Two Fresh Ways To Celebrate Birthdays Mom’s Birthday Gift Ideas

Are you tired of celebrating your
birthday the same old way I’m here to give you two ways that can change the
way you celebrate your birthday hi I’m Tammy my husband Barry and I have have
over 25 years of experience with families that have kids and teenagers
and we are here to give you some helpful hacks that will help your family be more
creative and have fun and enjoy each other today I want to talk to you about
two ways that you can celebrate your birthday whether you’re just sick it’s
sick of celebrating your birthday because you’re reaching the higher ages
or it’s just becoming mundane these two ways will be guaranteed to give you a
twist and surprise your mom and dad the number one way is when it’s your
birthday think about it you were born but who went through the pain and the
trauma that your mom and possibly your dad if they were in the room one year
I’ve made a twist on this and I sent my mom the most beautiful bouquet of
flowers I hadn’t delivered even though we live locally but you can also go to
the store pick up a bouquet of their favorite colors on the card I said mom
thanks so much for having me happy birthday cuz really it’s her birth she
gave birth to me I had nothing to do with it I just came because it was my
natural time to come now you may say well that was the most traumatic day of
your life and it probably is but you don’t remember it your mom on the other
hand does so what a great way to celebrate your birthday by thinking the
person that went through all the pain to bring you on this earth that’s idea
number one ID number two is to sit down and write a thoughtful letter to your
parents whether they’re your god-given parents whether they’re your adoptive
parents or parents that really raised you like a mom and dad sitting down and
writing them a note or a letter explaining how appreciative you are of
your faith your heritage the lessons they talk to you the unconditional love
they gave you that will be priceless you can go a step further if you want and
frame that letter or have it specially made with some beautiful handwriting but
that’s not needed it’s above and beyond you can just mail it or and or hand it
to them both these ideas will take the focus off of your birthday
and celebrate the parents that gave you life whether you choose to give flowers
or write the helpful note or do both these are sure ways that will help you
celebrate your birthday in the exciting twist full way we hope that you enjoy
these helpful hacks and hints and we hope that you will be intentional with
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subscribe so that you never forget one of our videos again we want to pass the
word and share our news to everybody please comment though if you have other
ideas about your birthday how you celebrated your birthday in a very
unique way we love to hear other ideas and we would love to do those ideas too
thanks for watching and we will see you next time with family with purpose

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