Valentine’s Day Dinner Guide | How-To

Hi, I’m Jon Birdsong, the meat and
seafood field merchandiser with Market of Choice. If you’re looking to impress this
Valentine’s Day, stop by our meat and seafood department and check out our new
Sweetheart Dinners. Our Sweetheart Dinners include two 8-ounce New York
strip steaks, USDA choice graded and locally sourced here in Oregon. Served
with your choice of either North American Coldwater lobster tail, or a
full pound of 26/30 peeled and cooked shrimp. The great thing
about getting shrimp here at Market of Choice is that we have our own cocktail
sauce made in-house, so you know you’re getting a quality product that you can
count on. I would pair this with fresh asparagus from our produce department.
It’s in season right now and in great supply. Whether you know what you want to
serve or you’re looking for ideas, stop in and we’ll make your Valentine’s
Day dinner something truly special.

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