UW-Superior: Jacket Day Celebration

music “I think it’s going good.” “Yeah? Just going good?” “Yeah.” “Alright for the NCAA this is uh… Eric Watson, future Canadian Tennis phenom.” “Nice little slice backhand. Ahhh.” “A little slice forehand. Ahhh.” “Can I get a high five?” “Yeah! High five! High five! Alright… there it is, there it is!” “Yeah, so Jacket Day is really all about us opening our doors and allowing special olympic athletes to come in and interact with our student athletes. So they’ll play anything from tennis to basketball to floor hockey to baseball, softball to golf, volleyball… uh… a wide variety of sports that we offer, our special olympic athletes get to play, too. -laughing- “What’s your favorite sport so far today?” “It’s this.” “Ooh the running?” “Look at him move, huh? Look at him move!” “Yeah!” -cheering- “Nice!” “Who’s your favorite player? Steph? Steph… yeah that’s why we’re shooting the three, right?” “Alright come on, let’s see another!” “For three… oooh!” “Ooooh! Oh my goodness!” -clapping- “You know what? I like this hat!” “You shoot and I’ll shoot. Ready?” “Oh, okay. Now the pressure is off me. I don’t have to hit it, right?” -laughing- “I’m just not very good. I’m not very good, don’t worry.” “Don’t say that about yourself dude!” “To see them smile is really what is worthwhile for us, what it says about our athletics department and why community service is a big part of who we are.” music “Alright ready?” “Oh there it is!” “There it… ooh! Oh my…no goalie is stopping that! Yes! Well done, Matt.” “Well done big Matt! Love it!” “Just like Aaron Rodgers would… woosh!” “Yeah! 17 goals? That’s more than I’ve ever got.” “Looking pretty good. Yes! Good stuff, Mike! Good stuff buddy.” “See you can golf.” “Oh almost had it, almost had it.” “Boom. Nice!” “She’s coming! Yes! Yes!” “Yes. Awesome job!” “Ooh!” “I think you’re the.. I think you’re the best one here!” “You got your Mountain Dew? Post race Mountain Dew? How was that? It was good?” “Yeah.” “Good!” “Yeah!” “Hard but good, right?” “Yeah.” “Yeah. How’d the, how’d the good ol’ legs feel on the walk?” “A little sore? A little sore? Are you going to recover in time though?” “I hope so.” “You hope so?” “He’s on the run!” “Oooh!” “Whoo!” “Not fit. Not fit.” “Just kidding. Don’t tell the other UMAC Soccer teams that.” “Jacket Day has kind of come unique to our campus. Not too many institutions do an event like this, but we’re happy, we’re excited to kind of lead that way.”

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