Unboxing – ATEEZ 1st ANNIVERSARY Album (Subt. ENG)

I got 2 photocards So beautiful I have this one This is the photo card they gave me in the illusion album ( One To All ) I have this as a poster Same one similar so cute Now we have the album Ohh god, what is this? Don´t tell me this is the poster! I´m gone cry This is huge This is a very little set that I have here I will show you a picture right here of the poster OKAY, The momento has come I don´t have the first album but I have the last one The moment has come Very pretty boys Just got Mingi, OKAY The youngest one Very pretty Cuteness around the world Does he have a microphone? Very nice looking He´s hair is so cute like that I think I have seen he´s hair all the time like that Because Hoong Jong had bullet, now San has mullet I really don´t like mullet´s but it doesn´t look bad I don´t know what color is there hairs now How many pictures…? He does all the time the lip thing I didn´t expect to have pictures of the Wonderland concept This is the arlbum od there 1st anniversary How it bleands There´s another one Stikers and the disc I like that stiker Okay so now we have this one… Don´t now what it says this is Hoong Jong when he was a chid I love this book Love it Dam it This is the cutes thing ever He´s face It´s so cute Jongho the youngeest That´s so cute He was dancing since he was a little boy Ahh, this book is so cute OKAY, now the moment that we we´re waiting for… what is this thing very interesting, I guess I guess is for this Omg, is actually for this I´m actually so confused No way Why they do this to me? Why? This is wait I had Plus this Thank you for sending me more photocards And the book… My favorite has ben this one It´s shows you the childhood OMG, is actually Jongho! I thought it was Mingi Thank you for waching SUBCRIBE!

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