Ukrainian-Arab girls on marriage, relationships and living in the MIddle East (ENG SUBS)

How did you end up in Arab Emirates? I was born there I’m half Ukrainian and half Arab My father is Arab, he’s lived there for a long time Like that I come to Ukraine every summer What about you? The same story My mother is Ukrainian, my father is Arab. I live abroad. I come to Ukraine in the summer But you live in a different country I live in Kuwait Do you feel home here or there? I’m more used to being there I like it more here I’m more used to living there When I come here I need a bit time to get used And then it’s ok. I feel better here The weather and the nature are better here People are genuine in Ukraine In Arabic countries you can’t say the truth straight forward You need to put it mildly In Ukraine you can speak your mind with everyone Would you marry a Ukrainian guy or an Arab guy? There always was this question I don’t even know anymore I want him to be mixed as I am WOW It’s better for me 100% Ukrainian customs aren’t for me neither are 100% Arabic customs We will have different traditions if he has lived here all the time There might be thing I don’t understand Because I don’t live in Ukraine permanently Probably. I don’t know for sure. I think so You also think so? First of all I’m a Muslim I can’t marry non-Muslims I don’t think there are many Muslims in Ukraine Well there are some There are some but very few Can he be an atheist? No It’s not allowed Are you Muslim? I am a MUslim as well My father is Muslim In our Muslim family we don’t marry anyone from a different religion Men are allowed (to marry non-Muslims) Because his kids receive the religion from him Whereas if we marry a Christian our kids will be automatically Christian Is it important for you? Or rather for your family? I can choose for myself. I can even fight for it. It depends on the situation. No, it’s not because of my family Everybody has to manage his own life I prefer to be responsible for my own actions I don’t want other people decide instead of me We started talking I wouldn’t have bnever guessed that you aren’t from Ukraine That you weren’t born here neither by apearence nor by language? Right. Neither by apearence nor by language When you’re in the Middle East you also speak without an accent in Arabic? Yes, we speak Arabic without an accent We studied in Arabic school I also studied in Arabic school. It convient for us. And in Russian as well Do locals notice that you aren’t local? They say that I’m probably from Syria Syria is also an Arab country But in general, no. I wouldn’t say so. People in Persian Gulf have darker skin Our skin is lighter They think we are from Syria or Lebanon because we are white So they think you’re Arabs but from a different region How do they treat women in Arab countries? Yes, it’s an interesting question! That’s a very interesting question. You start I need to think Is there difference compraring to Ukraine? Women’s right are in place. I don’t know about Saudi Arabia Maybe in Saudi Arabia women are more discriminated But in our case it’s only about the clothes There has to be a certain ‘code’ Can you be dressed up like are now? It’s better not to I don’t mean a shawl Just long stuff. Not open Everybody confuses Emirates and Saudi Arabia Every country has its own laws Everybod confuses them. In Emirates it’s ok I can walk without a shawl It just doesn’t have to be shorts or when parts of the body are reall open It’s allowed in Dubai In other parts of the Emirate it’s possible but… Officially it’s not banned. But still not recommended Because it’s as if you put on something that… It just doesn’t look good Now it’s easy to meet people on the Internet I noticed that’s it’s not common in Ukraine But in Arab countries it’s popular to meet people on the Internet It’s popular to meet people from the Internet I see that in Ukraine it isn’t so popular I’d like to stay longer here We come for a month ot two I like it here. But I’m more used to Emirates except for the heat. I like being in both countries. I don’t want to stick to only one If had to choose only one country I’d sta here But with the salaries like there

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  1. What a religion man are allowed to marry non Muslims but why not women. It's showing that they want only spread Muslim religion by conversation it may be forcefully if non Muslims are not agree

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