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have you ever went on vacation got all the way there and then realized that you forgot to pack something well today I’m going to show you some new planner inserts that I purchased that can help with just that these inserts include vacation travel checklist as well as some event planning forms and we’re going to start right now hi everybody my name is Tonya I make videos on practical planning organization and small business hi and I’m so excited because today I’m going to show you some new planner inserts that I have by the way if you love videos on time management like I do please be sure to hit the like and subscribe button below also or you won’t Instagram if so follow me at Tonya underscore plan in a hurry no problem you can skip ahead using the time stamps in the description now these are the Franklin Covey occasion forms and I have not opened them yet I’m going to open them live right on camera I have these forms in the classic size and they also come in the compact size so this is how it comes this is how it looks so let’s open this and by the way this is my Franklin planner leather a rose fat binder if you would like more information on that I will put the links in the description below okay so here we have the cover page look at this okay so the first page that we are looking at is a page that’s called special days and it says here you use this planner insert to keep track of important days like birthdays anniversaries and special events and you know what I think this page is also included in the Franklin planner starter pack because I already have this plant this page and my binder let me show it to you real quickly how I use this page and my binder I actually use it to keep track of birthdays so year after year when I get new planner inserts I always have one consolidated list of all of my special days because I have all of these days on one sheet so even when I start a new here and I’m filling in a new year with new birthdays with new special dates all of them are on one sheet which is very handy and this just shows you how I have birthdays listed and it has what separated is each month and for each month you just put the days that like birthdays anniversaries and other special dates that are special to you and it’s great to have all of these in one spot so going back to the occasions forms inserts pack so you get a form put special days now the next sheet I would like to show you is the vacation travel planner now this page I was especially interested in okay so at the top of this insert you can and you can put in your destination dates of travel date of booking website and cost of truck and then in this section you have a column for destination so let’s say you’re going – I don’t know London and then it has time so here this looks like it’s the time of the air if you’re traveling by air because there are abbreviations believe in arrival time so you can put those in here then there’s there there’s a column for dates the carrier and then it has here flight number website and fare so down here this next section is all about Hotel so you can put the hotel you can listen if you stand at several hotels you can put them here your check-in time checkout date phone number confirmation number and price this section is all about car rental and see it says car rental here phone see if you can see that confirmation number license plates number and fare or price now at the bottom here it talks about attractions events Mills miscellaneous so here is where you can write in everything that you plan to do on your trip so turn in this sheet over it talks about okay this is this is your actual vacation travel checklist and it’s broken out into sections before you leave family vacations vacations without children personal travel kits and foreign travel now under the before you leave town some of the things it reminds you of is arranged pet care now that’s important to me because a lot of times I plan to go somewhere and I think at the last minute oh my gosh what am I gonna do with my dog so that’s a great thing to include on your checklist it talks about cleaning out the refrigerator that’s another great one because how many times have you left to go somewhere and come back and find something spoiled in your refrigerator set timers and lights close curtains lock doors and windows leave house key with neighbors arrange plant care arrange mail pickup we fill any medications needed that’s important my husband he takes the officers and he has lots of medications so again we have left before and left our medications at home which you know that’s a big deal and sometimes I’m gonna move on on one trip I mean I’d actually go to a pharmacy and get them to give us medication to hold us over while we were on a trip so it’s important to remember medications and then it has here luggage tags for all luggage now then it has some extra spots where you can write in additional items if you want to add them to the checklist now this next section or family vacation it says the contact family not living with you contact neighbors contact teachers itinerary too and then here you can check if this itinerary is related to your spouse family and parents children and friends and there’s more space dividing additional items here moving down to this section vacation without children some of the things included our leave names of grandparents or family member with childcare provider leave names of doctors with the child care provider so this is if you’re leaving your children these are things you can need to do when you’re on vacation and not take your children which this is I think very very helpful up here it talks about foreign travel it reminds you of your passport your visa traveler’s checks medical requirements like shots and physicals before you leave town currency exchange embassy information foreign language aid driver’s license credit card and bank arrangements and that’s a good one don’t forget if you’re going on town on foreign travel to actually let your credit card know that you’re traveling out of the country so if you go out of the country use your car they don’t think it’s a fraudulent transaction ok next section personal travel kit it talks here about the items to pack the odorant shampoo and conditioner toothbrush and toothpaste sunscreen nail clippers lotion and brush Carl and blow-dryer sanitary supplies first aid kit and the list goes on let’s move to the next form so you get two of these on a morning suit so you get four of the vacation travel planner checklist and if you’re like me what I do is a lot of times I buy these inserts and then I make copies to save money and put them in my planner now this insert is about gift ideas this one here you put your name at the top and okay there’s two sections so here’s you can do this section for one person in this section for another because name is written twice here and you can write in your gift idea available at and price now this is I think great because so many times I think of a gift idea for somebody and this is a great place to just jot it down because sometimes you know later on when the birthday or special occasion actually comes up I forget you know what it was I want to get the person and on the back of this form is the same thing so you’re able to put jot down gift ideas for several people now a lot of people plan gift ideas in advance to save money because sometimes you want to get things buy things when they’re out of season so that you can save money and then give the give it to the person in season like the best time sometimes the shop for example for Christmas is when it’s not Christmastime when you find things on clearance and yourself now this form is called holiday event journal and it says to use this to keep track of where you went who was there what you did and any other important information so the holiday event goes appear in this section and the date in the location and notes so if you do a lot of things a lot of events maybe your event planner maybe you plan a lot of birthdays you have a lot of children or you just you have a lot of cookouts or get-togethers at your house this is a great place to kind of record that and write notes about each event organ for yeah the right notes about each event okay for this next forum this is the party planner now I was especially excited about this forum because my sister is actually getting married next year and I wanted to help her with planning her wedding so I’m going to show you this forum so if you have a special party or event coming up this forum put could help with them so at the top here it says type of party date of party time invitations printed and purchase so there’s a place for that then it has here the theme the place in the budget budget is important don’t want to go your budget so now down here is the guest list so you can write down to guess and I think this will be great for if you’re doing wedding planning if you’re planning a wedding and you’re trying to save money you can write all your guests here invitations extended this actually where you can actually write down okay yeah I gave that person an invitation or maybe I did me baby I gave them an invitation verbally maybe I sent down like I don’t know an email invitation here RSVP received this is great to keep track of who actually responded and thank you note sent this is great for after the event like maybe you’re doing that where people get a lot of gifts and presents and you want to send a thank-you note I think this was especially helpful if you’re planning like a baby shower and you want to make sure that everyone gets a thank-you note that you know gave a gift and here is assignment given so if there are certain things that you’re assigning the people to do during the party is great to write that over here maybe your aunt or someone has agreed to make the food and you but you can make a note of that in this column so on the back of this page it talks about food decorations equipment and entertainment so this sucks that in this column you write down what to buy where it’s available at which store I am I assume the cost preparation and completion date and I like that there’s a section for cost so you can keep track of event planning it’s easy to go overboard and overspend with different events like weddings birthdays anniversaries baby showers etc so this is a great way to keep track of all the different expenses for that so in this forest pack you get one two three four of these just great I really like this I think I’m gonna be able to use that for my sister’s wedding and then you get these look like it’s just some blank pages that you can put in your planner hope you found this information helpful this concludes me showing you the occasions forms pack if you like these forms or any of the Franklin planner products I ask that you please click on the affiliate link in the description it really helps my channel out and there’s no cost to you on top of that I list Franklin plan or promo codes on my website so please be sure to check those links out in the description so you can save even more and of course it’s never about you buying anything I just appreciate you watching my channel thanks and until the next time oh don’t forget to please like and subscribe and I will see you next week

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