Very good creatures of the loooooooord WTF? Oh… Oh Retard alert, retard alert Enough, enough Enough of this shit, stop it pls Stop this shit, stop now please As…? SHIT! Aight well as y’all see, I bought here a uh, what’s this called in Spanish? aaaaughhh Megaphone twat, megaphone so I bought a megaphone to make a video that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, right? So best case scenario you’ll see it someday in the channel But, ok let’s leave this… WE’LL LEAVE THIS Let’s leave this, hehe Wilson just ran away I’M SORRY! Alright let’s calm down, we’ll just leave it here How are you guys? HELLO! Mangel gosh, what are you doing here? Sit straight, dammit We’ve gotta look handsome for today’s video Let me see… Here you’re You’re MANGEL So, we’re here on the unboxing sofa, ok? Don’t ask me why do I look like I just got out of jail, ok? But oh well As it’s basically Christmas time, let’s do some unboxing, ok? With these presents that just arrived from Peru and Argentina like a couple of months ago We have two giant boxes The others haven’t arrived yet… I hope they do eventually Unless they got lost in the Bermuda Triangle I mean, idk, it’s possible Someday I’ll get them, I guess But, ok let’s open the ones that I’ve here Wait a minute, before we start the video… I forgot that in the last video I promised to eat a whole bag of gross jellybeans (Bean Boozled*) Why the f*ck I said these things I don’t know… but I guess I have to do that now ughhhhh Well, it’s not a bag but it’s like a little box of disgusting jellybeans or or good ones I hope that majority I pick are good, whatever the Lord would want, I guess. Fuck it. 3… 2…1 They’re all good, for real f*ck At the beginning was good, but then they all went to shit, alright? so… I had to throw them to the toilet But the promise I made was pretty doubtful to start with, but… let’s continue with the presents, ok? Let’s see What did you give us It’s that there’s a lot of things, y’know Let’s see what our first thing is here…
“From Rosalinda to Rubiuh” little heart Oh… thank you so much This is… the “Botija 40%” 40%? THIS IS SOME INSANE BOOZE, MAN I don’t know if I look like an alcoholic or something But lately y’all keep giving me bottles of alcohol from your countries and hey, thanks, but… How the hell do you open this?
Oh… ok, here let’s see what is this… “Pisco Acholado”
Hey… Pisco Acholado This is a Peruvian drink, it seems…
Yeah, yeah… definitely, holy moly Gosh it smells… like… it smells What the hell is happening with my mouth? It smells like Tequila I mean it has the same strong scent Let’s drink it Damn It hits you It’s starting to burn down here Ok I think that was a bad idea to drink this at the beginning of the video hahaha fuck I mean… fuck, ugh Ok, I’m not overacting or anything like that hehe
I mean It already started to kick in…
I mean WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO GET DRUNK?! NEXT! Let’s see what is happening here This seems to be fragile It coming in a bag…
Uhhhh Ohh… god… look look look
Damn! I almost broke the bottle Nothing broke, It’s all good Ok, they’re paintings from the same person… It seems Here is a painting of “Skyrim” by Flavia The Dragon’s son, bro This is gorgeous, man…
Is the scene from Virtual Hero where we’re all having dinner, man I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s super pretty, man. They really worked hard on this. So cool, thank you so much Here’s a giant Mangel to scare me at night… ok, thank you and another giant Mangel, ok, I’ll have to give him this, I guess, so… I’ll give him, thank you so much Flavia I think all of them are from Flavia
Thank you so much for the paintings Flavia Ok, we’re gonna keep going. Ok, ok… look… these, these
I’ve seen these so many times in Peru, man These are like… I don’t know… is like the pet they have, or something, man I don’t know what type of animal they are But, they’re like little bears-mice
And they always dress them with these hats, man And it looks like they’re wearing the uniform from the Peruvian football team, or something like that, so… Kiss… Kiss….
Love each other. and see you later Someone please in the comments, tell me what animal are these, for god’s sake! We’re gonna continue Let’s see what is this… Look at this bro! the flute… What is its name? Is a flute… these flutes which… oh… let me see, let me see But man this is someone’s
It has Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si It has, it has everything Someone wrote it on there So this once belonged to a Peruvian shaman, who’ll give me his strengths when I play the song of his people. Oh…
I lost my breath, man How the hell do people play beautiful things with this, man? OMG man, this dude has like 50 instruments on him, is a motherf*king pro And he plays so good I want one of these right now! I want one of these right now, man! Ok, he’d invoked the eagle spirit and everything I mean… Holy moly I need this man Damn, well, thank you so much for this present, I gonna learn how to play it and some day I will be an expert ok, so… in some years you’re gonna see me performing an entire concert with this Ok, there is something else in the bag I don’t know if is from the same guy, or something… to see his name, but… let me see, here it is
A shirt…. It’s a Mari Carmen t-shirt, man. A kawaii Mari Carmen t-shirt, man. And here has “ElRubiusOMG” with a Peruvian flag, man Olé 10/10, man. Thank you so much Ohh man and it has these details, like the Skyrim’s tattoo t-shirt let’s see and my channel’s logo this is damn good, man
thank you so much, crack (pro*) You’re a machine, you’re a boss, you’re a typhoon, you’re nº1, you’re a beast, you’re a shark, you’re everything, you’re the damn pro. Everybody who has giving me presents you’re the damn pros, ok? So, I thank you Man How cool, man Look! It’s a Peruvian Charmander, look at the little hat and everything, how cool and it’s made of paper
I mean… this, this On the ass and balls is the name of the sender, Armito Alexis. Thanks so much for this , Alexis. From Lima, Peru. Olé olé, Charmander. We’re gonna just put him right here, Welcome to the Crack family! *through megaphone* WELCOME TO THE CRACK FAMILY! Alright, we have– For now, The idea of my fanbase giving me things to try their culture makes me uneasy THIS HAS 43% ALCOHOL CONTENT Look, look, in this little family-friendly looking bottle, but what to do idk *sputters* *dying* *hits self to distract from pain* EEAARYUUGHGHGHGH *screeching*
No more!
No more! If they already know what this does to me why to they continue to lure me into this? Alright, this… good god ok, If I could agree to this I’m good with this… or I will be. Lo-lo-lo-look Look at this. Look at this crazy thing. Do y’all know that this is? Do y’all have any idea of what this is, man? This is real llama fur, dude. Or something like… it’s, it’s just super soft, or something I wish y’all would be able to put your handsthrough your screens to feel just how this…Ahh Ooof… what a strong smell… it smells like a llama would, but… Let’s see… What is this? I don’t believe it, man. I don’t believe this bro, please… another bottle of alcohol bro… WHAT IS THIS. Alright, th-this, ohhhhh Look at the bottle’s logo Look at this bottle, it l-l-looks like it’s a little potion bottle from WoW or something. Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful… well I´m f*cked, guys. We’ve arrived… to get sloshed… lololollolololoolololol “dafuq???” *old man grunt* *little boy scream* Jesus Christ… how much alcohol is in this??? 40% again Dude.
Dude. This booze is gonna end my career, bro. In a few years I’ll be an alcoholic and it’ll all be your fault!!!!! Oh! A mini Rick and a mini Morty, man. They’re holding hands and can’t be pulled apart. So cute! They’re hand-made, huh? And this, I recall, is from an Argentinian girl… Thanks so much, Ahre Boludo. AHRE ASSHOLE CONCHUDO PRANKSTER Y’all gave me like 800 of these hats… ehhhh… The pervian type… dude… what are they called? They have a name but I’ve forgotten it, so I’ll shut up now, alright? ugh this bothers me Honestly. Ok,I think I’m wearing the Peruvian Starter Pack now Time to get wasted Cocnut cream, the fountain of wisdom for my ancestors, the incans, isn’t a drug Alright, then. *coughs* Coca tea, was made of a specific plant but refers to the situation in which it was made… This, what is this??? Coca! Coca?? It’s not cocaine lol, I-it’s a tea, or something. Oysters! Baby oysters! Afterwards, imma make a tea from this and chill here with the Incas. Thank you so much Dayana and Fabiana! A kiss! I’m beginning to notice that it’s affecting me, huh? H-h-h-honestly…. I don’t know if I should continue the video or what… do you need subtitles for this??? no. Shut up!!!!! Alright, let’s see, what’s this? This is to make maté! (south-american variety of tea) Argentinian matés, bro! Let’s see (it’s from Ahre Boludo) So, uh, m-m-maybe this goes here??? I don’t really know how this is supposed to go, ok? So y’all are gonna have to explain it to me, the Argentines are gonna have to explain how this roll works, ok? This sheath! Maybe I can mix it if the sheath has the coca, like this! And I’m already high af! More booze, bruh, more booze! These have a tiny-baby bottle design. Know what I mean? They’re baby bottles! Alright the Ferne… The Ferne mixes with the Coke, I guess, but ok. I think that I’ve never drunk alone but here I am…. Ah, good god. Good god. For Christmas! For Santa Claus! For the three wise men! And for your bitch of a mother! *dies for like the 6th time already* *more gagging noises* This bitch is fucking strong!!!!! OHHH 39%! 1% less than the first! But, it’s-it’s much stronger, bruh! It’s like… Ohhhh god. Stop! Stop!!!! Insane! Or something. I’ve never tried the Ferne Just bro. It’s like… I’ve gotta get rid of this taste Alright, I mean, I’m starting to notice it, ok? I mean, I think that we’re gonna leave this here, ok guys?! Because the alcohol is going to my head This is really y’all’s fault! Like, it was you guys that got me drunk! Thanks so much for all the gifts, ok? And thinks so much for getting me wasted! Y’alls are dicks Leave a like! Leave a like! Leave a like! For more videos And for that y’all don’t make me an alcoholic (In a few years!) LIKE. And that’s it! See ya in the next video attractive people! Ciao!

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