Okay, thanks for tuning into the essential RC YouTube channel. I’m with Lutea from UGears which I have known about for quite a while. I actually bought some of these fantastic kits for my children. It’s great to be here in Leipzig at the show to to meet the people from UGEARS and Lutea is going to show us some of these models So what do we start with? I think we start with the Treasure Box With the Treasure Box you turn this and put the key inside here Oh I see ! And very beautiful as well So back to the concept. These are built from a kit The kit is made from laser but ply parts that pop out of a frame And no glue ! And no special tools but it comes with easy to follow instructions There you go So if you’ve never tried modelling of any description and this is really easy to follow You end up with a fantastic model that actually performs a function as well So that’s the lockable box What else can you show us? I can show you the Horse Don’t tell me this is actually gonna move! Move that switch backwards? Believe that? It actually gallops! So has a rubber band inside it and it’s the legs are synchronized to walk it along Fantastic. Okay great. So that’s the Horse Now how many individual pieces are in the kit? Maybe 200 pieces. So that’s going to take somebody maybe eight hours to build So not too challenging but a fun thing to put together and it actually does something after you put it together Brilliant. OK Look at this ! Beautiful locomotive made entirely out of the laser-cut ply And it actually runs as well doesn’t it? So it goes forwards and backwards So inside you show me this earlier. You can actually see into the furnace the little doors into the furnace where the coal would normally be burning but you can actually see the rubber band that is going to power it Utterly brilliant Comes with a wagon and track as well. So if you’re looking for something to buy a birthday gift or something for Christmas I think this is fantastic So thankyou very much for your time. Brilliant to meet you here at the Leipzig show Thanks for watching. Maybe you want to subscribe for other things that we review as well, but thanks for watching this one. See you next time. Can we do the Horse one more time? We can edit that in I can show you the Boat too Love that horse. It’s amazing! Yeah, I’ll just flick that Brilliant. Wasn’t that good. There’s nothing better than building something and it actually does something after you’ve built it Boat. OK. We got a boat. It has two mechanics inside. One to go forward and one for side to side Oh, OK so it has motion as if it’s on the sea Brilliant. OK, there we go. And an additional bonus there you had to see them again So thanks very much for tuning in Thanks very much for your time Excellent. Very good. Okay. Thank you

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  2. great to see such old fashioned toys(wooden) come to life in this day and age – great educational builds for the kids with idea's and imaginations , fantastic Dom great video thanks for sharing , i tell you what watching YouTube videos is costing me a packet , i only clicked on the Durafly Supermarine MK24 V2 today from Hobbyking and had to get 3 4S 22oomha Batts to go with it , cant wait for the maiden as it looks and flies great from what i have seen on here so far , gotta start to film some of these babies and start my own little library of goodies , from Drones to subs to cars and boats planes and diggers the lot i love them all who says toys are only for kids lol Cheers Essential RC

  3. I have to save this I have someone that Dig the wood working similarities.
    Mr Dom Can I get your business Card ? I would save it ,I would not bother you, I understand I'm abit much on this level of communication,

  4. J'adore se genre de maquettes, mais dommage que vos élastiques se craquelles au bout de 6 mois et donc elle casse et le fonctionnement de ma locomotive ne peut plus fonctionner avec son wagon, sinon j'aurai bien aimer en acheter d'autre mais les élastiques sont pas assez costaud tampis

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