Types of FRIENDS in SCHOOL | #FukreyBoyzzz #SchoolLife #Fun #Sketch #MyMissAnand

Laali..Teacher asked me 10 fruits name You know what I’ve answered 10 oranges Chooch why don’t you laugh?? why you didn’t told me that your joke is over sure you have so many friends like Hunny & Choocha you’ll surely relate with this video so hit LIKE and get this video to 2,00,000 likes also do Subscribe to my channel so let’s get started hold it and what you’ve brought?? what’s inside it?? only rice where’s the chicken didn’t have it Ok now you go and stand in its position there next didn’t bring lunch today so what you have this is Maths assignment you need this…just take it why you’ve made such a long queue I am here don’t be smart… will give a slap who’ll answer it??

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