USCIS Marriage Fraud Interview Tips: Overcome the Interview, Immigration Lawyer in California

In this video, we’re going to talk about 10
tips for surviving a fraud marriage interview. Stay tuned. Hi everybody. My name is Jacob Sapochnick and I’m an immigration
attorney based in San Diego, California. We get a lot of questions. People are getting summoned to second interviews
after a filing their marriage petitions. I’ve decided to do this video to explain some
things to make the process a bit easier for couples that are going through this process,
how, what to do and how to repair. Here are 10 tips that can help you survive
as stokes interview, a second interview. Number one. Number one is be honest with yourself, with
your partner, and with your lawyer. It’s very important that anything that happens,
you have to be honest about the process, you know, whether, um, you don’t have enough documents
or whatever it is, be honest before that interview because once you get in there, it’s very difficult
to change anything. It’s important to be honest with yourself,
with your spouse, and with your lawyer. Tip number two, make sure that you prepare
all the documents the week before the interview so you can go back and forth with your attorney,
with your spouse to understand what’s in the case. Sometimes you have to show them bona fides
of your marriage documents, joint bills, accounts, pictures, things like that. Make sure you prepare everything in advance
so you feel comfortable with the documents when they ask you to show them, you are able
to find them very easily in the in the pile instead of fumbling for everything and losing
track. It’s very important to be prepared at least
a week before the interview. Make sure you have everything ready. Tip number three, never ever try to lie or
invent information at that interview. It’s better to be honest and say, I don’t
remember than inventing things because it’s worse to say … they’ll say that you lie
to them or charge you with misrepresentation than just say, listen, officer, I really don’t
remember. I just can’t answer this question. I just don’t remember it. It’s very important to be honest and just
say to remember, instead of inventing facts, tip number five, make sure that when you enter
the interview, you are comfortable and facing the officer, looking them in the eye instead
of looking at the ground or looking away, look at the officer, be comfortable and let
them finish the questions before you answer. Many, many cases. I was present interviews where clients were
answering information that was not even asked. You know things that they thought the officer
as which makes things look odd. Listen to the question of the officer and
only then answer. It’s very important because they also want
to make sure that you understand and if you don’t understand, really ask them to repeat
the question. Tip number six. It’s very important that at the time of the
interview you are familiar with the situation around you. You understand that you’re here at an interview. This is not a chatty conversation. You are there. It’s a government procedure, so you are there
to tell the truth, to be honest and your there also to convince the government that this
is a real marriage. When you go there, you behave in a way that
is natural, so don’t over touch your spouse, don’t over pretend that you are in a loving
relationship. Behave like you behave in any normal setting. It’s very important because the officer will
pick on that. I had cases where couples walk in there and
in my office they’re so cold and quiet and it just is there a nature. That is a culture, but at the interview they
try to be over affectionate. There’s no need for that because the officers
will pick on that energy, have the same energy you have at home, at the interview. It’s an official interview so act and give
that respect to that interview. Tip Number eight, remember that you have rights
as well. Sometimes the immigration officer may be harsh. Sometimes they feel that something is going
on and sometimes they’re trying to do their job. They are trying to find a fake marriages and
sometimes they’re not always right. There are cases where they’ll try to separate
you and they’ll try to put some pressure on the U.S. citizen spouse. They may say read the I130 form loud. You sign here. We don’t think it’s a real marriage. You need to be there on this case. If this is a real marriage in your there and
you try to fight your rights to get this case approved, intimidation by the government,
you don’t have to fall under that pressure. If they try to intimidate you, sign something
and you don’t feel that comfortable, you can always say, officer, I want to talk to my
attorney. I don’t want to sign this. This is your right. Remember, if you know you’re right and they
try to put pressure on you, you do not have to sign anything and you have the right to
stop the interview at anytime and speak with your attorney. Tip number nine, always and always be courteous
and polite to the government, whether it’s the officer they interviewed, the supervisor,
communication afterwards, any requests for evidence, make sure that you maintain professional
courtesy and polite because the worst thing can happen to you is that you’re in an interview
and you treat the officer with bad faith and disrespect than most likelihood is that they’re
not going to be there on your side and they’re going to be more inclined to not be helpful. Always be respectful to the government officers
at the interviewer or anywhere else. Tip number 10, remember in fraud interviews
there, the purpose of government is to determine whether the marriage is real or not, so they
have their structures for those interviews in many ways. Therefore, they follow a similar format. They want to understand what you’re doing
at the day of the interview. They will ask you questions about maybe the
weekend before. They may ask you questions about how you met
and they were going to repeat those questions several times throughout the interview to
see if you’re confused or whatever. It’s important to be aware that it’s a particular
format for this fraud interview, that you have to be aware that it’s not just the chitty-chatty
conversation. They’ll be asking you certain things about
the day before, the weekend before, a full day description of what you’ve done, both
sides and they’ll separate you. They’re going to write it down. It’s very important, again, to be mindful
of what kind of interview it is, be prepared and always, always remember, you can always
stop the interview if things don’t go well and consult your attorney. I hope those tips were helpful and if you
have any questions, please post them in the comments below and we’ll do more of those
based on your questions and your concerns. My email is [email protected] . You can email
me as well with your questions. I look forward to seeing you at our next video. Thanks for watching.

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  1. I got marry with my spouse March 2, 2017 it was a fraud marriage as they call it a sham. She was from the Philippines Manila. She divorced me November 15, 2018 which is good for me because there is a very short marriage she receive her permanent green card on July 26, 2018
    Last week I reported her to US CIS via email that’s what immigration requested me to do and that’s the only thing they wanted me to do is just an email do you recommend anything else other than that . Can anybody hear advise me how this will unfold I want her revoke her petition .her fake ass needs to go back to 🇵🇭 Philippines 🤣ASAP if it is true love have her show it and wait about 5 years.its not worth it. Mary citizen of the USA 🇺🇸

  2. My husband and I have an age difference . I’m 24 he’s 59 . Our marriage is real and we’re confident but I know is a red flag . Any recommendations ??

  3. This information is good to know. My husband just got his receipt from the government saying they're going to use his previous biometric fingerprints, so he does not have to get more done. We've waited 10 months since mailing his adjustment of status form for the aforementioned receipt. We are wondering how long processing will take before we find out any further information. Do all applicants and spouses get the fraud interview? We aren't worried, but we do want to be prepared.

  4. I don't understand this world some people's r so much nice and at the same time to much people's becomes so rude. Amazing.

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