US & UK Holiday Traditions 🎄 How do Jennifer and Emma celebrate Christmas? 🎅

Hi everyone! I’m Jennifer from English
with Jennifer, and I have a very special holiday lesson for you. I’ve invited Emma
from Pronunciation with Emma to join me. Emma has her own YouTube channel for
English language learners, and she’s very popular and very well-liked on Instagram.
I’ll let Emma say hi herself. Hello there. My name is Emma, and I’m from the channel
Pronunciation with Emma. I focus on British pronunciation and accents. I also
focus on some vocabulary, some grammar, some slang, and idioms that are used in the UK. So if all of that sounds like your cup of tea, then Jennifer should
have left a link in the description. Anyway, thank you, Jennifer, for inviting
me on your channel. Today we’re going to talk about some traditions here in the
U.K. related to Christmas. We do have another video on my channel where we
also talked about more traditions. There will be a quiz at the end of my video as well. Hopefully, that is somewhere in the description below, so go and check that
out too. As you can hear, Emma has lovely British
English, and I think it’s going to be very useful for you to hear both our
accents in this lesson. Learn with both of us and become more confident about
using English as a global language. You can subscribe to both our channels. I’ll put all our social media links in the video description. We’ve planned an
extra-special treat for you. Emma and I are going to answer a few
questions about the December holidays in this video. Then for more language practice, you can go to Emma’s channel and watch another video with more Q&A.
You’ll get to learn about how we celebrate the December holidays in the
U.S. and in the U.K. We’ll be testing your listening skills.
How well do you understand American and British English? We’ll see. At the end of
this video, I’ll quiz you to see how much you can remember, so listen closely. Okay? So, I’m not actually a big fan of Christmas films and Christmas movies. We call them films here in the U.K, but there is one that comes to mind, and it’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. So The
Nightmare Before Christmas is about Jack Skeleton, and he kidnapped Santa Claus. I
really liked it when I was child, and I still like it now, which is quite unusual
because normally our tastes change as we get older. But no, I still enjoy it, and I
think maybe one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much is because it’s quite
unique. It is a stop-motion animation. It is not
like a drawing animation. It doesn’t use real people, so it’s really quite different and quite unusual and very dark, so I definitely recommend it. I love holiday movies and if I had more time, I’d probably spend quite a lot of it on
the couch with my kids. We’ve seen Home Alone more than a dozen times. Polar
Express, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, A Christmas Story…those are also some of our favorites. I have a soft spot for Miracle on 34th Street. It’s a classic.
But my personal favorite is a romantic comedy with Sandra Bullock. While You
Were Sleeping. So one typical tradition that we had in
my family when we were growing up was that my mum would put up the tree twelve
days before Christmas and take it down twelve days after because if she didn’t, she believed it would be bad luck. And that’s quite common here in the U.K., so we used to help her put up the tree. I have two younger brothers, and so we used to help
her out, and we would put the tinsel and the lights and the baubles on the tree
with her. I always look forward to putting up the Christmas tree. We have an artificial one, and we carefully assemble it one branch at a time. We play
Christmas music while we do that. The best part is putting on all the
ornaments because each one is connected to a memory. Chocolate. It’s the obvious one, I think.
But I also associate certain types of biscuits. So, for example, I associate
shortbread, which is a very buttery tasting biscuit from Scotland, and we
have that in England as well. That’s very typical at Christmas and very easy to
make as well, but, yes, chocolates and sweets. Those are the biggest things I
associate with Christmas. Also, meat and nut roasts along with vegetables. That’s
very typical as well. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a sweet tooth. I love to bake around the holidays, and for me, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas
without cookies. When the kids were little, they left milk and cookies on the
table for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, and Santa always left a thank-you note. So how well did you understand? How much can you remember? We’ll see. Take a short quiz. Question 1. Which one of us enjoys
holiday movies more, Emma or me? The answer is me. All right. That was easy, so here’s a follow up question. Emma mentioned one holiday movie she enjoys. Do you remember which one it was? The Nightmare Before Christmas. Question 2. When did Emma’s mother put up the Christmas tree? Do you remember her tradition? She put it up twelve days before Christmas. And she took it down when? Twelve days after Christmas. Question 3. Which holiday food do we
both like? Cookies! We just call them by different names. Emma calls them biscuits. I say cookies, but they’re still the same sweet baked good. Here in the States, we
have so many different kinds of Christmas cookies. That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed listening to Emma and me talk about how we celebrate the
December holidays. Remember to head over to Pronunciation with Emma here on
YouTube for more listening practice. We made another holiday Q&A video for
you. I’ll put the link in the video description. You can subscribe to Emma and follow her on Instagram. It’s good practice to train your ears to hear
different accents. You should become comfortable listening to either American
or British English. Again all her social media links will be in the video
description. If you enjoyed this lesson, please like and share this video. As
always, thanks for watching and happy studies! And of course, happy holidays to
you all! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, I’ll soon be on Hallo, so download the app and follow me. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my channel, so you get notification of every new video I upload to YouTube.

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  1. Hi everyone! I've had a great time collaborating with Emma, and we hope you enjoy our DOUBLE PREMIERE today, December 19. Emma will share her video first at 2:30 p.m. (Boston)/ 7:30 p.m. (UK). Then come back here at 3:00 p.m. (Boston)/ 8:00 p.m. (UK) for my my premiere. See you later!

  2. In the holiday, I'm going to watch all the movies I've missed😭😭: The joker, Frozen vol2 , Jumanji the next level, and more….. I've been so bussy!😫

  3. I feel more comfortable with American English.
    British English is not my cup of tea.😓
    I wish you'd made the video more longer.

  4. In my country in the Philippines, during Christmas Eve we usually have "Lechon Baboy" which is the whole pig barbecue at the same in the New Year but here in Korea we just have simple preparation like cakes and some foods. By the way, Thanks Jennifer and Emma for sharing about your holiday celebration. Merry Christmas in advance enjoy your holiday both.

  5. Hi Jennifer. Merry Christmas.
    As a non-native English speaker, I don't know why I understand standard American English more than the British one, maybe because I'm used to watching American films, programs, YouTube channels, etc….
    If I watch a movie that its characters speak American accent, I can understand the majority of conversations. However, there are some local words and idioms being used that are somehow difficult. Besides, there are some films and series that use more understandable language than others, such as friends series, but when it comes to British movie, I feel like I'm listening to another language.

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