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Hi, this is GAF and in this video, I’m going to show you the nightlife at UIUC How are all this more than 40,000 students having fun every single night. I’m going to show you the best things to do in this place I’ve been here only for two months so probably I haven’t experienced every single moment and Event if you are a senior student if you are a more experienced student, and if you want to add something more Please add it in the comments and everybody can just learn something new I guess Thank you. I’m gonna talk about three things That usually most of college students – which are house parties barn dances and bars So let’s start with house parties house parties Can be very different they can go from very small birthday parties like if I organize a house party to massive fraternities house party for Halloween So they can vary a lot usually parties start around 10 p.m.. And they finish around 2 a.m. It depends on the party some party can last longer some party can last less and some parties can just be sort of pre games They usually are in Houses or apartments on campus or students can easily go there? The music it depends on the party but if you talk about fraternities parties there is usually those kinds of hip-hop or rapper songs and people start twerking and You can see different things on the party and it gets very crazy sometimes in terms of alcohol It could be bring your own booze But if you go to fraternities usually they provide alcohol which is for me is actually crazy and the two most common things are jungle juice and Beers in this case is probably gonna be the cheapest one which is natural light. It does the job it’s not the best beer but it does the job and Jungle juice is something that I still need to understand how it is made It could be a mix vodkas sweetie stuff is like a mixer drink but It makes you dizzy, so it’s fine and people at this party. They usually Dance they can have a chat they can have conversations they can meet new people or they can usually play all those kind of different Alcoholic games from the most classic beer pong to stack to all such crazy games That will make you drink if you want to drink at parties you always gonna find a way to drink It doesn’t matter if you’re underage Alcohol is always there in terms of outfit it depends on the party some parties are themed parties so you should dress up for the occasions an Example would be the Halloween party you need to bring a costume with you you need to be a character or whatever you want because You know it’s pretty cool to be all together with the particular costumes I love this ideas last time at the Halloween party. I was actually a hippie and it was fun going to a party going to Halloween How to get in Usually you should have an invitation I mean you shouldn’t crash into other parties But I’m just saying if you are a girl you can basically go wherever you like Usually fraternities they open the doors to girls, but when it happens that you are a boy like me haha It gets a little bit tricky, man You cannot just pop up and say hey, what’s up? No, it’s not gonna work. You probably need to bring more more more girls or maybe some alcohol maybe you might have a chance to get in I Mean there are so many parties usually that it doesn’t matter you can just go to another one overall I love House parties. I think is one of the best place to meet new people It could be girls It could be boys whoever you are into and it’s also a nice place to have like some drinks charts and just dance When there is like Latin vibes like despacito Now let’s talk about barn dances those kind of event when you need to dress up as a Cowboy, I would say as country as you can are probably the most American things. I’ve been to and Yeah, flannel shirts jeans boots Whatever you like just to make you as American as possible and it’s all about BARN DANCE And you stay in a bar and you dance with all your friends I’ve only been to one so I can only give you a rough idea How it’s like and how it’s the atmosphere over there usually they starts around 8:00 7:00 p.m. And then they finish around 11 or 10 because people then go to bars and They are not situated near campus. They are outside outside town Whoever is organising. We have also some school buses and after pre-gaming at some place Everybody’s gonna get onto the buses and then go over to the barn dance most of the time people are very very fucked up I Would say hammered and on the bus you can see different things going on. it’s pretty fun over there You can also get alcohol There is usually a sort of a bar when sometimes they check sometimes they don’t check for IDs and I can sell you mixed drinks or some beers or whatever you you fancy and There could be some food at the one I’ve been to there was some pizza from Papa John’s which I really appreciated even if it’s not the best pizza ever it’s still food and sometimes you are always hungry when you are especially when you are a little bit drunk and Music don’t really care if you don’t know the country music because There’s gonna be a lot, but everybody is gonna be Welcome and it’s gonna try to make you dance at least. That’s what happened to me 50% was I will say country music and the other 50% were popular songs of even like old musics And I actually I actually like that because many people are dancing and there is all the this atmosphere of lights and posters and Hay is everywhere it’s kind of cool in a way. I actually enjoyed it a lot Yeah, usually if you wanted to get to barn dance there are register organizations that Usually plan these kind of things or fraternities sororities Usually is around $10 to get there for the bus tickets rather than that It’s a very worth experience It’s just very sad that they’re not has many barn dance as you would like to I only been to one Because I didn’t actually have the opportunity to go to more you have to know so many Organizations so barn dances are a great place to just go there Sing along and dance with all these countries and popular hits All Americans for sure and you can also enjoy some drinks Have a shot and relax, maybe around the bonfire And it’s just gonna be those like two or three hours and most of people are very very very drunk but that’s another thing but And then you can just leave that place, and if you want you can go to bars There are two different types of bars at UIUC from my perspective the first one is the classic Pub I was a sort of Irish in a way You go there. You have a beer a very nice beer maybe with your friends You just have a chat you play some pool or whatever games you want to play at the classic bars there might be Karaoke for one night there might be a trivia night And you know classic things of a bar, and then there is this second type of bars Those bars that after a time around let’s say 10:00 p.m. They turn the lights off They put some loud music and people start dancing and they become like clubs so these bars are I’m trying to be a club bars and Its unique to America. I never seen anything like that so in this video I’m just gonna focus on this kind of bar slash clubs because for me are probably the Craziest place to be they usually start putting loud music around 10:00 p.m. And all of them they can go up to 2 a.m.. There is no bar that can go over 2 a.m. I repeat this because for me was absolutely crazy 2 a.m.. For me. It’s very early, but here in UIUC Everything closes at 2 a.m.. Probably the only thing that doesn’t close at 2 a.m. Are the house parties so these bar slash clubs they have? Classic drinks and beers so you can get classic alcohol they call them well drinks, so a well is a kind of mixed drinks like Coke and rum for example and Sometimes at some bars they are very very cheap I will give an example every Thursday at Brothers these wells are only one dollar and That’s that’s fucking cheap. I mean you can easily get so many of them and Wow Whoo and enjoy your night I would say talking about days Every day usually in each bar. There is a promotion so people Tend to go where the promotion is and as I said before Thursday night there is $1.00 wells and that’s probably a very nice thing that you can go and check it out at brothers They start at 10 p.m.. And the lines can be very very long Around 11:00 midnight in some places you can stay in line for half an hour or hours So just make sure and plan ahead before you go there How you’re gonna pregame and whatever so you can just go there a little bit before The reason that there are lines is Because they check for IDs so they check every single person for ID and usually are not many people checking for these IDs And also you need to pay for covers you need to pay for those Maybe five dollars and that takes a while because every time one person check ID Are you actually this person is this a fake ID or come on man? I’m that guy come on come on in terms of age You need to be at least in nineteen to get into any bars around campus or on campus a thing for international people if you bring your driving license for your country your ID from your country Usually they don’t accept it. I have to go in these bars – clubs with my passport That’s fucking annoying, but I mean there is no other way to get in otherwise so just just an information music really depends on the bars some they might have a mixture of popular and mainstream songs of today and also some of the past like 90s and 80s And others can have country music and others can have hip hop But overall I think that some bars. I would say like Red Lion for instance the music. I like it I like it a lot. It’s a mixture of Latin EDM and sometimes mainstream pop which I mean, you know these songs So you’re just gonna go with them and just gonna dance It’s fun. what to do there It’s basically like a club so there is loud music You can dance usually but if you want to speak and have a better conversation you can always go outside and there are usually quite Areas so you can have a chat, maybe meet other people it’s up to you in terms of outfits There is no requirements. You don’t need to dress up but please Don’t bring your best pair of shoes bring one of your worst pair of shoes because in this kind of bars Sometimes you can get very very sticky the floor can be like a pool Literally that you can feel they are alcohol and sometimes also a smell of vomit And it’s very very gross and your shoes If you go with your best shoes or whatever shoes you’re gonna wear. They’re gonna be sticky for at least Weeks, it’s so bad. So just a heads up Don’t go there with your best shoes. Actually. We’re the world’s shoes. You could possibly work I’m not saying everybody’s like that, but be ready some of them can be very Very dirty All of these bars are located around, Green Street, so they are very easy to Reach you can just walk to them. It depends Where you live, but they’re not far from anywhere. They’re not far from campus and It’s very nice How they are very close to each other and they’re also close to food places you can easily go and have some food at McDonald’s Burrito King a chicken wings whatever you fancy there will be a place open hopefully until 3 a.m. And you can grab a snack Makes you feel full and that was it to recap. I went through three different types of parties and like nightlife activities house parties very very good I actually love them Barn dances if I can get to more of them there will be also be amazing and those kind of bars/clubs that I personally enjoy not all of them, but during some nights are actually pretty good and This was our summary of the nightlife of UIUC I hope you enjoyed the video, please leave a like subscribe Leave a comment below if you have any other feedback if you have any sort of questions And I will be happy to answer those questions, and I will be happy also to receive some critics because probably I haven’t covered Every single thing of this massive campus But thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in other video. Goodbye

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  1. How did you make it to UIUC? Did you do the regular application for international students or did you just go through an exchange program??

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