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– (Plop) [JAMES] I expected there to be a little more, but… [ELLIOT] Did that… is that how we’re playing it? [JAMES] So welcome to another Master Trainer Pokémon, uh, unboxing because… [ELLIOT] Another? Isn’t this like the first one? [JAMES] This is your first one. [ELLIOT] Okay.
[JAMES] I did, like, all of the Detective Pikachu stuff and other random stuff. I don’t have a problem, you have a problem.
[ELLIOT] Okay. I don’t watch your YouTube videos, so, like…
[JAMES] Why don’t you introduce yourself? This is my fiancé, by the way.
[ELLIOT] Hi! So guys, if you don’t know me from the main channel, I am Elliot, @ell_sees_all on all social media platforms. [JAMES] You’re gay. [ELLIOT] I am gay! [JAMES] That’s kind of your thing.
[ELLIOT] You too! [JAMES] I mean, I guess it is kind of my thing but anyways, what are we opening up today? [ELLIOT] So, we are opening up a Leafeon GX Tin that’s got very nice box art. That’s the only reason that I picked out this one, that it has the really pretty Leafeon on it and a really pretty Sylveon on the side. [JAMES] I think there’s a Sylveon tin as well So, we’re going to unbox this then end this video off with my first ever Unbroken Bonds pack, but anyways, are you ready to unbox this?
[ELLIOT] Yes! [JAMES] Cool. So, yeah, let’s get right into it today on Master Trainer, the channel… in which… I do Pokémon stuff. [ELLIOT] Guys, it’s Pokémon! It’s a Pokémon channel! [JAMES] It’s a Pokémon channel! [ELLIOT] Hah, Pokémon Channel, okay guys. [JAMES] Let’s unbox some stuff! Are you opening this? [ELLIOT] I’m trying to. [JAMES] Are you opening the box? [ELLIOT] I’m getting the plastic off. [JAMES] So what cards are you familiar with from the newer sets, seeing as you’re just now getting back into the TCG? [ELLIOT] None of them! Look at this box art, though. There’s a Glaceon… Leafeon, and then… Sylveon there! [JAMES] Should we go over what we’ll get before we actually open it, or would that just be incredibly redundant? [ELLIOT] I think that would just be redundant, yeah. [JAMES] I need to pad this out for that ad revenue! [ELLIOT] This tin is actually, like, beautiful. [JAMES] They’ve been doing these for years now. I remember back in-
[JAMES and ELLIOT] Woah! [ELLIOT] So, first of course is the nice, shiny Leafeon GX holo card.
[JAMES] Hold it right up there! Go show them that thicc Leafeon right there! Also, so of course, as always, we’re going to be showing the values (on-screen) of any cards we like and any shinies, promos, holos, reverses, etc. [ELLIOT] All those. [JAMES] Yeah, look at that boy! And then… you got that?
[ELLIOT] Pull that code out. [JAMES] So, first things first, we have a…well, I guess second things first since we went over the promo, but, we have a code card for the Pokémon TCG online game. I don’t play, so, alright, we have 2 Sun and Moon: Celestial Storm packs, 1 Crimson Invasion, and 1 X and Y: Roaring Skies. I remember Roaring Skies being a good set. So, do you want to just, like, bookend this? [ELLIOT] Yeah, also, I think I want to do the Jirachi. [JAMES] Yeah.
[ELLIOT] Yeah, I like that Jirachi. [JAMES] Do you want to do the top 2 and I’ll do the bottom 2? [ELLIOT] Uh, sure! So let’s do this one first. [JAMES] So… [ELLIOT] I’m trying to make sure my hands are on-camera but I have short arms. [JAMES] We don’t want people to think you’re cheating with the cards! [ELLIOT] Yeah. [JAMES] So, do you want me to show you the trick to opening packs? [ELLIOT] I think it’s… [JAMES] 3 to the front.
[ELLIOT] 3 to the front, got it! That’s right! [JAMES] Yeah, so, alright! So, that’s the side the code card is facing here. Wow, you’re a pro at tearing into these. [ELLIOT] 1, 2, 3!
[JAMES] Here’s another code card, by the way. We give these away. [ELLIOT] Ready? So, Apricorn Maker, Donphan!
[JAMES] Donphan, best boy! [ELLIOT] Scyther with some really cool art, Beldum… [JAMES] Larvitar, not bad! [JAMES and ELLIOT] Wailmer! [JAMES] Alright, oh, Bellossom, wait…
[JAMES and ELLIOT] Bellsprout! Oh, and look at the little Chinchou, all covered in bubbles! [ELLIOT] Another Donphan.
[JAMES] As the reverse, another Donphan! Not bad! [ELLIOT] Oh, he’s shiny! [JAMES] Yeah, you’re guaranteed one of these reverse cards in every pack. They’re all really cool, especially this as I love Donphan. [ELLIOT] Then there’s Medicham and a Grass energy. [JAMES] Alright, so, not bad, not a bad start! [ELLIOT] Yeah. [JAMES] I mean, I dunno, I like Donphan and we got 2 Donphans, I mean…
[ELLIOT] And just the fact that one of them is the shiny.
[JAMES] Yeah, the reverse! So now, I guess, I should do the Crimson Invasion pack! [ELLIOT] Yeah.
[JAMES] So let’s do that. Let’s open this up! I swear, they’ve really improved the packs’ plastic material over the past few years. [ELLIOT] Yeah. [JAMES] Ugh, there we go! So, for those who’re interested, here is this pack’s code card, and technically you can find out if your pack has a super rare or not by the colour on the other side of the code card, but… I don’t want to.
[ELLIOT] Ain’t nobody got time for that. [JAMES] Yeah, if I can I want to avoid that. And also, I want to do as few edits as possible while doing these TCG unboxing vids. So, nice, first off we have an…
[JAMES and ELLIOT] Emolga! [JAMES] And we have Alolan Graveler! [ELLIOT] That looks cool! [JAMES] Then there’s a Lairon, a lot of steel-types in this set. Misdreavous, which, I guess is cool.
[ELLIOT] I love Misdreavous’ design. Spoink!
[JAMES] So, you know the funny thing about Spoink, right? [ELLIOT] No? [JAMES] Well, if it stops hopping, it dies. [ELLIOT] That’s crazy! It’s like Farfetch’d with its tasty leek. [JAMES] Like, is the leek part of its body? [ELLIOT] Maybe? But they cook it with it! [JAMES] Ah, so it adds extra flavour. Next!
[ELLIOT] Houndoom! Wait, Houndour.
[JAMES] Black Shuck there. Ah we have Jigglypuff, and-
[JAMES and ELLIOT] Exeggcute! [ELLIOT] Ah, look at that, that one is nice!
[JAMES] Pumpkaboo! That’s the reverse, not bad! [ELLIOT] And Mamoswine!
[JAMES] And just a general Mamoswine and a Lightning energy. [ELLIOT] Electric energy. [JAMES] Look at that. It’s not even a holo, so we’re getting a little bit disappointed here, but, that’s okay. We’re only 2 packs in. [ELLIOT] Next is the X and Y: Roaring Skies pack. There is our code card.
[JAMES] So let’s wait for it to focus… [ELLIOT] You do it. So, we have a Wide Lens, a Gallade Spirit Link – that’s cool!
[JAMES] That’s neat! [ELLIOT] There’s Steven, best boy! [JAMES] Best boy! [ELLIOT] Tailow… Wurmple. [JAMES] Not bad! [ELLIOT] Fletchling? [JAMES] That one is from X and Y. [ELLIOT] Natu! [JAMES] Oh what’s that on there with the cool art.
[ELLIOT] It’s really cool looking! [JAMES] Is this rare with, like, that art? It doesn’t look particularly special. I know they used to do cards with, like, this 3/4 down art. I don’t know if it’s special or not but I’m going to give a price for it anyways. [ELLIOT] Exeggcute! There’s really cute card art there! So there’s a Spearow as the reverse, are you ready for the final card?
[ELLIOT] Yeah! [ELLIOT] Oh my gosh, look at that Gallade! [JAMES] Look at that, it’s literally your first Roaring Skies pack and you got a Gallade EX? [ELLIOT] That’s dope!
[JAMES] That’s really cool! That’s a sick pull! [ELLIOT] Right? [JAMES] It’s #34/108! Gallade EX! [ELLIOT] That’s actually really cool, because I’m the one who picked out this tin and I literally picked this set just because I really wanted that Leafeon and I loved the tin art. [JAMES] Yeah. So, alright, I guess it’s time for the final tin pack which is this Sun and Moon: Celestial Storm! So, this one has an Ultra Beast on it which is neat. Are we double teaming these now? [ELLIOT] Yeah, I guess so. [JAMES] I can’t believe it’s your first tin and we got a really cool EX! I don’t know if we’re guaranteed a GX/EX in every tin but I’m sure the comment section will yell at me yes or no. [ELLIOT] You risked getting that wrong.
[JAMES] Yeah. But yeah, so, feel free to do so and tell me if it’s so and call me, uh, and call me all sorts of horrible, nasty names that I’m not going to say due to wanting to keep this channel around ’80s PG…’80s PG? Is that what we’re aiming for? ’80s PG? [ELLIOT] ’90s PG? Something like that. [JAMES] Yeah, like, if it’d be okay for The Goonies it’s fine here, y’know. [ELLIOT] So, 1,2,3 to the front! Let’s flip that around! [JAMES] Here’s Hau – that’s your rival in Sun and Moon. You’re finally going to play Sun and Moon soon! [ELLIOT] I am, and I’m really excited! [JAMES] Since I still have my old steelbook dualpack plus a singular copy of Moon, you have your choice of either version, so which one are you going to play? [ELLIOT] I think I’ll probably pick Sun since you’ve played Moon. [JAMES] That’s most definitely fair! Maybe when you do that, I’ll play that other Moon copy?
[ELLIOT] Yeah! [JAMES] This could be a good way to get hyped for Sword and Shield! [ELLIOT] Have have Underground Excavation!
[JAMES] Nice! [ELLIOT] Or, wait, Underground Expedition. [JAMES] There you go! [ELLIOT] There’s a Shelgon! [JAMES] Oh look at that with that cute crocheted art! I really like that! Like, do you see that? [ELLIOT] Just, like, the more realistic art? Yeah, I love it! So, there’s another Chinchou, and an Onix! [JAMES] That’s some really nice looking Onix art! [ELLIOT] That’s a really cool looking Onix! [JAMES] Honestly, he looks like he’s about to collapse a mine on top of some underpaid mine workers.
[ELLIOT] Yeah, he looks like he’s about to do something evil.
[JAMES] Maybe he’ll kill some people. [JAMES and ELLIOT] Bagon! Bellsprout! Phanpy! [JAMES] That’s to go with our Donphans! [JAMES and ELLIOT] Oh, Grumpig!
[JAMES] Not bad! And finally, there’s a Registeel! I already have that Registeel. [ELLIOT] And there’s our energy card. [JAMES] Nice. So, yeah, that’s it for the tin packs, though we still have this Unbroken Bonds pack! Do you want to go open that one and I’ll tell you what’s in there? [ELLIOT] It’s up to you. You have longer arms, so you can kind of make sure you’re in-frame better than I can. [JAMES] Okay, so you’re alright with this? [ELLIOT] Yeah, I’m good with just reading out the names. [JAMES] Sweet, also, viewer, let me know if you want to see more of Elliot here because, as I said, we are as gays tend to be… [JAMES and ELLIOT] En-GAY-ged! [JAMES] Yeah, there’s a ring right there! Also, is it just me or is it weird how they do the individual packs, where they now come in these cardboard sleeves now. [ELLIOT] They’re really nice, though. Like, I remember only in the plastic packs.
[JAMES] Yeah, I guess. Yeah, so, I have a question, like, do we have a better rate of getting, like, GX cards and holos here than we do from the full boxes of them or is it the same rate or whatnot there? Let me know in the comments! After all, I just do this for fun because I like cards. So let’s just open this up! It’s so wasteful, though, because it’s still just a pack inside. [ELLIOT] Yeah, but you get the cool art! [JAMES] I guess, so, there’s are Lucario and Melmetal Unbroken Bonds pack, are you ready? [ELLIOT] Yeah, I have a really good feeling about this one. I really hope it doesn’t prove me wrong. [JAMES] Yeah, you know, let’s hope that we get something cool, also, look at this! I swear that the plastic used in these packs have become more high quality over the past years, but okay, I think the white code card is a good sign. Unless they changed it. Like, it could’ve been different on the other ones. Alright, so there is the final code card for today! So now!
[JAMES and ELLIOT] That’s 1, 2, 3 to the front!
[JAMES] Should I see if there’s an energy on the back? Should I risk it?
[ELLIOT] No. [JAMES] Alright. So we have a Torracat, which is Litten’s 2nd evolution, we have a Poliwhirl right there!
[ELLIOT] Poliwhirl! [JAMES and ELLIOT] Here’s Gloom! [ELLIOT] Aw, Poliwag! Poliwag was actually my favourite as a kid! [JAMES] No kidding! I remember you mentioned that! [ELLIOT] I had a stuffed one, I loved it! [JAMES] It was one of those that came with a Pokéball, right? [ELLIOT] It was one of the ones that you could fold inside-out and it was a Pokéball on the inside. It was really cool! [JAMES] So let’s see, we have a Spiritzee, we have a Lickitung!
[ELLIOT] Lickitung! [JAMES] Oh my god, you’ll understand why Lickitung is so funny once you see Detective Pikachu. [JAMES and ELLIOT] Venonat! Spearow! Another Venonat!
[JAMES] That’s the reverse! And…oh my god. [ELLIOT] Woah! [JAMES] You had a good feeling about this one for a reason, because we got that Honchkrow GX! I didn’t know this card existed! That’s so cool! So, you have a good…you have a…well, you’re like a good luck charm! [ELLIOT] Honestly, I just felt, like, all of the packages that we looked at and this one just had good energy. [JAMES] Holy crap! I need to take you out whenever we look at cards, even though I’m trying to buy less, right?
[ELLIOT] (Laughs) [JAMES] I should just enjoy the ones I already have and sell off the bulk! Anyways, just look at that Honchkrow GX! You and Jacob both have that energy! [ELLIOT] Yeah. [JAMES] Yeah. So, did I tell you about the last time I want to EGM and bought a pack? He was like “oh, try one of these Team Up packs” and I bought one and he just handed me a random one and it just had a GX in it!
[ELLIOT] Yeah! [JAMES] So… all these are our cool finds for the day. Yeah, the Donphan reverse is in there, even though it’s not particularly rare just because I love Donphan. So we have our promo, the Donphan, our Gallade EX from the tin, and perhaps best of all, our Honchkrow GX! That was from just that random Unbroken Bonds pack. This was a lot of fun. So with that, if you enjoyed this video and want more great Pokémon goodness then subscribe to Master Trainer for more great content like this, and if you want to see more serious stuff from me, subscribe to Stuff We Play, and if you want to see more from Elliot on Twitter or Instagram, then follow him!
[ELLIOT] I’m @ell_sees_all! [JAMES] That’s @ell_sees_all! That’s spelled out with those spaces. I say that because I know some will ask about that. So, should I end it off?
[ELLIOT] Yeah. Yeah, as I don’t know how you end these videos. [JAMES] Subscribe to Master Trainer if you want ot become a Pokémon Master, share this video out with the world because every view does count, and of course, I’ll see you all…next time!

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