Unboxing our Lull Mattress Tested Our Marriage | Lull Mattress Review

it’s here yeah that was fast
Wow look at you Wow I cannot believe a king-sized bed
fits in there amazing I’m so ready for a good night’s sleep
so ready oh I see you spoiled it
yes fold it and then leave me with her king-size he never believe anything I say plastic now are you going see the kingside cut this right yeah oh
you see one thing with me no we got cut it out so we can expand we gotta wait a little bit till it
expands and then we’ll try it out we’ll be back come on grow our long mattress has fully
expanded any feels like heaven I love this mattress that’s my heaven side
effects oh my god I truly love it it feels so good so good
I am totally satisfied with the way he totally expanded you know cuz it’s pool
I thought he was going to be thin but it is totally full and it’s perfect for us
because he likes hard mattresses and I like soft mattresses and I’m not sure
how they do it but for him it feels hard and for me it feels soft so I don’t know
how to did it but I love the way that it feels and I am so excited especially for
my husband because he’s the one that always has a lot of back problems and he
always wanted to have a memory foam mattress but we always end up getting
the pillowtop I guess because it’s a little you’d think it’s a little more
affordable but it’s not on this cost as much of the mattress we had and he was
shot after three years most of our beds are shot after three years because of my
husband no kidding because he’s he’s heavy you know muscle
heavy and every time we get a pillowtop or every time we get in bed he always
makes a dent on this side of his bed so we always have to get a new bed every
two to three years and that’s a lot of money but with this mattress you have
ten years warranty free shipping a hundred night trial and free returns so
I totally recommend it and they’re also going to throw in $100
off and I’m going to have all the information in a description box below

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  1. Hi Tayra 😍,
    Nice matress ,happy sounds sleeping for you both!!!! Keep it moving and continue to reach for the Stars ⭐🌟🌠🙏😘💞💕.

  2. How do you love it if you didn’t make the bed or sleep in it yet? Well, it’s sponsored so I guess you were paid to say you love it

  3. Hi I plan on buying the king size mattress also. How does you and your husband back feel throughout the day from sleeping on lull’s mattress?

  4. Do you know if I could could fold this mattress in half? I’m moving and need to take my king size lull through a very very very narrow upstairs

  5. Best Bang for your BUCK!!! I just got my Lull Mattress for 33.33/month with 0% interest…
    Use this referral link for to get yours NOW! …….$150 off too…….http://get.lull.com/BSqsv

  6. Some matters expand when uncover latex protective cover, some other things can expand when coverd with latexprotective cover😉😉

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