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Hey guys, this is Trinity. Today, I have my mom with me. Hi
And we’re going to be showing you how to make some super fun and easy Valentine’s Day crafts. So lets get started. So for our first craft we’re going to be making
this super cute Valentines Day card, and you can had these out to all of your friends. So all you’ll need is to print out the card
on a colored piece of paper and we’re using red and pink. And I’ll put in the description box below
where you can get the card to print out. And you’ll also need some googly eyes and
some suckers. So first you want to just cut out your card. We found these beautiful sparkly hearts and
we’re just going to decorate our wings with it a little. All you want to do now is poke your sucker
through the slots. Now all you have to do is glue your eyes on,
your googly eyes. So I’ll do this part cuz they’re really small
ok? So for our next craft we’r going to be making
this adorable little Valentine candy butterfly. Isn’t it cute? It’s so cute! So all you’ll need for this craft is a ziplock
plastic baggie, some small candies, some paint, some pipe cleaners, a paint brush, a sharpie
marker, some googly eyes, a clothes pin, and a plastic plate. So I’m going to paint my butterfly red. So we got our clothes pin all painted and
now you just want to add the cute little face on him. Ok so I’ll put the glue on the eyes and then
you can draw the mouth on. Isn’t this just the cutest face ever?!!! He’s so cute. Okay what do we do next? Ok, so what you want to do next is you want
to fill your baggie half way with whatever candy you choose. And we got these yummy Valentine smarties,
and look at these. I found these pearl Jelly Belly jelly beans. I gotta try these
Of course you do Taste like bubble gum
They yummy? ya? Ok, so use this little thing and fill, is
that the one you want to use? Just fill it up half way. A little bit more, just a teeny bit. Ok, are you going to choose the pearl jelly
bellies? Maybe. Ok, then you’re going to split if in half,
and we’re just tie it off with our pipe cleaner. Ya, and then the pipe cleaner is going to
turn into the antennaes For this cutie! I need to find my wings and my antennaes
You silly Maybe I should go to the barber shop. Ok, so Trin, put your little butterfly clothes
pin right in the center and then you’ll see the pipe cleaner….push it right up. There you go. The pipe cleaner becomes his little antennaes. He’s so cute
And then you just curl them however you want Ah that’s much better. First I was a cater pillar and now I’m a butterfly
So for our next craft we’re going to be making these adorable little love bugs. And my favorite is this cutie. I made that one. Ya, and what’s your favorite. I don’t know, they’re all so cute. I like this one
Oh the one that I made? I like one that you made, and you like one
that I made. Ok lets get started. So all you’ll need for this craft is some
googly eyes, some foam hearts, some pom poms, and some pipe cleaners. So I think I got my guys parts together, so
the first thing I’m going to do is glue the pom poms on his antennae. Ok let me help you with this cuz it’s hot
glue Make sure you have a parent to help with these
crafts Absolutely. Ok so let me put the glue on. We’ll do the face first then you can stick
it on the pom pom. His face is going to be right here. So you can stick the eye on
That’s cute His face is glued on
He’s so cute! Jinx you owe me a soda! Ok do you want to put your antennaes on now? He’s so cute
There’s one. I’m like sticking it inside
Now we just need to glue his feet on He’s going to be so cute
He’s so cute! This is the one my mom made and this is the
one I made. He’s so cute. Twinsies
Ok so I’m going to make mine now. Okay, my guy’s going to watch
Well that’s it for this weeks video. I hope you enjoyed watching us make these
adorable little Valentines day crafts. It was fun wasn’t it
Ya, I think your friends are really going to like these
And my favorite was the little love bugs, what’s yours? I don’t know, they’re all cute. The love bugs are super cute though
And in the comments down below tell me what your favorite craft was
And make sure you make these crafts at home with your mom. Ya, or dad
And make sure you like and subscribe. Thanks for watching guys. See you next week. Bye!

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