Vanderpump Rules: The Ladies See the Guys in Drag for the First Time (Season 5, Episode 16) | Bravo

– With the dark wig,
I felt like my vibe was 50-year-old step-mom. With the blonde,
I’m giving it this more sassy,
sexy, youthful look. – He like, went all out. – Sandoval’s a better girl
than I am. If I took Sandoval’s photo
as a woman and put that on my dating app, he would get more
likes than I would. – Are those my old underwear? My old butt pads that I had? – No, they’re new. – I can’t even deal
with this sh–. Give me my f—ing vodka soda. – I think I just sobered up. – Jax, you are not sucking
on your sunglasses. – I actually kind of like it.
It’s hilarious. – Jax looks like
your friend Tiffani, spelled with an “I” at the end, that, like, needs a ride
to a check cashing place, and then another ride
to 7-Eleven for cigarettes. – I don’t know if you got a man,
but I’m available. – I’m not gonna lie. Huge penis. – [laughing] – Oh, wait, no, that is not my–
wait–that’s really cute. That’s really cute. ♪ ♪ I think Tom and I take our
fighting to extremes at times, but we’re able
to forgive each other, and I know that doesn’t
make any sense to people, but that’s our relationship, and if you have a problem
with that, well, be glad it’s not yours. [all speaking at once]

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