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Hi everyone welcome to my channel party decorations,
today i am sharing a very simple to make yet very unique UNICORN BIRTHDAY PARTY DECORATION
IDEA. and you can decorate your room with the same design. and the best part is you can make this awesome
unicorn birthday decoration under 5 dollars. subscribe to my channel for more awesome party
decoration ideas and press on the bell icon. lets begin with the tissue paper pom pom flower. i amp using postal shades gift tissue papers
set from dollar tree. i am going to take 5 colors sheets and 2 sheets
of each color. ie 10 tissue paper sheets in total. arrange them the way you want your pom pom
flower. then i am going to cut each color set papers
from 12” ,11”, 10”,9”& 8” as shown. to make biggest petals first fold the paper
sheet mark 12 “ and cut it now i am folding the paper in accordion folds
as shown. now fold it in the center draw a curve on
the edges and cut it. repeat the same process for rest of the colored
tissues and cut them in the defending order from 12” to 8” respectively. now open the 12” paper and overlap it with
the 11” paper and keep going on till the 8” piece as shown.adjust all the accordion
folds as shown. fold all the papers and secure it with the
balloon string or with any thread. and repeat the same to make other 2 tissue
paper pom poms. for some fun change the color sequence of gift tissue papers. this will make 3 big flowers for the unicorn
crown. now start to pull each layer of the tissues
carefully starting from the center. and you will be left with the beautiful 3
dimensional flower. now i am going to make unicorn ears. i am using colored printing papers but you
can use any colored or tinted paper, fold the pink paper draw a petal like shape
as shown and cut it. we are going to need 2 pieces.now take blue
paper fold it and use pink petal for the reference and draw a 1 inch bigger line as shown and
cut it. we need 2 blue pieces. then glue pink petal on the blue one as shown. to make it look like 3d cut 2 inches slit
in the center from bottom and stick it with glue.
to make a unicorn horn i am using golden plastic gift wrap from caller tree. cut a 20cm*20cm square piece and make a cone,
secure it with tape and cut out the excess part.i am going to make 6 different colored and shaped
leaves to fit on the unicorn crown. lets see how i made it.over lap 2 pieces of
same colored papers draw a leaf design and cut it. we need 6 leaves.to make eyelashes take A4
sized black paper draw eyelashes shape it with the help of white coloring pencil or
white crayon and cut it. i am going to stick all the unicorn decoration
on the wall with the help of wall safe scotch tape. first stick 3 tissue paper pom pom flowers,
then adjust unicorn horn and stick it on top of the center paper flower. on both the sides of horn stick ears.and paper
leaves on both the sides.stick eyelashes as shown and unicorn birthday party decoration
is ready. please subscribe to my channel for more awesome
party decoration ideas and press on the bell icon. thanks for watching.

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