Valentine’s Vlog | Get Ready + Cooking for Vday Dinner

Hey guys ~ Welcome back So for today’s video I will shoot my valentine’s vlog Our Valentine’s Day ~ But this year it’s not just the two of us because we’ve been together too often That’s right I think it’s the 9th years we’ve spent valentine together So we have special guests today We have special guests and this time we are staying in one of the resorts in Batam Now we are going to check-in first So let’s go ~ This is my favorite drink Lemongrass tea She is my favorite woman So cheesy So today we have special guests who will celebrate Valentine’s day with us Can you guess who it is? We’ll tell you later, okay? So, our special guests are Aiden! Say hi~ and here is my Mom as well So the four of us will celebrate this year’s Valentine together Are you happy? Hehehe so happy? It’s so beautiful Let me see, wow! This is our room, Aiden Wow Wow ~ Beautiful, Aiden. There is TV Yeah, later you sleep with Ah Ma, okay? No~ No~ No~ You sleep with Ah Ma, Mommy sleep with Papa I want to sleep with Papa and Mommy Papa, it’s beautiful upstairs You like it? You wanna stay here forever? Aiden is enjoying, right? Wow, Aiden is so happy So, where are you, Aiden? Where are you now? I’m at Montigo! Yeah!!! Yeah, I’ll show you our swimming pool Nice! We also brought this box with us it contains food and another one meats Let’s show them We had just checked in and Aiden is so happy Recently, he always feel sad when I don’t bring him with me That’s why for this year’s Valentine we’ve decided to bring Aiden with us to make him happy Seeing him happy, we, as parents are happy as well Okay, so I will unpack all of these and I will take a bath after this because it’s so hot here After bath, I’ll get ready and for tonight we’ll cook candlelight dinner meal Okay, now I am going to take a bath and I brought the body wash myself because I knew we had a big bath tub here and Aiden will definitely like to have a bubble bath so I brought my own body wash I’ll take it out and show you what body wash I use Okay, so for the body wash I brought two big size body wash! It’s from Feira White brand So these Feira White body wash are formulated in Japan and its main ingredient is goat milk Goat milk has a lot of advantages it softens our skin and the scent hold on our skin really well every time I use body wash with goat milk as its main ingredients always made me feel nostalgia because I used to always use goat milk body wash since childhood and it’s been such a long time since I last use it so I really missed the scent because it reminds me of my childhood By the way I brought two of them because it’s different variant The first one is Feira White bubbly foam brightening, 2x moisturizing and firming This bubbly foam body wash it has a foam texture so it’s not creamy so I will use this one for Aiden when he takes a bath in the bath tub as it will produce a lot of foam He will definitely be happy The other one is Feira White Shower Cream brightening simply nourishing it contains royal jelly, honey and licorice this yellow one is a shower cream and of course it has a creamy texture This one has the sweet scent of honey The blue one has the scent of goats milk These two smells good I like both of them, it’s sweet but not too strong it’s really gentle and Feira body wash use natural ingredients so I can use it for my kid and adults as well it’s moisturizing and won’t dry out your skin I’ll take a bath now For me, I’ll use the shower cream and for the bath tub I will use the bubbly foam body wash What happened, Aiden? The Mario game’s broken so I need to use my phone, it’s not working the Mario game (?) So Aiden wants to play Mario game but it is broken? / Yeah. Aiden, do you want to take a bath in the bath tub? I will put a lot of foam in it No! You wanna wear the suit? No need lah just wear this / No, I want this Hey, later you will put soap on your body No, I want this one I don’t want soap on my body Aiden is taking a bath and I will as well I’ll use the Feira shower cream Let’s take a bath I have just finished showering Aiden Oops there is Papa They are enjoying so I will go to another room They are enjoying it so much By the way I just finished showering and it feels so fresh and it smells really good but I did not wash my face because my makeup still looks good so I rather leave it like this and I will curl my hair for tonight’s Vday Even though we are just celebrating in villa but I still need to look good because when I look good I feel good Okay, I just finished touching up and I will change my clothes after that I’ll cook So, I will wear this one Actually, I brought another one I brought this a more romantic looking dress with a more revealing back but I forgot to bring suitable under wears Fortunately, I brought extra clothes so I’ll just wear this one So, this is the look, curly hair, red lips, simple makeup and white dress But I’ll apply some lotion first So, I use lotion from Feira as well This is Feira white hand and body lotion and this variant has rose, goat milk and almond it’s for moisturizing, nourishing and also brightening Actually It is better to apply lotion after bath because our skin are still moist if we apply it after bath, its scent will last longer but I forgot So I just apply it now This lotion absorbs really fast it’s not sticky and you can use it day and night Okay and I am ready Hi guys. / What are we doing now? We are swimming You like this place? / Yes. Okay, you jump and Papa catch you, okay? Come. I am so scared Hey, hey , stop! One, two, three I am not scared I was wondering where are you, it turns out… So, this is the flower from my husband What is this, baby? Why is there angpao behind it? Can I open it now? Thank You Aiden, did you say happy Valentine to Ah Ma? Mommy, you see you forgot Happy Valentine’s day, Ah Ma Hug and kiss Ah Ma Let’s eat Aiden, who’s you Valentine’s day date? It’s Ah Ma and Mommy I bring some flowers for you You bring some flowers for Ah Ma? Happy Valentine’s Day Ah Ma Thank You Wow, so sweet ~ Jesus, thank you for the food, we are going to eat It’s Valentine’s day, we are going to eat In Jesus name we prayed Amen Wow it is so good It’s Valentine’s day, it’s a holiday

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  2. Ya ampun 😪lucu sekali enden kak 😘.. tapi karna aku ga bisa bahasa inggris jadi agak kurang tau apa yang di bilang eden

  3. Jiwa jomblo ku meronta ronta melihat keromantisan keluarganya ci moli :") semoga nanti aku punya keluarga seharmonis ci moli😂🙏

  4. Aku pernah ke sana i think that is montigo right?aku juga tinggal di Batam itu kamarnya keren bangettttt aku suka viewnya disana jadi kalo mau kemana mana dijemput dan diantar itu 4 lantai pokonya best banget deh tempat nya

  5. Aku nontonin review makeup cici, tp aku baru liat yang vlog gini. Aku kira cici masih smk/kuliah gitu, ternyata udah punya anak yaampun tertipulah aku sama mukanya yg muda bgt😂

  6. Cici, ini vlognya bahagia tapi aku malah nangis. Banyak banget pikiran pikiran kayak, "nanti aku bisa nggak ya kayak Ci Moli yang liburan bawa Mamanya dan ngebahagiain Mama?"

    Karena vlog Cici aku jadi punya semangat kerja lebih lagi, nyari uang buat nyenengin Mama dan keluarga. Dan suatu saat nanti aku bakalan bawa mereka liburan. God bless you and your family, Ci❤

  7. Aideen you're so cute babyyyy, ci moliii aku terharu bgt liatnyaa huhu my eyess🥺🥺 God bless your family cii❤️❤️

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