– We just all made our Harry Potter wands! – Cheers! – Let’s go. (cheery music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey
and Jordan in the back. – Ahh! – And today we’re going to have an ultimate teen sleepover party! Whoo! – Yeah! – We are going to get some PJs, some brand new PJs with my friends. I’m gonna meet them in a few minutes, and then I’m gonna start
decorating the party, and then tomorrow night,
we’re gonna have a fun time. I’m so excited. So this video’s gonna be a lot of fun, it’ll be like a vlog for you guys, and also if you guys ever have a sleepover with your friends, here’s some ideas that you can do in your parties as well. Alright, so we’re here at the pajama store and we’re gonna start picking out our PJs. They’re all so cute. Look at this sleeping bag. Let’s go pick some outfits out. You think this will fit (laughs)? It’s a piggy, and plus I
do take up the whole bed. Alright, so it’s Friday
afternoon, party time. Let me show you what the
party room looks like, and the activities that
we’re going to be doing. Alright, so here is the room. Over here we have the snack bar. So we have some popcorn,
some cotton candy, some candy boxes, and
we’re gonna be having some strawberry lemonade in our drinks. So this is like, the snack aisle. We’ve also got some pizza, yes. So yummy. And we also have some games that we’re gonna be playing
throughout the night. And then over here I have my friends! (laughing) Another activity we’re gonna be doing is creating Harry Potter wands! Which I’ve never done before,
but it looks super fun, And I’m so excited for this. So comment down below
if you love Harry Potter and what your favorite house is. Like what house do you belong in? Also throughout the night
we’re gonna be watching a movie, and this is a sleepover, so some of my friends
will be sleeping over. And it’ll be so much fun. And some other activities
we’re gonna be doing are Truth or Dare, we’re gonna be eating some Beanboozled. Gross, but also really funny. And, we’re going to be doing a candy game, where you roll a dice and you
just follow the instructions. So let’s get partyin’! Alright so the first game
we’re playing is Spontuneous. And it’s like a singing game. So, how you play is one
person’s gonna say a word, and then anyone in the
circle can sing out a song that has that word in it. And if you are the
first person to do that, then you get to roll the dice and move up. The first person to
get to the finish wins. So my first word is “world”. Anyone know a song with “world” in it? – Oh my gosh. – What a Wonderful World! (sings What a Wonderful World) – [Audrey] Oh, okay. Okay,
yeah, you got it (laughs). Okay, the next game we’re gonna be playing is the Candy game, and we’re
gonna be rolling some dice. So here are the rules. If you roll a one, you have
to pass it to your right. A two, you have to pass it to your left. Three, you get to eat it. four, five, and six you
only get to keep your candy. (dice rattles) – I got a five. (dice rattles) – Aw, yes. This is already turning out
(friends laugh) – [Audrey] Did you eat it (laughs)? (dice rattles)
– [Friend] That’s gross. – [Friend in Cow Pajamas]
No candy’s gross (mumbles) that’s discrimination. (dice rattles)
– [Friend] This is gross. (dice rattles) – Alright, so the next game
we’re playing is Beanboozled. But blindfolded! You ready?
– [Friend] Yeah. – [Audrey] I can’t. Where is it? Am I even flicking it?
(friends laugh) Where is this? – [Friend] Okay, flick.
(sharp flicking) Good enough, good enough.
– Good job, good job. – [Audrey] Okay, whatever that is. – That’s it? – Yeah.
– I think so. – If I get barf, I’m gonna be so mad. – Ready?
– Barf is the worst. – [Friend] Feeling its weight? – This is the bean. Oh!
(friends laugh) – I caught it! Okay.
(friend laughs) – [Friend] Please don’t
let it be a good one. – [Friend] (laughs) Megan! – Is it peach? – [Friend] Aw, dang it! – Wait, is it? (gasps)
– Yeah. – It was gonna be barf are you kidding me? – [Friend] No, it was dead
fish, but no, it was strawberry. It wasn’t peach, it was strawberry. – Oh. Taste’s good. – Oh, no.
– It’s so tiny, but so disgusting.
– So potent. – [Friend] So much evil
in such a little place. – [Audrey] You have to
guess what it is, too. Before you spit it out, you
have to know what it is. – Is it rotten milk? – Oh, it’s a bad one.
– No! – (gasps) Was that barf? (shrieks)
(friends laugh) – It was rotten egg, I swear to you. – [Audrey] Oh, I’m sorry Megan. – [Friend] Poor Megan, Megan threw up. – [Audrey] Megan just threw
up from Beanboozled. (laughs) – Megan.
– Aww. – [Megan] It didn’t feel like barf. – [Audrey] Oh, I’m sorry. Alright, it’s time to
get some candy, whoo! Yes, you can take a box. – All my shirts have (mumbles). – [Audrey] You just take a candy box. Yeah, there you go. – This is adorbs.
– Just like that. Thanks. – [Audrey] Oh, we could
fill up with lemonade too. And your drink. – [Friend] Does this have our names on it? – We got some candy boxes. Yay. – [Friend in Egg Shirt]
Or, it’s a different color ’cause it’s– – [Friend] Wait, so this
is what it would feel like to eat Orbeez?
(friends laugh) – We’re all gonna have to do a toast. – Cheers!
– Aww, so cute! – Who wants to make
some Harry Potter wands! (friends cheer) – We’re making some Harry Potter wands. Mine isn’t painted yet, but I just got the hot glue to dry. Let’s go around, seeing
what our progress is. We’re not all done yet, but, we’ve got a lot of crafts in the middle. We’re DIY experts.
(friend chuckles) Megan’s waiting for hers to dry. – [Megan] It’s been half an hour. – Half an hour?
– Thirty minutes! – Mine is Ravenclaw. – Yours is really cool.
– Oh, yeah. – Ravenclaw pride. – Abby?
– It’s gonna be Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.
– Yay. – [Audrey] Yours is so cool,
like with the feathers. – [Friend With Egg Shirt] Thanks. – [Friend With Tiger
Pajamas] Mine’s still brown. – [Audrey] (laughs) Still brown. I like yours Libby.
– Thank you. I’m trying to make it
not look like a stick. – This is mine. – This is my little jewel.
– Cool. We just all made our Harry Potter wands! Time for a fashion show! (electronic music)
(friend laughs) I got my piggy outfit. Bed hog, ’cause I really am. Here’s my wand, it’s like winter themed. Lovin’ it! Whoo! (friends laugh) – Here’s my wand, and it’s Hufflepuff slash Gryffindor because that’s my house. And I have crab pajamas
because apparently I’m crabby. – [Megan] Ah!
(friends laugh) – I’m Slytherin, but I
didn’t really do anything on my wand, so it’s beautiful. And I just got these because they were really cute, no reason. – Moonwalk.
(friends laugh) – This is my Ravenclaw pride wand. And my “Moo” pajamas
’cause they have footies. And my feet are always cold
so I have extra protection. – This is my wand. These are my pajamas. (friends laugh) – This is my wand. It’s really cool. These are my pajamas.
(friends laugh) – These are my pajamas. And it says, “I’m unstable in the morning which is very true.” I also don’t know what
kind of wand this is, but here you go. I’ve never seen Harry Potter.
– Shame! – So we’re doing Truth or Dare now, and we just challenged Megan to go outside and hold a non-poisonous bug
for two minutes straight. – [Friend] You got it, you got it, Megan. – [Friend] One, two, three, four. – You have to give it a name.
– Worm. – It looks like a “Bob” to me. – A “Bob”!
– Bob, the worm. – Alright, Libby’s turn. Her question, she picked “truth”. Um, and we’re gonna ask her, what makes you furious? – (gasps) The whole internet’s gonna know? – When there’s not enough
cheese on your piece of pizza. (Audrey laughs) – I’ll be Audrey. (blows raspberry) – (laughs) Okay. It’s Ellie’s turn, and she picked “dare”. And her dare is get on all fours, and walk over to a wall like
a dog, then lick the wall. – People at school are
probably gonna watch this. – Probably.
(friends giggle) – [Friend] Well, nothing new here. – [Audrey] That’s not
a dog, that’s a horse! – [Friend] Oh, your
wall! I feel so bad for– – Ahhh!
(friends laugh) – Megan is calling Taco Bell, and asking them if they sell livestock. – Hi, um, I was wondering, do you know if Walmart sells livestock? ‘Cause we tried to reach
them, and they won’t answer. Like, animals.
– Uh, maybe. – Okay, do you know
what animals they sell? – [Male Voice] Oh, what animals they sell? – Yeah, I’m looking–
(laughs) – [Male Voice] Oh,
mainly raccoons (mumbles) [Megan Laughs] – Well, thanks for letting me
know that Walmart has heifers. – [Male Voice] It was nice
talkin, have a good night. – Bye. – Megan is calling McDonalds
and asking for curly fries. – Like do you even do curly fries? – [Phone] Uh, no the
only people that do that is Arby’s, maybe Carl’s Junior. – Maybe I can buy you guys a curling iron and then you can make fries. Thank you I guess I should
go to Arby’s instead of McDonald’s then, huh? – So now we’re gonna play
spin the nail polish bottle. And so whatever color it lands on, you have to paint one of
your fingernails that color. So we’re gonna have a rainbow of an assortment of nails tonight. I’ll go first. Purple! (laughing) – They’re just so angry. – She wants orange, okay? – … go around ten times. – Purple. – Oh yeah. Matching. Yeah you can just do it. If you get the blank, you means you get the same colors as them. – Yellow. – Yellow. – Oh, okay. – Green! – I was actually like, okay when I first started my channel, I was like trying to be beauty, and I did like this nail series, and I had no idea … – I remember it. – I think it was called
“Nailed It” or something. – I remember. – Comment down below if you
have been there for that long, because honestly if you have, wow. – All right so it’s the next morning, and we all fell asleep. And now we’re just cleaning
up our air mattresses on our floor. – We fell asleep at four in the morning. – I was out at two. – I thought it was three am? – No it was 3:45. – So we went to bed really late and then Megan woke us up at nine. She was like good morning. – Megan was asleep at like
nine o’clock last night. – It’s true. – Yep, that was a lot of fun. So no we’re gonna go
and get some breakfast. So this is called like the lap game. So if you have done something, you move to the seat at your right. And so if Megan didn’t move, I’d be sitting on her. And if you haven’t done something, then you just stay still. So. I’ll start off with the first one. Never have I ever had
to run to save my life. – I have never run to save my life. – Okay that was easy. Never have I ever taken
food out of a trash can and eaten it. – (mumbling) (laughing) – Never have I ever taken
part in a talent show. – I have. – Yeah you have. – Sorry, but that wasn’t actually. That was the instruction. Switch seats. Never have I ever walked
for more than six hours. Ellie this is for you. – I have. – Really? – I really have. – I have no idea if I have. – It’s called vacationing. It’s called Disneyland. – Probably. Never have I ever jumped from a roof. Libby’s like bye. – Never have I ever seen
a crocodile or alligator in the wild. – Oh that’s easy. – Hi Abbey. – How’s it going Abbey? Never have I ever had a bad
fall because I was walking and texting. It’s getting intense. Now it’s Libby, Megan, and I, all sitting in one chair. Poor Libby. Breakfast time. We’ve got pancakes, eggs, and sausage. And then OJ and milk. Yay, so yummy. So that’s it for today’s video, I hope you guys enjoy. Give this video a big thumbs up if you did. And comment down below what
you’re favorite idea is for your next sleep over party. Also thank you to all my friends who came, it was so much fun. Also be sure to subscribe
if you haven’t already. Turn it from red to gray, and I will see you guys next time. Bye!

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  1. The house I belong in is Huffle puff or at least that is the house I want to be in. Also I love you so much Audrey. I have a video idea that you should do a tour of your old high school classrooms and of your old high school itself. This is how many people agree


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