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– My name is Stacy and I’m 32 years old. I meet these wonderful
guys who just seem to check off all of my boxes on my list, but the same thing always seems to happen. I clear my schedule out for
them and we date for like three to six months and I don’t really know what happens next. Things just seem to fizzle out. I’m really tired of wasting
my time on these guys. Where am I going wrong? – How well do you get to know these guys before you make room in your life for em? – I feel like I’m a really savvy dater. So I take a lot of time
and really sit down and really get to know them. My mom always says give
it three to four months before you ask them
those serious questions, but I stopped taking her advice. I don’t have that kinda time. Three to four months is
like a fourth of a year and I can just hear my biological clock. It’s tick, tick, ticking. – So, here’s my question. How long before you start
making room for a guy? – How long? – Yeah. – I mean, I give it maybe about, I don’t really wanna
put a time frame on it. I feel like if I’m asking
the right questions, then everything should
just happen organically. – What have you found out
about their past relationships? – In their past
relationships, they’ve been very similar to my own and so, their last serious
relationship was when they were in college, which for me,
is about 10 years ago. So, since then, they’ve just been dating women here and there but nothing
really serious post grad. – Do you ever ask these
men what their views are on long term commitment, marriage, family? – Absolutely, that’s one of
the most important questions. So I’ll ask them how
they feel about a family or marriage and they’re like, their eyes just light up
because it makes em excited but they never really give me a time. It’s just sometime ya
know, when it happens, in the future, so it’s
really not a date and time. – OK, so you never really
get anything from them. – No. – Alright, I’m gon’
break this down for you. The type of guy you just described is what I call the eternal bachelor. The eternal bachelor is well mannered. He’s smart, he’s attractive,
he’s usually successful. And how he puts all of
this together is what lures a woman in but unlike a player, the eternal bachelor isn’t
a one and done type of guy. Eternal bachelors like mini relationships. Not many as in M-A-N-Y, mini, M-I-N-I. That’s why a lot of women waste time on em because they give you a mini
version of the relationship. You kinda get what I’m sayin’? – You gettin’ where you goin’.
– You can’t help that. So now, spotting this eternal bachelor isn’t difficult if you know the signs. This guy usually has a
history of short relationships and more than likely,
he’s never been married. When you ask about marriage,
his favorite line is someday. Key, he did not say someday with you. Also, he doesn’t have many close friends who are married or in
serious relationships. Birds of a feather flock together. Players hang with players. All my good friends are
married with families. The way for you to avoid
this is the 90-day rule. See, your mama said get to know a man in three or four months. Your mama was onto something. But you, you said, “Nah Mama, uh uh. “That’s a fourth of a year.” (laughing) “I ain’t got no time to
waste no fourth of no year. “I can hear my tick, tick,
tick, tick, tick, tick.” Well, if you don’t take
out this fourth of a year, you’re gonna continually
keep running up into this. – I think that you’re right
and my mom is right as well. – You gotta slow down.
– Yeah. – Look at you. You’re an attractive woman. You deserve to be treated well. Hey y’all, listen, for more
information on how to spot these types of men that you should avoid, go to SteveTV.com. We’ll be right back everybody. (cheering)
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  1. I’m saying, you don’t really get to know somebody to a degree where you can say yes or no to actually a relationship until about six months later. Because in the beginning it’s the honeymoon phase and everything is all perfect until you see them & actual situations happen.

  2. Most men don't grow up thinking about their suit for their wedding meanwhile average woman been dreaming of our wedding date since elementary school.

  3. These guys may want a serious relationship….just not with her. She's OK looking but Steve should've also told her to lose some pounds, in order to increase her chances of landing the husband of her dreams….

  4. The reality is, the guy that is serious about her will stay. She probably not attracted to the type of guy that would be head over heels for her.

  5. Steve is on point! The eternal bachelor will never get married or wait until he's well in his twilight years. Do Not waste your time ⛔.

  6. she is exactly the type of woman i would love to have a wonderful short term mini-relationship with. shes attractive, feminine and classy but has been on the market too long

  7. She's is a very attractive woman but seems like a lot to handle also. I see a lot of ultimatums on the table, possibly the reason shes still single.

  8. Well chit this just explains me, but the twist is I have not dated.. All work and no play has made me a dull guy.

  9. Damn the eternal bachelor really describes me very closely. I've been in relationships with good women over the years, but once things start to get really serious that's when I back off. Sometimes I do regret it but I can't help it, that's just who I am.

  10. as a man.. on one while getting to KNOW anyone want to be pressured or here tic tic tic… especially if the guy is decent but has been hurt… it just sounds like a baby trap… just saying.

  11. 90 day rule my foot. If you think i'm waiting 90 days for a woman while she still messing with Tyrone and Dirty D Rodney then you must be crazy

  12. So you just met this man and you expect him to tell you his plan of the future you will have together but the key part is YOU JUST MET

  13. most women that are single is the educated woman, why because of their high standards. Bible say get a husband the kind that loves god. You want a man with lot of money .Keep listening to Steve, end up alone.

  14. I agree with the 90 day rule, but for me, men 40 and up don't believe in it. They want sex immediately and want to hook up and make everything physical within days or at the longest weeks, of meeting. I hate to sound like a pessimist, but men like Steve are few and far between. Men don't believe in taking it slow.

  15. I wish women stop talking about that damn biological clock. Shut the hell up. The desperation you have to find a man is the whole reason you haven’t found one. What you force will resist. Just RELAX and the one who is meant to be in your life will arrive in due time.

  16. I think Steve just described me. LOL! I'm an eternal bachelor………………………………….except most of my close friends ARE married. :-))

  17. If a man knows what he wants before 3 months in a woman, then it don't take 3 months for a woman. She wanted to know in 3 months time not to waste, if u say we "Queens" or THINK LIKE A MAN ACT LIKE A LADY, then we should know too & not have time wasted LIKE A MAN IN THE FIELD, WE WOMEN INVEST LIKE GUYS DO WIT A PLAN SO…
    1st time commenting I hear u all da time, but something HAS to make sense in da most unrealistic way for she/he!!!

  18. Ladies! I'm going to have to disagree with Steve on this one! Dont waste 3 or 4 months on a guy, just to find out what he is really about with you! My advice – When you meet him get him into a nice long conversation where you just let him talk about himself and you just listen! If he is not a talker that's a bad sign,move on! You know that old saying give a man enough rope, he will hang himself! If he dont hang himself meaning he did'nt trip any red flags then give him two weeks. If he cant get enough of you in those two weeks without you having sex with him. Then give him two more weeks. When those two weeks is up it's time for conversation again about him and how he is feeling towards you and what he wants from the relationship with you! Guys dont need 3 or 4 months to make up their minds about how they feel about you and were they want the relationship with you to go. See if your their dream girl, they feeling it now. Them guys you got to take 3 or 4 months with , them the ones just leading you on or they got relationship issues! Yikes! This advice is especially true once your in your thirties and want to have a child. Doctors say that once a woman gets over 35 the risk of having a child with a lower IQ increases.

  19. Steve is 1000% correct. I had to close up shop. And focus on what I wanted
    Meeting for compatibility
    Courting for several months
    Confirmed relationship= No outsiders just us
    Promise ring
    Engagement ring
    Wedding ring
    We are currently moving close towards the promise 💍😁

  20. Wow , Steve!! the girl herself said that she can't commit to the same guy more than 6 months but Steve puts all the wrong on men who dated her and describes them as an eternal bachelor

  21. Can anyone advice on a Doctor who helps man " think like a woman act like a man". Cause I'm kinda tired of woman knowing how man think.

  22. This biological clock nonsense is killing women from getting the one that will make them the one. Seriously ladies ignore that damn clock and just let God take the wheel so he can drive you to the one he has created just for you. Stop using up all your worth on dudes who will never ever appreciate it.

  23. Women need to calm down… Whats the big deal w rushing hey if ur biological clock is ticking and u dnt have a man its called artificial insemination. Yes thats probably not what as a girl u wished for but its ok its better than hunting a man because of your biological clock…. Say u get married what if he is infertile, what if you are? Think bout that…. There goes the plan. Asking a guy so what do u think about marriage.. 3 months in ARE U SERIOUS!! Some day is a response not sure what is expected pop up with a calendar or a time line of your life.. Lol

  24. When, Steve gave the red flag list of the eternal bachelor. I kinda felt like, she ticked almost all of them boxes herself. I was like, what the hell is going on here.
    Aka, the checklist:
    V – smart, attractive an succesfull;
    V – history of short relationships (since she hasn't had a long relationship sice the last 10 years, one assumes (possobly wrongfully) she hasn't been waiting around these last years doing nothing. And she doesn't want to wait 3-4 months, since that's to long already)
    V – never married
    (uncertain) – not having close friends that are marrried/family people

  25. Girl entertain many guys at once. If you just interview one guy at a time this will take forever. It's just a numbers game. There are actually a lot of really great guys out there.

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