Ultimate High School SENIOR WEEK Fun! | Brooklyn and Bailey

(upbeat music) She’s like balling and I’m
over here like “college.” Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and Bailey. And in today’s video, we’re
going to show you guys a little bit of what it’s like to experience a Senior Week as a senior. It’s a week where we celebrate the seniors and they do different things everyday. But first off, we wanna thank
HP for partnering with us to help make this video happen. At our school, we have a bunch
of traditions and Majestics and in choir and at school
and at the football games and everything, all week is about the seniors. We decorate lockers, we
go out to football fields, we wear senior overalls
that I have on right now, and it’s just a bunch of
really fun traditions, so Bailey and I kind of filmed
like a week in the life of– Of a senior. Our senior traditions at our school, so you guys can see it. So let’s check out the video. Hey guys, it’s the first day
of Senior Week, it is Monday. Today, it was the coaches, they
gave us a cute little gift, and Bailey is modeling hers now. It is a fanny pack, which
is so funny because our team is like super corky, and– And weird and we like fanny packs. – [Brooklyn] Yes, and it’s a
fanny pack full of chocolate– Candy. I know we just this this morning, but I’ve already eaten
all of the candy inside. Senior Week, here we come. Alright you guys, so we have
already taken y’all through kind of what happens during Senior Week, but one of those things that happens is our lockers get decorated. It’s so cute. So you guys can see they’re
adorable, but we did wanna add our own touch by… We’re gonna add some
pictures on the lockers that represent some of our
senior memories and all of our high school memories. Especially Majestics, we have
a ton of Majestic pictures, and we’re going to be able
to do that with the help of our portable HP Sprocket,
so let’s get decorated. (upbeat music) Oh I love this picture. I know, I think I’m gonna add… – [Bailey] You should add a heart. A sticker of some sort. – [Bailey] Yeah, like a heart. Yeah we love this binder. Which one should I, I should do this one. – [Bailey] Yeah, oh my
goodness that’s so cute. That’s adorable. – [Bailey] Oh, perfect. I was thinking I would give Ms. Dallinger, my favorite teacher, one of
these HP Sprocket printers for like the end of the year
senior gift, ’cause she’s my favorite teacher and her walls
are covered with pictures of students and friends and
family and now I can give her a picture of myself, and
a printer because I think the HP Sprocket printer
would make a great gift. (upbeat music) We had a blast decorating
our lockers with pictures, so we’re gonna go decorate
all of the Majestic lockers in our locker room and
hopefully make them smile. – [Brooklyn] It is Senior
Week, everybody needs a smile. And it’s easy because we have
the HP Sprocket so we’ll be able to take it with us and
go decorate the lockers. So, we’re gonna go do that. Hey guys, it’s day three of Senior Week and today in Majestics, it
was the sophomore and junior’s turn to do something for us
seniors, so today they made us these delicious cookies with Oreos inside and a cute little Chewbacca on the front, and then they gave us beach balls. They gave us beach balls,
and on each little section of new color they had something
that they liked about us. That’s just so sweet! Good morning you guys,
wow I look really rough. So it’s early in the morning
today and it is Thursday, and today for our
activity for Senior Week, the Majestics moms made
us a delicious breakfast so we’re all going to eat that. It’s heavenly, guys. It’s, they got Chick-n-Minis, y’all. Chick-n-Minis. Look at how cute this is, O-M-G you guys. It looks so good. Kudos to the moms, man, kudos to the moms. Look at this, oh my goodness. So we got Chick-n-Minis here. Faith, which one, are
you gonna get a million? Are you gonna take the
whole platter with you? We each have to take two. (laughter) Yum. Senior breakfast, my
friends, always worth it. – [Bailey] I like all the cute blankets. Are you sad that it’s our senior year? I mean bittersweet, because like, everything we know is here, but college. That’s like, I’m gonna miss
what I have, but I don’t like want to go back, you know? Ready to move forward. So we’re headed to the
girls’ Senior Pep Assembly. Got mom over here. Hi. And look who else is here. Hey And he’s wearing his Majestics T-shirt. Oh yes. To support the girls. (upbeat music) So today is the fifth and
final day of Senior Week. It’s been kind of crazy
this week and a lot of, we’ve had a lot of traditions
and celebrations but today is like the official senior day. So Bailey and I had a senior
pep rally this morning and we sang the National
Anthem with our choir, and then we performed for
Majestics, and of course, we’re wearing our senior overalls. See 2018 for the graduation
year, wait turn back around. 2018 for the graduation year, it says “Lovejoy Leopards
Seniors,” turn around. And then we have B and A
which is for Bailey and Asa. And her name, and the
Majestic Crown on the front. And then Brooklyn, she’s got the crown, and then the heart with Texas
in it ’cause she loves Texas and the paw, and then on the back, she got 2018 on the
pockets and “Senior,” cute. Well, it’s our last home game
basically for our school. So we are going to be
performing for the last time on our own turf, we’re going
to be in our uniforms at home for the last time, it’s kind of sad. But basically we do a, called
a Senior Walk, which is where all of us who are involved in
the football games and stuff, we walk across the field
accompanied by our parents and we get flowers and they
like take a picture of you at the very end and it’s super
exciting and sad and people are crying and whatever, it’s
like band’s last performance, it’s Majestics’ last performance so… (acoustic guitar music) We got flowers. – [Dad] What are they for? This one is for us, it’s
a little senior bouquet. It’s got a little star crown. – [Dad] Oh a star. No, it’s a crown, see? And then we have a rose
we give to our moms. – [Dad] Wait, there’s nothing for dad? No. – [Dad] Seriously? Yeah, you’re not that cool. – [Dad] We’re so underappreciated. Right mom? You get senior, you get senior dance. – [Dad] I get what? The daddy-daughter dance. – [Dad] Daddy-daughter dance? – [Mom] Yup. – [Dad] Now who gets the,
how’re we gonna pull that off? Are we gonna split it half and half? Yeah we’re gonna switch half and half. – [Dad] Switch half and half? Nice. It’ll be fun. – [Dad] First time ever right? Woo! (heartwarming music) (camera shutter) ♪ You never question why ♪ ♪ Just take your dreams and try ♪ ♪ Welcome to the sky ♪ ♪ Always and forever ♪ ♪ Let yourself aim high ♪ ♪ One day you will make it ♪ ♪ You have got to try ♪ ♪ Let your dreams guide you ♪ ♪ One day you’ll remember ♪ ♪ how to fly ♪ It’s the last time I’m on
this field as a high schooler for a football game. She’s like balling, and I’m
over here like “college.” – [Dad] You’re sad, make
me wanna cry a little bit. I have so many memories
but I’m ready to move on. – [Dad] You’re ready to move onto what? College. College. New boys, new football, new
college, it’s gonna be great. – [Dad] Check the new boys? Yes. (laughter) Thank you guys so much
for watching, hopefully that gave you kind of an
idea what it’s like to be a senior for Senior Week. So if you haven’t
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and Asa made an appearance, he came and visit us this weekend– She was so excited. And we vlogged about it, so
if you wanna watch that vlog please watch this video down below. We love you guys so much
we’ll see y’all next week. Bye!

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