various kimchi and black bean noodles / Fantastic Dinner Eating show / 짜파게티와 파김치,백김치,총각김치 / 가족 먹방

hi, we are fantastci family The food we prepared today is black bean noodles and various kimchi We prepared various kinds of kimchi today. the first one is green onion kimchi and whole radish kimchi cabbage kimchi cucumber kimchi white kimchi we prepared these five kimchi Today’s kimchi was sponsored by a brand called “sister kimchi.” We will experience how it tastes today. which do you think would be better, kimchi or noodles? noodles!! okok, but, you should these together a bite kimchi per a bite noodles sure bon appetite thank you for today’s food The children are running on the noodles now. dad. please give me more first, let’s try eating green onion kimchi that is in front of me. baby sarang, try this once and pyori too noodles is so yummy is it? we should always eat a lot of vegetables that way you can be healthy even if you eat a lot of noodles if we just eat noodles, we will be fat right after you eat green onion kimchi and noodles together, please tell me your feelings so yummy is green onion kimchi good? yes it’s so good that it’s not too seasoned. today, the black bean noodles seemed unusually well cooked, this time, let’s try whole radish kimchi too big mom will cut it for pyori i will cut this for sarang once, green onion kimchi is passed i’ve eaten it frist, it’s so yummy is radish good? yes mom, so yummy kimchi and black bean noodles go too well together. to be honest, i don’t like green onion kimchi but this is defferent. this is so delicious this is little hard to catch with chopstick you guys eat so well this time, let’s try eating cucumber kimchi please, ask mom to cut this off I have really expecting this this seem to be very delicious. this is so crispy how does it taste? so delicious so crispy depending on what kimchi you eat with this noodles, the taste changes. that is so much fun mom. which is the best among three foods you have eaten? i love green onion kimchi. wow. mom seems to eat so much wow, it is mine kimchi is not overly seasoned and tastes cool i was so hot that i almost died before eating this. yummy yummy pyori eat cucumber kimchi so well pyori originally loves cucumber how does cucumber kimchi taste? yummy this time, let’s try white kimchi I wonder how white kimchi and black bean noodles go together i really wonder wait a moment please give it to me Originally, this is torn by hand. But today we will cut it with scissors. for kids try this so yummy is it? This is much more delicious than what my grandmother made in the past. really? so sweet so sweet this is little sour sweet and sour

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  1. It looked so delicious! I love that kimchi is essential when eating ramen, noodle dishes, rice, soups, ect… Thanks for sharing! 🌸

  2. Thank you for sharing :o) why do english subtitles stop at 7.38? I am curious as to what the girls liked the best! xx

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