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So you’re looking for some good gift ideas for Christmas for your mom for your dad Well in this video I’m gonna go over some good ideas If we’re meeting for the first time. My name is Isaac. Thanks for stopping by my channel! I’m gonna go over some great gift ideas that I spent a lot of time thinking about And I’m gonna put all the links in the description. So if you’d like to check them out, go ahead I put some of the reviews are from Amazon, but all the links are going to be linked to directly to the maker of the product not Amazon, so I’m just showing you that just so you can get an idea of how Happy people are with Them… First on the list is… The “PhoneSoap” did you know that your phone has 18 times more Bacteria and viruses than in a public restroom? Not even your, you know, personal restroom… a public restroom! And the reason that is is because our phone is like a third hand that we never wash we take it with us everywhere and it accumulates all kinds of horrible bacteria put some links in the description so you can actually see a scientific lab they take a phone in and they look at it under a microscope and compare it to a public restroom and a You know toilet city handle on the rest of it, but I’m sure you’re not surprised makes perfect sense, right, so What this product does is it’s a little shell that you put your phone in and it closes And it uses what’s called UVC light and it just zaps all the bacteria 99.9% of all these horrible Bacterial diseases are killed. I believe it’s about 15 minutes So phone soap offers a few products the standard phone soap It’s called the phone soap 3 now And that’s the one I just mentioned you just put your phone in plug it in and charges it and cleans it then they have the phone soap go which is just like a Battery bank and what it does is you charge it one time and you? Can use it to recharge your phone three to four times more without plugging it in And of course, it will also sanitize it now their other product is called the phone so Wireless so Basically, just like the regular phone soap except you don’t have to plug it in To the phone. So once the phone’s in the case You’ll have to plug it in to charge it not with the wireless And the last product that phones soap offers is called the phone. So Excel and this is my favorite It’s a it’s a large, you know box that you can put in tablets remote controllers pacifiers Pretty much anything you can fit in there and it’ll even charge the tablets and it has some charging ports on the exterior as well And I’m gonna put links for all those phone soaps in the description So just a super thoughtful gift in my opinion get them to the phone So get her the phone so I mean they’re gonna use it every time they use it They’re gonna think of you and they’re gonna love you for it. So number one is also Number two is a cinema portable Projector, I believe it’s three or four hundred dollars Anyone that has kids and even if you don’t have kids it’s this three inch by three inch by three inch by 3 inch Perfectly queered cube with the edges are rounded off. It comes preloaded with about 500 hours of content Primarily for kids but you can watch anything on there from your phone You just plug your phone in and you can watch Netflix Amazon Prime Pretty much, you know anything you can imagine on the Projector so then it will project it onto the wall or up. You’re on an airplane It’ll project it onto the in front of you. It’s just so handy so can be And if you have kids, it’s just another huge benefit plus It doesn’t hurt the eyes of your kids as much because you know when we’re looking at a screen The screen hurts our eyes, but since this really isn’t a screen it’s projecting it onto the wall It doesn’t hurt your eyes as much at all So number two is the sin of mood. Now number three is a product if you have anyone in your life or even yourself need to have some hair loss and Tanning products this company call it just nutritive It’s really really high reviews and I encourage you to look at the reviews on Amazon people are posting their before and after pictures where they didn’t have hair growing and then they use the product and then Voila, there’s more hair growing. So people are very very happy about this product. Plus it’s all natural So check them out. It’s called just nutrient as the company, but they have a hair growth product. They have a natural Tanning cream and much much more and they’re just a you know in my experience. I’ve used their products Just a good company. So try just nutritive for number three So number four is mix books Mix books is a great way to give a custom picture to the one you love you can upload absolutely any picture you have on your phone from google photos and Customize it and show them how much you love them. Just check this out. Okay, one second So I have a couple examples from Mick’s book that you’re gonna love so basically this was a Picture that I took from my phone You know use some filters to make it look cool for Instagram and then I used the layout app to make it You know a picture then a quote at the bottom and then so once I finished that then I uploaded it on to mix books website And I can choose what size I want what thickness I want and general How do I want it to look and this is just one awesome example of the work they do and there’s one more I want to show you that we made and you know, what’s funny about this one was I actually had This was actually given to us as a gift in my head was actually photoshopped onto here and it still looks great You can’t even really tell not that that has anything to do with it But yes, that is my family on vacation But the point is mixed books is a great gift idea. So consider that For your next gift next on the list is something called fresh books Now who is fresh books good for it’s good for anyone who has their own business Let’s say you have a friend or a family member in your life they have their own business and we all know how much of a You know hassle it can be to send invoices and receipts. Just keep track of all your business stuff fresh books Will help you with that. It basically keeps it all on a cloud-based Platform so you can keep everything organized Through the fresh books software. So I’ll put a link below for that as well. Okay, so you got Cinnamon you got just nutritive you got the phone so you got mixed books You got fresh books a couple others, you know school seasons back right now So maybe you’re looking for a gift for your your son or your daughter? That’s about to go to college Check out this place called daily steals They offer refurbished and used Laptops computer devices For way cheaper than you would normally give The only thing is, I would encourage you to read very carefully on what you’re getting because some are refurbished Some are new some are used and some don’t have warranty some do so. Just I encourage you to just You know Be aware of what you’re getting when you go daily steals And another one is reefer beats there another one. They’re offered on Amazon People are happy with them Pretty much the same thing just read carefully what you’re getting if it’s refurbished if it has a warranty if it doesn’t have warranty Now the next one on the list is something I personally really really like it’s called Gamefly So I love to play video games and you know We all spend a lot of money when we’re trying to buy them by Gamefly is kind of offering a whole new way It kind of reminds me of Netflix in a way So instead of buying the game you buy a subscription through Gamefly You can either have a one game a month subscription or I believe it’s a four game a month Subscription and basically instead of buying the game. They ship you out the game You play it as long as you want one month two month three months It really doesn’t matter and when you’re done you send it back and they send you a different game that you would like And you keep that as long as you’d like, so instead of buying a game Never play again. You just read the game play it till you’re done Send it back in a different one and they have games for every system Xbox Playstation you name it and They also have a plan for I believe three or four games a month So you can really have all the games you want and not actually have to buy them So I believe that would be a great gift for someone in your life that loves video games Maybe it’s your son or daughter next gift idea. You can get for the one in your life that you love for Christmas Or their birthday or you know, whatever other holiday Get him something from DJI Now DJI is a great company. They offer drones They offer they offer this really cool Action cam like the GoPro they offer this really cool camera called the DJI, Osmo mobile and the DJI Osmo pocket and I own three of them and I just can’t tell you how much I love them and Anyone in your life you give them something from DJI. They’re just kind of lovely for us so I’m gonna play a couple clips so you can see the DJI gift ideas meet Osmo pockets a Compact stabilized smart camera that was made to fit in every moment Osmo pocket puts the power of stable camera movement in the palm of your hand allowing you to capture cinematic video anywhere anytime A compact 3 axis gimbal eliminates shake and jitter giving you smooth video Osmel pocket is also your own camera crew the versatile extension rod gives you even more control of your shot in Selfie mode the camera automatically enters phase track keeping you in the shot as you explore your surroundings For filming all your friends active track is now more intuitive than ever Simply tap on the subject and the camera follows its every move Put your audience at the front of the action fpv mode captures a more dynamic perspective Following the gimbals orientation smoothly for fast-moving shot pretty cool. Huh? So you have the DJI Mavic pro It may sound crazy but you can do this to all of it it’s easy How do we know because we’ve made it easy at DJI? we created the flying camera as you know it and There’s a good chance that the drone videos you’ve seen online or shot with one of our cameras this time We started small so you can dream big we created your first personal throne But we’re still squeezing in big powers It automatically follows you or whatever you want without a bracelet or tracker Avoids obstacles and comes packed with a 4k stabilized camera 27 minute flight time and a whole lot more This is the DJI Matic pro and this is the DJI maverick pro unfolded To make it this small we have to rip out a ton of cool stuff right now it’s got 24 high performance computing cores dual satellite connectivity an All-new transmission system with a 4.3 mile range for vision sensors and more sound complicated It’s not it’s easy. The Mavic knows where it takes off from where it is in the air where it’s going and what is captured When you take off the Mavic uses 2 vision sensors and connects with up to 20 satellites Also it can remember your location. This means the Mavic knows where home is so it can return by itself precision landing technology Means it can land almost exactly where you took off at the touch of a button as you fly Satellite systems keep track of you working in harmony with all four vision sensors telling it what’s below and what’s in front whether you are flying beside a cliff in a forest or even indoors just Like you Maddux sees and thinks that means it can avoid the things in its path from trees to walls Any good flying camera needs stabilization the Maddux expertly miniaturized gimble teach the entire camera steady Unlike electronic stabilization you use every pixel from the sensor and you don’t have the weight of a bulky add-on cannon Shooting an epic tracking shot of a friend is easy Active track technology needs it just takes a few taps Not just one kind of tracking shot either. It’s got spotlight Profile and trace or use tap light to tap and fly Terrain follow mode keeps the Mavic at a height you define as the ground Rises so you can focus on your shot You’re not your height Everything can be controlled using the gamepad sized controller. You can keep in your pocket It opens up to clamp around your phone and has been custom engineered to give you more feedback and more accuracy You will always feel in control If you don’t want to bother with the controller fly using virtual joysticks right from your phone over Wi-Fi Whether you fly with the remote controller or just your phone active track modes are ready to make you shoot like a pro Want to be on camera not behind it. It just takes a wave and a gesture Then there’s the new DJI goggle Strap these on to really feel like you’re flying Combine them with sport mode to get your pulse pumping while you fly at an incredible 40 miles per hour Once you’ve got your shots Edit everything together the DJI go and share or even stream your flight live to Facebook or YouTube inspiration can strike from the smallest thing a sketch a feeling and Experience the Mavic has been designed for you to take it anywhere ready at a moment’s notice Whenever inspiration strikes you to create something truly great DJI Matic where ever you go And then you have the DJI Osmo mobile 2, which is what I’m using to actually shoot this So you can get them something from DJI and I’m gonna put the links in the description Okay, two other products one is from sa code They offer all kinds of cool face shields outdoors equipment performance Fishing apparel face shields outerwear gear for men and women by a variety of outdoor clothing So Sao is all outdoor clothing oriented They’re just really down to earth cool people check out the link below and pick up a face shield Next this is a cool product If you have a pet that urinates on the clothing You just can’t get that smell out. Plus you want something natural? Look no further than odor cleanse the reviews on this are top-notch I’m going to put the link in the description and you can check out the reviews. Well, thank you so much for watching I hope you got some great gift ideas. All the links will be in the description And if you enjoyed this video give me a thumbs up, and I will see you next time. Bye. Bye

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