Ukraine War – Communist party statement caused fist fight in Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine

I always claimed that our nationalists lead
the pro-American and pro-western politics. But I was mistaken. According to who and when began taking over
the government buildings… Do you remember this, dear nationalists? Police offices, armory and weapons. Thousands of guns are in the hands of those
who organized gangs and roam all over Ukraine. Didn’t you give the example? It turns out that we implemented not an American scenario, but Russian scenario aimed to destroy Ukraine’s independence, to break it, to rob
it! You led by your example. And the citizens use your example correctly.
You always claimed that you were threatened by the armed forces, but today you sent armed forces against the peaceful protesters. Today, you do everything to threaten people,
you arrest them, you fight against those who think differently. I believe… SPEAKER: Dear colleagues, please calm down.
Ok. 10 minutes break.

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