Update 0.8.11. New Year Celebrations in World of Warships

Captains, the celebration
of the most cozy, bright, and family-friendly holiday
is starting in World of Warships! That’s why Update 0.8.11 will bring you a multitude of gifts,
surprises, and valuable rewards. You can expect the return
of New Year’s Snowflakes, a celebratory collection,
gift containers, and—you’ll build your own ship! The new Update starts with gifts! After you enter the game for
the first time in Update 0.8.11, make sure to visit the Armory. Two Santa’s Gift containers
will be waiting for you there. You’ll find two more
on the barge in the Port. They hold in-game items,
valuable resources, and chances
to obtain a Premium ship. Could it truly be considered
New Year without Snowflakes? The seasonal feature that’s much-loved
by all Captains is returning to the game! The first victory in Update 0.8.11
playing Tier V–VII ships will bring you
vital and useful Coal; a successful battle
playing Tier VIII–IX ships will reward you
with valuable Steel; and, finally, a battle
won playing a Tier X ship will deliver you
a Santa’s Gift container. Don’t forget about
the celebratory Directives— completing them will bring
you a mountain of rewards. The main reward is Tier VII
Premium cruiser Gorizia. The Italian ship
has many advantages: semi-armor-piercing shells,
perfect maneuverability, convenient ballistics,
and Exhaust Smoke Generator. Another important addition
is Hydroacoustic Search with an operating
range of 6 kilometers. You’ll be happy to know
that you can get the ships after completing just three
out of the seven Directives. Gorizia will provide you with access
to some celebratory combat missions, which will help you add the
following Tier VI researchable ships to your collection: Furious,
Izmail, Guépard, and Trento. But that’s not all! In addition to Gorizia, completing Directives will bring
you an impressive amount of Coal, a permanent New Year camo
for most Tier VIII ships, Santa’s Gift containers,
and more than 2,000 Steel. The Directives will also
bring you special containers holding elements
of the Shipbuilding collection. The collection offers insights into the main stages and
elements of constructing warships, using the example of
a US cruiser of the World War II era. The reward for completing each section
of the collection is Premium Account time; the reward for completing the entire
collection is a Santa’s Big Gift container. Now, let’s talk about the most
important novelty—building the ship! Update 0.8.11 will bring
the Dockyard to your Port. It’s here that Tier X US heavy
cruiser Puerto Rico will be laid down. The shipbuilding process
will continue automatically. However, if you want
to complete work on it in time, you’ll need to improve your Dockyard. Building boosters will be available
in exchange for Shipbuilding Tokens— a new temporary resource type that
can be obtained from Daily Shipments or for completing
Directives and Daily Challenges. Boosters will also be available
in exchange for doubloons. They will help you build the ship and supply you with Santa’s Big
Gift containers at the same time! Captains, don’t stockpile
Shipbuilding Tokens— make sure to immediately exchange them
for boosters so they can start working. Even if you don’t wish
to have Puerto Rico in your Port, you can still obtain rewards
for completing shipbuilding stages. The rewards are Santa’s Gift containers,
Premium Account time, Coal, Steel, and permanent
camos for Tier VIII ships. After completing all the stages, you’ll get the heavy cruiser
with a unique celebratory camo. You can read more details about the
Dockyard and Puerto Rico on our website. The New Year’s Season of Ranked Sprints
can be considered the most unusual one. Players will fight in one-on-one duels
with Tier VIII ships in Domination mode. Battles will be held on familiar,
but reduced-in-size maps to make battles of the new
format more convenient and dynamic. The rewards are worthy as always—
credits, signals, and Coal. Another novelty
is the Captain’s Logbook. This will allow you to enjoy
an overview of your collection and identify any elements
you haven’t obtained yet. It consists of five sections: Ships, Commanders,
Camouflages, Flags, and Patches. Each of the sections will help you learn
about the available items in the game. Now, let’s speak
about Commanders— Günther Lütjens is ready to stand at
the helm of one of your German ships. He makes a nice fit for all ship
types, including aircraft carriers, and has four unique talents:
Secondary Armament Expert, Iron Strike, Exemplary
Reconnaissance, and Air Superiority. Each of them activates upon
obtaining specific ribbons in battle and are most effective
for one of the ship types. In addition, Lütjens possesses
the enhanced Preventive Maintenance, Expert Marksman,
and Improved Engine Boost skills. The Commander comes complete with
a guidon, colored tracers, and flares. Günther Lütjens will be available
in exchange for Coal in the Armory. The celebratory Update brings both balance tweaks
and technical improvements. I’d like to highlight the following: the accuracy of all German
battleships has been improved, the damage dealt by Midway’s
torpedo bombers has been increased, and Salem’s radar
now operates for longer. We are continuing to improve
the lighting and visuals of the maps. New visuals have been also applied
to the Hamburg and Marseille Ports. Additionally, we’ve improved the
downloading speed of the game client and updated the loading screen. A few words about the New Year
gifts for readers of our website. When you visit the website and
read any articles you find interesting, look for special buttons within them
to obtain three types of signals: Zulu, Papa Papa, and
Equal Speed Charlie London. Reading all the articles
dedicated to the Update will refill your stock of signals. Today, I’ve told you about only the
most important changes and novelties that await you in the
run up to the New Year. You can find the complete
information about all the activities, events, surprises, and gifts
of Update 0.8.11 on our website. I’m Dasha Perova, I wish you
all the best for the New Year— happiness, health, love,
luck in opening containers, and well-deserved victories, Captains!

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  1. More about New Year activities here!
    NA: https://worldofwarships.com/news/general-news/new-year-2020-event/
    EU: https://worldofwarships.eu/news/general-news/new-year-2020-event/
    SEA: https://worldofwarships.asia/news/general-news/new-year-2020-event/

  2. Maybe have an a actual discount on premium time like we used to . We used to get half off on premium time for the holidays … now we barely get 10%… not a good deal compared

  3. I've noticed I don't really care about getting resources, premium ships etc.
    But a permanent camouflage is a dream Christmas present. The feeling of not paying less each game is much better than any premium.

  4. Well, this is one heck of an update. Guess it's another multitasking month.
    Though premium time and a lootbin for the NY collection, instead of premium camo or alternate camo textures + two flags for [insert nation]? Ehh.

  5. the idea of building a ship in your own shipyard is seriously cool. I kinda wish they had always done this for all ships.

  6. I hope there will be a way to watch the ships being constructed, so you can see what happened in construction even when not in the game. It looks cool! GrayPanther2018 NA.

  7. It would have been exciting if Dasha was cosplay dressed as Rosie the Riveter for the next update. That would be icing on the cake in support of the new shipbuilding event. BTW Dasha, I wish you health, happiness, and success to you too for the New Year. Happy Holidays. And the same goes for the WG staff 🎄🎁🥂

  8. so for the christmas containers, can we only buy those in the armory now? or can we also buy them directly from the website?

  9. Are the Russian ships going to get any kind of love during the holidays like being able to shoot a little farther than 18km. They just got there nerfs. I don't get It World of Warships always a ton of people trying to ruining my ships and getting them nerfed………….

  10. Might as well plan on putting German Commander Günther Lütjens in the U.S. ship Puerto Rico.
    Impossible you say?
    So is getting either the ship or the Captain unless you do nothing else 24/7.

  11. So we get the SIEGFRIED with the update 🙂
    Or is there an easter egg for christmas ? Minute 05:40 🙂
    All the best WG Team – thank you for all the love for the game!
    Go on like this!

  12. Nerf the Carriers please! Buff khaba fire range (14,5 – 15,2) and 10km torps. Get back old Yueyang and Chung Mu. Buff Kleber and Mogador concealment to versión 1.0 (6,5km – 6,4km).

  13. what happens when the ship is finished? because if I spend gold to speed it up, when Puerto Rico does all of that go away for when the next one comes around?
    I want to know if the upgrades that where bought with gold will stay for the next one.

  14. So t10 ships get fucked and get a Santa Container with cammos in it (most likely). Way to go WG. I DO NOT was Santa Containers, and imagine 99% of players would rather have steel like t8 and t9 ships.

  15. I have some question that curious me about this update:
    1.How long Puerto Rico will built to complete the ship if:
    A.Build her without booster or anything
    B.Build her with maximum booster and enhancement
    Can anyone can give me a estimation time to build this ship ?
    2.Can anyone tell how many chance that i will have a premium ship in that gift container ?
    3.Will you bring back the Legion of Honor and Regina Marina collection container back please?I really miss both the container for my incompleted collection ?

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