right to celebrate the annivesary

  10. I'm so proud of Yunho and Changmin! 🙂 Happy 10th anniversary! 😀 I cannot wait for their album to be released! I already preordered it!!! please have another tour!!!

  11. Happy 10th Anniversary for Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu & Changmin. Happy 10th Anniversary DB5K. Always Keep The Faith Cassies and BigEast!

  12. Thank for the eng subs SM! :3 Also congrats to TVXQ! I'll always love and support you. I wish you luck and I love you <3 TVXQ Fighting!

  13. although i'm not a big fan of tvxq, i still have respect for them for being a role model for the newer groups…i luv their songs as well and i am still hoping that the other 3 members will go back to SM…i am still hoping TVXQ will be 5 again…they hine better that way 🙂 cheers for the 10 years 😉

  14. although i'm not a big fan of tvxq, i still have respect for them for being a role model for the newer groups…i luv their songs as well and i am still hoping that the other 3 members will go back to SM…i am still hoping TVXQ will be 5 again…they hine better that way 🙂 cheers for the 10 years 😉

  15. yunho&changmin, they hold TVXQ, they protect TVXQ.
    they are the ones who suffered just for TVXQ, for cassiopeia.
    for those who left many years ago, i just wanna say, they are not TVXQ.
    you cant be TVXQ, becuz u dindnt do what TVXQ do.

  16. LESS THAN 15 MINUTES FOR Something MV release! #동방신기 #TVXQ #Something  10 YEARS, (or 10 ears) hahaha <3 LOVE THEM 

  17. 우와 벌써 십년이구나 something 뮤직비디오 나왔다고 해서 보다가 이 동영상도 보게되었네.
    동방신기 tv에서도 얼른 보고 싶네요.

  18. yunho looks tired a bit 🙁 i hope he get some rest , can you give them a vacation or smth :((((
    min was funny when he said "yes as always" though lol xD  i thought yunho was about to punish him but he was like "watever" omg i love them x3

  19. Kind of hurting, is missing three of you…ten years is not so easy to going, I almost cry, but, Fighting!!

    Yunho and Changmin Congratulations, no matter what, Always keep the faith!

  20. Thanks for everything you did, too. Thanks for beautiful songs that you sing. Fighting together Forever!!!! God Bless TVXQ.

  21. @maggielena that were being treated like slaves they didnt even earn half of what that made if you really was a fan of dbskyou would have none that don't single j.y.j out because they left it was homin`s chioce to stay so don't be mad at j.y.j because that dont stay your anger should be to sm entertainment not them

  22. @maggielena it was spell correct I ment to put dont please dont think im trying to attack you or anything I just wanted you to know the correct story and your anger should not be to j.y.j it should be to sm because thats why j.y.j left not for the money it was how they were mistreated please dont take this the wrong because im a fan of j.y.j and tvxq please have I happy new year

  23. Wow! Can't believe it's already been 10 years! I've been on this road with you guys from the beginning and I will not stop my love and support for you guys! TVXQ ARE TGE BEST! I love you guys!!! I will support you guys until the end! Keep the faith!

  24. 10周年、本当に感激です^^おめでとうございます!いつも素敵な言葉をたくさんもらえて幸せです;;ずっとずっと応援してます♡

  25. Changmin looks unforced and kinda uncomfortable. I wish TVXQ would smile more.They have a lot to be happy for. They just made a comeback, the have been on top for 10 years and they always have had Cassies support. Cassies should also stop fighting with each other. If TVXQ saw Cassies fighting it would make them sad.

  26. TVXQ DBSK TOHOSHINKI 10 years.. Standing strong. Keep Going!  this is dbsk now, jyj decided not to be  with them anymore, so..

  27. It's actually surprising for new fans that they are only 27 and 25.. Even younger than some of newer idols.I really think they can have another 10 years!

  28. At the end of the day, the other 3 left and it was their choice and as fans we should be accepting of that. Yes TVXQ will never be the same, but Yunho and Changmin are going to continue to work hard to make great music for us. 🙂

  29. We are proud of you five!
    Happy 10th anniversary!
    Don't pay attention to those hurting comments!!ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  30. Happy 10th Anniversary TVXQ! Congratulations! You have experienced a lot of sufferings but you are still standing strong. You never failed your fans! You never failed us. You're still there on top! Thank you for being our inspiration! I declare many more years of success for TVXQ! Cassiopeia's support will forever be with you! Hwaiting! :))
    -Lots of Love Cassiopeia Philippines 

  31. Oh come on! Every single discussion down here is ridiculous ya know?? We will always know only one part of the story, we don't know the details and we won't. They're the only ones that know the truth. And if we are their fans then we should love them ALL because of who they are and how hard they work, even if they took different ways they'll always be the same TVXQ we know. It hurts but as they say we must love and support them as cassies.
    I love them (5) and I don't have any troubles with anyone, why can't you do the same?
    Things happen for a reason, we only need time to understand it and patience to see the result of it… even if I'd prefer to see them together again maybe it's not the time nor the option, it could be the best for everyone but still… Always keep the faith right???

  32. i'm a bit late for the party but belated congrats on your 10 year anniversary, TVXQ <3. you guys are seriously one of the most amazing k-pop groups around. the accomplishments, performances, concerts, fan-meetings etc. are irreplaceable memories ^^ . i hope we have yet another great year together~

  33. 배수지 미친년아 닥쳐 나 올팬인데 솔직히 니 개념없는것 같다 제와제보다 늙어보인다고? 니가 더 늙어보여 할머니년아ㅅㅂ 왜 동방신기한테 지랄이야 이제껏 힘들어왔는데 니가뭔데 늙어보이냐고하냐 개념좀 챙겨 호로년아 그리고 니 이름 왜 배수지냐 지가 수지도 아니고 나 수지좋아하는데 니가 수지라는 이름이 띠껍다ㅗ 걍 꺼져ㅅㅂ 사요나라ㅂㅂㅂ

  34. How can JYJ ever become IRRELEVENT when they're all HoMin stans want to whine about? You guys go on their videos helping their view counts and leaving comments. Then come on TVXQ videos leaving more comments about them than Yunho & Changmin. You should be focusing on TVXQ's comeback. But the stans can't because they're only here for drama. Then there's the anti JYJs that LOVE talking about them whenever their names come up. Please don't think you're a Cassie…our fandom would do so much better if you guys kicked rocks in the opposite direction. I would like it very much if you stands and trolls kept your heads down and got a life because you really don't have a reason for so much hate. Me and other long-time Cassies are the ones that watched their group split up…you noobs only want drama and a reason to hate on people you don't even know. You're bored little kids that should get a hobby and leave our fandom alone. I honestly don't care what you think or how you feel…just want you to GO AWAY^_^

    TVXQ/JYJ/CASSIES 5ting<333

  35. I just, I love you so much it hurts!
    I will be your fan 'till I die.
    You've give me so beautiful moments, and I Love you for that.
    You have been through a lot, and I think you are really brave. 
    For me it's really disrespectful, how people said but things about you on your videos. 
    This is TVXQ video. 

  36. happy anniversary~!!! 🙂
    thanks for this amazing 10 years. 🙂 let's continue our path together for the next and next years~~ 🙂 #AKTF

  37. Guys STOP arguing about everything! I am proud of both DBSK as they are and JYJ for making it through everything! Would I love to see them as 5 again YES! But am I still proud of where everyone is now? Absolutely as a Cassiopeia i support both groups and we don't know the whole story all we can do is support them and be proud of them and for me as a Cassie that is supporting both Homin and JYJ. I am proud of all 5 of them for everything that they have accomplished AKTF!

  38. I think max is so cute, he has that innocence about him but u-know has that sex appeal. I love them. But what happened to the other members ?

  39. happy & congrats to these two wonderful guys! TVXQ fighting!! & on other hand sad cos there's always a mention/comments of other 3 past members in any vids/stages of these 2 surviving members..they are looking ahead to the future & we must too.

  40. 동방신기 5집때 부터 팬이 되었습니다. 노래들도 좋고 가수들도 겸손하고 멋지시네요. 항상 응원합니다 ~

  41. Ever since disk split, though I was upset, I went straight to jyj. I love tvxq as well, I mean their music is amazing, but the only thing is jyj work harder than tvxq. if you really think about it, sm didn't follow heir contract and it's why jyj won the lawsuit. After that, sm payed sbs, mnet and other music shows to ban jyj. What else would be the reason why we don't see them anymore on those shows? Because of that, they have to work extra hard to earn their fans love. Where as tvxq, they go on those shows and show their talent and it's upsetting how tvxq have got everything sorted out for them where jyj haven't. But then that makes me love jyj more because they're willing to do whatever they can to earn their fans love AND their music is mainly written by them where as sm produces all of tvxq's music. I get why people are upset saying that it's jyj's fault but, if you think logically, how would you feel if you were told you'd earn a certain amount of money so you work hard for it, and then at the end of the day you realise that you don't get the money you were promised?
    I'm sorry but this is my opinion and I'm sorry if I've upset anyone. Honestly as much as I love tvxq, jyj's music is even 100x better… LIKE JAEJOONG!!!! COME ON!!!! his rock music is just perfection ♥

  42. I wish SM block comments really, I don't want Yunho and Min seeing this ot5 nonsence. They are DBSK Now, and they've been DBSK for 10 years, Respect their work and go to an old video to cry for the PAST.

  43. Congratulation yunho and changmin. For keeping tvxq alive. You already work so hard. Esp leader-shi yunho your singing ability improve a lot. Proud of you. Eventhough my heart still hope for a chance to see you sing as 5 again just once. But i salute for your hard work.

  44. is it just me? I see bitterness on their face and I think that's because they can't celebrate the 10th anniversary with the same bunch as they debut 😢😢😢

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