UC Davis School of Medicine’s 50th Anniversary Kick-off Celebration

I’ll make the first cut. Yay! [CLAPPING] I came first in 1967, so I was one of
five or six new faculty members. We graduated three women and 43 men. The classes now are so diverse and so many more women! Go ahead and spin, please! It used to be the physicians
were trained to be the captain his ship. Those days are long gone. Now you’re
really the captain of the team. It’ll take about two seconds to fill out,
it’s one question. [MUSIC] I started about fifty years ago.
Everyone did the same program, they did, you know, one thing at a time, you
sort of get rid of this, you did the next thing. Now I think that it’s continuous
learning and I think we’ll see much more of personalized education. [MUSIC]

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