Valentine’s Day Celebration Comes up Feb. 14, Nigerians Share Their Opinions | Pulse TV Vox Pop

Valentine’s day, Feb. 14, is a
day to celebrate love and romance annually and as the day
gets ever closer, lovers are gearing up for another
epic celebration of their affection towards each other.. On Valentine’s Day, people all over the world
exchange romantic gifts, and express love in the most beautiful manners possible. Apart from romantic gift exchange, there are some other special
twists and modifications to Valentine’s Day celebration in some
parts of the world. So, from Africa to South America, Asia and
The Americas, there are the special ways people celebrate Valentine’s day around the world. Valentine’s Day celebration for Nigerians? Watch what they think about
the day and how they intend to celebrate Valentine’s.

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  2. the lady that said she don't think she will be going out is just single to stupor ! if you dont have a valid excuse other than everyday is val and that you dont need a specific day to show love then you are also single to stupor ! stop making excuses for your lonely life

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