TWD S7E1 – The Group parts ways | Dinner table scene | Ending

[Sasha] I’m gonna take him. That’s what I’m gonna do… [Maggie] I need to do this. Please… [Aaron] We need to help you. [Carl] I got it. I got him. [Maggie] No. No… [Rick] Ple..- pl..- please. Let us. He… he’s our family t..- he’s our family too. [Sasha] Alright. On three. One, two, {Negan: Bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together,} {sittin’ around the table at Sunday dinner in a happily ever-after.} {No,} {doesn’t work like that, Rick.} {Not anymore.}

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  1. Thank you for watching, guys! I'll be taking another break from the channel (I previously took one between episodes 12 & 13 of S6), but this time I don't know if I'll return as, besides a busy and tough life, most of the channel's videos are blocked in several countries, pretty much affecting all the work here. This channel was meant to be a (unofficial) continuation to the original 'Rick Grimes' one, but there's not really a continuation when most of the videos can't be watched on certain countries. S7 also presents a big directional shift following the first episode, and I don't have time to work on such a harder task. I may, however, continue doing other stuff such as adding subtitles to previous videos and rewriting most of the titles.

    Whether or not this is the last of the channel, I'd like to thank each and every single one of you for tuning In every Monday for new videos this past half-year. A pleasure entertaining whoever I could!

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