Unboxing: Factory Sealed Hotwheels 50th Anniversary Master Set

Hey everyone, Keith here and today we are
going to be opening this 50th anniversary Hot Wheels collection. You might be wondering, how did we get this
50th anniversary Hot Wheels collection? There are probably over 300 Hot Wheels in
here, well we have a bit of a partnership going on with Hot Wheels where they have some
of their more limited edition cars that use logos from all of the different Holley brands,
Holley, Hooker, Mr. Gasket, MSD, Mallory, Accel, Lakewood, I’m sure I’m forgetting some. What’s interesting about this collection,
I think every year they come out with a set like this, but this year it’s the 50th Anniversary
of Hot Wheels, Hot Wheels started in 1968, if my math is correct and this is a 2018 factory
sealed set. So you can see, you might get bonus points
for never opening this but how much fun would that be? Inside this sealed set, we believe there are
multiple smaller sealed sets inside so I don’t really have any reservations about cutting
this seal so we’re going to do it right now. There it is, that was satisfying. What’s going on here? Celebrate 50 years of going higher, farther,
faster with Hot Wheels, this 50th blah blah blah. I feel like it’s meant to be opened. Oh yeah, this is a whole experience. They are serious about protecting their little
toy cars. Wow, wow, where do we start? Ok, yeah, yeah, we got it, it’s out, alright. Oh man. That is legit. Some high-quality packaging. Ok, this one’s a surprise I don’t want to
look at it yet, I just want to move it so I could open this one. So here we have the Hot Wheels 50th race team
mini collection, what is that about? They have a preview of what’s inside right
there. You ready for this? Boom. I don’t know my Hot Wheels terminology but
I do see that this sticker is all over every one of them which is pretty cool. That’s the Dotson that everyone is crazy about
on the FaceBook groups. So there is our 50th race team mini collection
in a nice little book like thing. There we go, ok this is the 50th track stars
5 car pack. I see, what are the names we have back here,
Bifokle 2, Luke Coupe, HW40, off track, and scoopa de Fuego. Very cool, how many boxes are there, 1 2 3
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11? Comment below if you are better at counting
than I am. Here we have the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary
10 car pack, there’s some cool stuff in there, a Tesla, Mach 1, El Coupe, 55 Chevy, is that
a Zonda? Let me go by the names, oh that’s a 68 Barracuda,
and a Grand Torino, something called bulletproof. 50th throwback collection, what are we throwing
back? Wow, I’d call this the lead foot deluxe. Oh, check out that F150, that’s wild. Now we have a ten pack throwback, which I
guess is a sealed box inside of a sealed box. Can we open it? We can open this, yeah this has logos on it
we’re going to open it. Hey, so that’s even more kind of vintage looking
stuff. This thing? Oh, that’s just a little something we put
together for the Hooker brand. This is the Hooker Willys Gaser, I think this
is an 18th scale die-cast model. Acme makes those for us, they’re really high
end, super detailed models, this one has even got seat belts, gear shifters, steering wheel,
superchargers, spark plug wires, and on the underside. You can find it on our website. Oh, this is cool, that is the 50th originals
collection, I think I have one of those already. Some serious levels of pimping here. Oh yeah, that’s the one. So we have a 69′ Cougar, a Volkswagen Beatle,
a 67′ Camaro, custom 67′ Mustang and a 67 Hemi Cuda, well that year it’s not just a
Cuda it’s a Barracuda, I don’t want the Mopar guys mad at us. Now we have the 50th-anniversary favorites,
got a feeling there is going to be some good stuff in here. Oh yeah, now look at the detail on some of
these, got little mini light wheels on this AMC Javelin, it’s a Javelin, I was going to
call it an AMX but it’s not. There is a little red express, oh that’s cool. Yeah, this is neat, I’m all about this Volkswagen
Square back, that’s really cool, that is really cool. And the Galaxy is really cool too, digging
that, a little bit of pro touring action, that kind of looks like one rendition of Fryberger’s
Crusher Camaro. Black and Gold collection, yeah, I’m all about
that Impala, that’s cool. So we got a little model A truck, something
like that, they call it the boneshaker. The twin mill, I had an early version of this
when I was a kid, it was called double vision, it wasn’t all black and gold and cool looking
like that though. Rodger Dodger and this is the 68′ Dodge Dart,
and then, of course, the Impala, thing looks awesome, the Ford Ranchero, I don’t know if
I’ve ever seen a Ranchero Hot Wheel before and this guy is a 67′ Camaro. This is what it’s all about right here. What’s up with this guy? So this one has a gold body and the rest of
them are just black, which is kind of interesting. I wonder if it is real gold, surely not. Every bottom of the car is gold except that
one is black. Yeah, well see it’s got a black body and then
like a gold engine and stuff. Zamac flames collection, I’ve heard people
talk about the Zamac Hot Wheels. This gets my attention, it’s a 68′ 442, my
dad had a 69′ 442 for most of my childhood, but these all I guess have the Zamac flames
whatever that is, pretty cool, Camaro concept car in there, Barracuda, Buick GSX, 68′ COPO
Camaro. Pretty cool stuff. Here we have the 50th Camaro collection, I
saw some of these on a shelf in Kmart the other day, no it wasn’t Kmart, they’re all
closed now. It was a Walmart and they’ve done something
pretty cool with the Camaro collection. So each generation has its own car that kind
of represents that era, I would have to say my favorite is probably this 3rd gen down
here, that’s real fresh looking, real nice. And here we have the stars and stripes ‘Merica
edition. Nothing more American than a 56 Ford pickup
and a 65’ Fast Back Mustang and a Dodge Charger, and a Nova, and a GTO, that’s a Cornette Super
Bee, that’s a third generation Corvette, that’s an old C10, then we have a mid 60’s El Camino
which is pretty cool and a Firebird with T tops. I had this in the packaging and I was wondering
why does this have a W on it and this has an L on it. It appears to spell something and I bet it
has something to do with Hot Wheels, what do you want to bet? And they had one extra, 50th. Man, your welcome. I see what they did there, it’s clever. If you’ve paid attention to this video this
long, you’re in luck, we have a surprise for you. This is a second 50th anniversary Hot Wheels
collection set and we’re going to give it away to one lucky viewer. So if you are one of the Hot Wheels nerds
that paid attention to this video for this long, click the link in the description and
see how you can have a chance to win your own factory sealed 50th anniversary Hot Wheels

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  1. How do I get this 50 year anniversary factory sealed set! It would go a long way in helping me deal with being in a wheelchair because someone felt it was more important that instead of having their dog on a leash. So to keep from running over her Old English Bulldog and going air borne and breaking my neck. I laid my beautiful 2001Harley Davidson Wide glide Chrome Yellow with orange ghost flames. A very customized Harley, anyway since 15Jan2012 I have been in a wheelchair. After having my right knee broken and other things. I have started back collecting Hot Wheels! Hope I win!!!!!!😎

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