USACE Europe Commemorates the 75th Anniversary of the Remagen Bridge Crossing

Hi, I’m Colonel John Baker. I’m the
commander for the US Army Corps of Engineers Europe District. Behind me is the
remains of the Ludendorff bridge in Remagen, Germany. This is the site of a
river crossing that was the first done by Allied forces in World War Two across
the Rhine River. Seventy-five years ago today on March 7, 1945, American forces seized the
bridge intact and today I had the honor and privilege to represent the US Army
at the 75th anniversary of this event. This event was significant because by
seizing an intact bridge it spared Allied forces from having to do a very
complex and costly river crossing operation against German forces. Also by
seizing this bridge it expedited and hastened the end of the war, thus
securing the peace earlier and allowing us to begin rebuilding and repairing

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