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  1. I want to live through a Daniel cormier champ champ era he's such a good funny guy who would really deserve it

  2. Did anyone else see Cody and TJ shakes hands and seem to smile and laugh with each other after Dana let everyone go? Does any of the UFC now seem rigged to you? It’s crazy to think but that along with the Conor and Khabib stuff along with fighting in Russia “before the end of the year” seem fishy and put together? Isn’t that when Conor wants to come back? Just throwing stuff out there

  3. Colby is funny man, I don't see any Conor biting at all…he's been saying the same shit since his fight in Singapore…y'all just only watch who famous. Colbys a monster.

  4. Usman was cringing me out in this press conference. It’s so obvious that he planned to say that “we live 20 miles apart and have mutual friends” line beforehand, he said it about 10 times. He’s so boring 😩.

  5. The best part is if this was any other fighter they would be let go and because Connor is the cash cow nothing will happen to him

  6. Surprisingly my favorite exchange was between Rivera and Moraes lol. Moraes: “We will see June 1st.”
    Rivera: “No shit I already said that” 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  7. All I know is, UFC 225 is shaping up to be possibly the best card of the year. I said that about 223 but that was before all the bs happened with Tony getting injured and Conor’s bus incident. Hopefully nothing happens to fuck this one up. June, in general, might be the best month of the year for the UFC.

  8. And the winner is Colby "Jerk Off" Cov for the most annoying, fake ass, bitch ass wanna be McGregor award

  9. Cody is turning to be one hell of a man. You can literally see him learn more every week. Fuckin Ay cody, i see you bro

  10. COVINGTON wanna be mcgregor so bad he tries to hard to be like conor …….. sad story i bet he has a picture of conor in his bathroom ….

  11. Amanda Nunes can't go one full response without saying the word ready…. It drives me insane that she can't even pronounce such a simple word correctly

  12. Colby Covington is a McGregor wannabe!!! Sunglasses (check), tailored suit (check), trash talking (check)…BUT McGregor is good at all those things and Covington is HORRIBLE!

  13. No way shape or form will DC ever be the G. O. A. THe’s boring. And also he’s lost to Jones both times.

  14. Dana, "Floyd will never fight in the UFC, but since you mentioned his name I'll say it's possible to keep you all on the hook with artificial bait," White

  15. Brock Lesnar has to get back in the USADA pool… Hahahaha!!! That was a classic….. Brock Lesnar getting back in the USADA pool is like listening to a Les Brown motivational speech… You know it's going to be positive…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Am I the only one here who stayed until the end, and was shocked because of what's happning during 52:25 between Cody and TJ? O.o

  17. only show ''we don't have that much money'' then fat bastard spends 1million dollar on his son's 16 birthday you hypocrite son of a bitch pay your fighters you piece of shit

  18. i want to see diaz brother, conor, gsp, jon jones, khabib, lesnar, lawler, in the same conference that would be awesome.

  19. Just re-watched Ray Borg vs Mighty Mouse fight, got reminded that the BEST ringside, on air analysts by far are Cormier and Rogan. True students of the arts and comments & humor to match. When DC retires I’m hoping he’ll sign on to call em with Rogan for a long time.

  20. bullshit…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ufc makes anything it want…… who the fuck is iaquinta who is placed at no.5 to challenge for the title??????

  21. This is where the Usman vs Covington feud kind of started, especially at 25:20 so to get ready for UFC 245 this weekend, I’m watching this press conference.

  22. Oh how I wish I would have been there so that I could have Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier a question about fighting each other after making a television program in Cleveland. Also I would’ve loved to ask Cormier what his connection to Cleveland is because I’m very curious if there is a legitimate connection between Cormier and Cleveland

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