Two Hawaiian Cake Designs For Birthdays for One Lucky Birthday Girl

In this cake tutorial you’ll see how to
make two Hawaiian cake designs for birthdays. Hi it’s Lorelie. Welcome back
to my channel, If it’s your first time welcome to Wedding Cakes For You Cake
Tutorials and if you want to build your skills and confidence to create the most
beautiful cakes and memories and don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell. This tropical cake starts with fresh
sliced Strawberries, layers of delicious vanilla cakes. Each layer gets a dam
of buttercream piped around the edges. This is to help contains the wonderful
Vanilla pastry cream. The links for these recipes will be at the end and
under the video for you. Strawberries are layered and coated with pastry cream. Butter cream acts as a glue.
Repeat the yumminess. You can find my best recipes on Amazon
in my book Wedding Cakes with Loreli Step-by-Step. The link is below for you. This is Italian meringue buttercream. Crumb coat and then using pink and blue
buttercream which has been colored with Wilton gel colors coat your cakes. You can use a spatula or a bench scraper
for this part. Refrigerate for 10 to 20 minutes and then do a final scraping to
make sure to get your cake really smooth. This is the number three five two leaf
tip. piroulines are perfect for a bamboo
effect which is great for luau cakes, beach themed cakes, Hawaiian or tropical
cakes. For signage you can use fondant mixed with Tylose powder . The Tylose
strengthens fondant and dries much faster and much firmer. For tropical leaves you can cut leaf
shapes like I did and then using an exacto or scissors cut into them to make
them look like tropical leaves. Dry them overnight before you put them
on the cake. These are Tappits. I have a Tappits
tutorial and I will link to that for you as well. Gold powder will help the
letters to stand out. I’ll put the link to this particular brand in my Amazon
shop along with all the tools that I use in my tutorials. To help the piroulines to stick to your
cake put a little bit of fresh butter cream on to the sides. I pre-cut them to
create this triangular shape. You’ll need a simple dogwood flower
cutter by Wilton, cornstarch pouch, yellow for centers ,foam pieces, small rolling
pin , drying cups tylose and the dogwood impression mat. If you have questions
about any of this cake tutorial ask me in the comments below the video. The second cake was for the same
birthday girl. I tied the designs together using the palm leaves and one
of the tropical flowers. Her friends surprised her with a fake birthday party
on the first night with a small gathering. The second night she got her
real surprise party with all her friends and family and a trip to Hawaii.

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  1. These two Tropical designs were for one lucky birthday girl. Her friends threw two parties for her. A false party and the real party where she got a trip to Hawaii from her hubby. So sweet. They were fun to make. I just happened to have the piroulines in my cupboard and thought they were perfect for this cake. You can find the recipes at my website

  2. I loved it!!!!! Will you have a video for the other one? No pressure just wondering 😉
    I wish someone made that for my 50th birthday 🌸🌴

  3. Where can I order. One of your cakes ? Also I’m considering buying your book. Why wonder about how much does all the products you use. Price range ?

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