Using Auto-Tune in Fun Ways (Song + Vlog)

*singing* Don’t want to be in love love love Hello! My name is Roomie, I’m a Swedish singer song writer. And today i’m gonna sing a song for you guys where I use auto-tune in weird ways And as always when I do something like this That isn’t self explanatory Like playing the guitar and singing or what not. I’m gonna explain exactly what’s going on so you guys can enjoy it more. BLLLLLLAAAAAAAWWWWRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that sound familiar? That is auto-tune. It’s a vocal effect that’s been around since 1997 Auto-tune is used on practically all pop singers Nowadays to make their vocals sound better it’s the photoshop of singing if You will However, using auto-tune to give singers Robot-like perfect pitch is the old, boring way To use auto-tune In the song i’m about to sing to you guys, i’m gonna use it in a few ways that are much more creative. And much more fun Pitch shifting You can use auto-tune to pitch your voice Way Down ! – So, you sound like a demon Or way up, So you sound like you just got hit in the balls. (lol) Vibrato You can use auto-tune to add really weird Fake vibrato to your voice, like this ahhhhhhhh AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaHhHhHhHhHH (the sound when You are in a massage) Keyboard Lastly, you can use a keyboard to control to what pitch auto-tune takes your voice And that means that i can sing something on one note. For example, like *Singing* Girl you’re so fine, and I wish You were mine. And, then i can control it with a keyboard. And, make another melody out of it. Like *Singing in auto-tune* Girl you’re so fine! and i wish you were mine! So that’s pretty cool, I’m not gonna use it like this I’m gonna use it to make a harmonizing vocal thing, So i’m gonna sing one melody. And then i’m gonna spit it into two tracks. And one of them I will control with the keyboard To make a harmonizing vocal thing Ha This is my song “Miss You” In my dreams, Every night. Yeah, I miss you. I don’t call, I don’t write. But, i miss you. You’re perfect, Fit me like a glove. But i don’t wanna be in love Took a shot at your face But i missed you Don’t wanna be in love love love Don’t wanna be in love love love Don’t wanna be in love love love looooooooooooooooooooooooooove Try to get you off my mind, But i miss you I can’t work, way behind. But, i miss you. You’re perfect, fit me like a glove. But i don’t wanna be in love Tried to stab you in the back, But i missed you. Don’t wanna be in love love love Don’t wanna be in love love love Don’t wanna be in love love love loooooooooooooooove hmp haha Hello, again. If you wanna see more of my videos, Click here for a playlist with all of them. And if you wanna see my future videos *whispering* there are some good ones coming up. Then you should subscribe here on Youtube. Or you can subscribe to my Roomie on my member list as well. On the roomie member list, I also send out free mp3s of all the songs i make here. By the way, I’ve started to live chat and sing to you guys pretty much everyday on Younow. So, follow me there. And, I also upload more frequently on my second channel JoelBergHult You can see it, there And, I will upload some gaming stuff. And, you know.. Stuff like that. On that channel If you like gaming Which, i guess most of Youtube does nowadays. So i’m gonna do that. And, i will see you guys later. Still working on the EP by the way. Oh my god!, I’m making this outro really long. Ahh, ye. ha ha ha. uhhhh. I will see you guys later, love you guys. Bye.

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  1. He lowkey made a maroon 5 type of trashy song that would've had gotten 1 billion if sung by adam. It's catchy tho 😅

  2. So,the singers no need to practise anymore,just use autotune
    Am I listen the sound effects only? that's mean all fake no real,right?


    Me, an idiot who just forgot what the word “your” is in Swedish and had to google it: Jag älskar din videoklipp

    Please correct me if I got that wrong (I probably did lol)

  4. Your parents will disown you if you dislike this video. You need to find a radio station or something and play that song bc that was awesome and if you do it'll prbly become a hit song!

  5. “You can pitch your voice way up, SO YOU SOUND LIKE YOU JUST GOT HIT IN THE BAAALLS”
    Roomie 2019 😂😂😂

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