UC Irvine 50th Anniversary

[ music ] [President Lyndon B. Johnson]:
I have been in California now less than 30 hours and I think I already know why you are
number one in the nation in so many fields. [ applause ] Education is a national need
and I want to assure you that as long as I am president the education of your children
is going to receive top priority by the men who lead your nation. [ applause ] 50 years ago President Lyndon B. Johnson
came to UCI and he made a declaration that he would improve the state of our education
here in the United States and I think 50 years later in retrospect he succeeded. [ music ] The reputation of the university
has grown exponentially and that’s the most exciting part being a student knowing that you are in a campus that’s growing and continuing to grow. UCI is very unique in the fact that it’s so new. So as students we can create our own traditions, we can create our own culture,
we can step up and become leaders. UC Irvine has been a fantastic choice and has
been a great place for me to grow as an individual. When you’re talking to professors there is a level of respect there and that’s very
important to have a really a strong relationship. I’ve learned more about the
humanistic aspect of medicine but I’ve also been able to learn about the technological advances and innovation Irvine in itself is almost a
disruptive innovator of technology [ music ] The atmospheric sciences and atmospheric chemistry
really became recognized and became global leaders due to the work of Dr. Sherwood Rowland who won the Nobel Prize in 1995. Some of the work that’s being done here at UCI definitely has the possibility to help change the world. That’s pretty amazing to be a part of all of this. I never really imagined that I would
end up doing something this important We at UC Irvine have as our mission statement to have a global impact and so when
we say we’re partly about teaching we don’t mean just internally we mean
reaching out and influencing the world. I’m the first male in my family to graduate high school. I always thought that I’d be a laborer somewhere
maybe like a construction worker like my father was. I never really even thought that I would go to college. Getting into a university was the biggest thing that’s ever hit my family and identifying myself as a graduate
of the University of California it’s huge to me. [ music ] Community service is very important to me because
that is where you can really make a difference even as a medical student. See right here there’s that movement of the screens. I see it. That’s the baby’s heart right there. There it is. [ heartbeat ] Because of where it’s located
because of the people who come to UCI I’ve been exposed to a lot of
different cultural backgrounds which have caused me to become a lot more
open-minded and definitely more empathetic. [ music ] One of the core values from UCI being fun
is something that I took very seriously. [ music ] Life is a lot more fun when you say ‘yes’ so I actually decided to say yes to a lot of opportunities. [ music ] [ music ] Good morning this is the TedX UC Irvine radio. [ music ] UCI in its first 50 years did it better than any other
institution of higher education in the United States We have ambitious, tremendously talented students who are dedicated to their own personal development but also leaving here ready to
make their mark in the world [ music ] [President Obama]: UC Irvine’s ahead of the curve. All of you are ahead of the curve. You know how to dream. You know how to work for your dreams. And I cannot wait to see what you do tomorrow. [ music ]

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