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The 80s sex symbol, actor Mark Harmon is still
on a roll, playing the leading role of agent Leroy Gibbs in NCIS. But what happened to his wife’s career? Before their marriage, Pam Dawber was a promising
actress, shining bright in front of the cameras. Is it true that these talented and ambitious
actors couldn’t get along under the same roof and one had to step back? Find out in our video! Mark Harmon’s background predicted him a great
future. Growing up in a family of a famous athlete
and a beautiful actress he came across as a charismatic, intelligent and handsome man. He never felt the lack of women’s attention. Maybe the fact that when he met Pam at a party
and she did not try to flirt with him made Mark so interested in her. Pam charmed Harmon not only with her mysterious
behaviour but also with her beauty. She used to be a highly successful model. Dawber moved to New York, making 50, 000 a
year shooting for Sears, Neet and Tupperware ads. But she decided to set modelling aside and
started auditioning as an actress. Of course, Pam didn’t have much acting experience,
though one lucky chance changed her life. Her absorbing personality fascinated the producers
and she gained a role in Mork and Mindy. That was the starting point of her career,
followed by huge success in My Sister Sam. While her fame was growing, her personal life
wasn’t as lucky. She was in relationships with ski pro Weems
Westfeldt and top model Phil Coccioletti. But these were not the kind of men she was
really looking for. She was around 36 and love failures were chasing
her around. After a tiring working day on a set, Pam dropped
by a friend’s party. She got introduced to Mark Harmon. Her career was swiftly moving up, while Mark
was only starting to gain popularity. He was stunned with her charm and their romance
explosively seethed right away. Mark, who was already in his 30’s felt ready
to start a family. But Pam wasn’t eager to rush into family
life. Maybe she had a feeling that at some point
she had to choose between a career and a family. Standing in the kitchen in her old home, Dawber
was terrified to leave it all. She had lived alone for so long. How hard would it be to change her life now? Pam was working hard at a successful career. But with the birth of her first son, taking
care of her family became a priority. The number of filming offers went down, while
Pam was investing all her time in her baby. She was still thinking of returning to work
but her second pregnancy 3 years later changed that plan. Dawber got absolutely absorbed by her kids
and home. She let her husband to pursue his dreams and
build an acting career. And her endeavors were justified. Mark is the star of NCIS and continues to
steal women’s hearts from the television screen. He won the People’s Choice Award twice for
his role as agent Gibbs But Pam probably won’t play big roles anymore. At first glance, Pam and Mark are a perfect
happy couple. But who knows whether Dawber does not regret
the decision of leaving her career. Let us know what you think about her choosing
between a career and family happiness in the comments below. Thanks for watching. Click on the Ossa icon to subscribe to our
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  2. Interesting …i was a working mom ..and do at times wish i could have stayed home with them more..but we all got bills and we all have a story . uk nana .ov grandsons ❤

  3. I grew up with Mork & Mindy, I give her credit for putting something else before herself. Family is priority one.
    Kenneth Grimes

  4. I think you can’t stand the idea that they are a happy couple content in their choices. Your last comment proved that to me.

  5. No amount of success can compensate for failure in the home. Look around Hollywood and we all see failure. Pam did what was best for her family. Huge Applause to her. I wish them many more years of a happiness.

  6. If you have love of Mark Harmon, why would you want anything else? Guess I'm just envious but I expect that she is still pulling in royalties from Mork & Mindy and does not have to work for financial reasons so I believe she made the choice that was more important to her. So many women today would love to be able to take care of their family and not get paid outside of the home but for financial reasons they have no choice and have to do both.

  7. what a pathetic view in your bias video, wake up women want children and child birth they plan thier lives around it we are inly in their lives as a resource.

  8. I gave up teaching to raise my three kids while my husband was a pipefitter journyman.no regrets here.I went back to work when they graduated highschool.they're all college graduates and I have one granddaughter.I'm happy as I can be with my decision.

  9. This is a trashy pot stirring video filled with presumption and arrogance. Actors are entitled to their privacy.
    Pam didn't "step back" she stepped up. As far as I'm concerned they have both been enormously successful in their chosen careers.

  10. Being an actor/actress is a job that pays the bills, just like any other career. Some make it a lifestyle and they become a part of the Hollywood insanity. Obviously, Pam and Mark kept it in perspective and did what normal couples do…face life, with all it's ups and downs, together. The word "may" seems to be a key word in journalistic speculation. I doubt she regrets anything as far as her choices, given her options, in life.

  11. If she wanted a career in TV and the movies she wouldn't have let nothing stop her and there's nothing wrong with choosing family over fame I admire her

  12. considering they are still togetther, and they are not making any bad news, all the power to her i always liked her and love him most of the people in hollywood divorce when ever they find someone better but there is an article on you tube about 30 of the longest relationships, hollywood people who are still together with the loves of their lives and they made the list so all cant be that bad

  13. I think she knew that being a wife and mother was a better calling than working out of the house. Not all women need to work and I’m sure they decided as a couple to make family a priority.

  14. Good for her! As a real feminist, not a femi-Nazi, I think women have the right to chose any life that makes them happy. There is no more honor in choosing the workplace than there is in choosing home and family.

  15. She wouldn’t still be married to the man if she didn’t care about him and want to put your family first

  16. Great choice. Being a wife and mother is underrated in society yet it is the most rewarding non paid profession that brings joy daily and over time.

  17. I grew up watching her…so incredibly talented and just awesome☺👍👏. I wonder if Rebecca's death also scared her away from the business and spotlight. That had to have been so beyond devastating for her.

  18. The video is BS….they are both adults who made choices and they both seem to be very happy with those choices.

  19. Family or career? Family. The parent has an opportunity that's only once-in-a-lifetime, to be the primary caregiver in his/her child's life. Building the relationship with one's own children is a great reward. The only regret is if you lose that chance to be a part of your child's growing up. I was a stay-at-home mom. It was my favorite job!!

  20. Glad she made the life choices that were right for her. Their marriage has stood the test of time so I guess their decisions have made them and their children happy. But all this is common knowledge. There is no "Untold Truth" here! In fact, there is a lot more to this story that EVERYONE knows and you didn't even include the most public details in this silly video. In fact, you inserted catty and unfounded innuendo about how unhappy Pam Dauber "must" be because she "sacrificed" her career for something as paltry as her marriage and children. Disgusting. In the end, you didn't provide any new information and even asked the viewers to provide their subjective opinion on a matter they aren't qualified to comment on. Won't be subscribing and won't be watching any more OSSA vids.

    In case anyone wants to see the REAL story from people who actually WORKED to produce a truthful and informative video, just go here and find out the REAL story of Pam Dawber – some of it in her own words: https://youtu.be/fw1IL_UYSSc

  21. Better to watch Pam Dawber: An Intimate Portrait to learn the real life story of Pam Dawber. Also, take a look at her appearance on the Late, Late Show in 2014. This video is completely misleading and inaccurate. Don’t waste your time.

  22. I believe Pam is happy she chose "family" instead of crazy "Hollywood" They are two beautiful looking people who are happy together.

  23. I was on complete disability before I had my first child. My illness has been quite a struggle, but I am so grateful that I was able to be a SAHM! Even as a single parent, I was able to be a Full Time Mom. I can't imagine how anyone could take a 6 week old baby and drop it off at daycare.
    I have friends who as single mothers, had their children raised by daycare. And you can see it in the behavior of their children! Kids need one on one attention.
    The Dauber-Harmons surely could have afforded nannies, which is preferable to daycare, but is not the same as having a parent in the home.

  24. Pam already stated in another interview that it was her choice to stay home with her kids, she said she figured that one famous parent would be enough. .


  26. It’s not that simple…her co-star in “My Sister Sam” was brutally murdered by a stalker. I can only imagine that looming in her mind after she had her 1st child. No career is worth burying your kids.

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