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– Gherkin which are just like mini snobby what are those things called? Pickles.
– Pickles. – I like to do
– You’re doing well today. – Today on the Edgy Veg,
I am going to show you how to make vegan fondue. You heard me, the first round of this when we tested it at
home was a complete fail but I perfected it and I think you’ll really, really, really, really
like it ’cause it’s fun. Now you’ll get to host
your own fondue parties. (rock music) The base of our fondue is
going to be potatoes and rice. I know that sounds really weird but did you know that
when you blend up rice it has like this smooth
creamy consistency? Just trust me, I’m a professional. I would never lie to you. This is going to work, hopefully. First thing we’re gonna do is heat up some olive oil in a large pan and add some onions and some garlic and cook that until translucent. It’s like three minutes. Now that our onions and
garlic are translucent, we are going to add short
grain rice, white rice, don’t use brown rice, brown
rice will not work for this. Then our cashews, the key here is cream. All of these ingredients
blend up really nice to be like a creamy consistency. And then some water, bouillon cubes for a nice salty flavor
because cheese is very salty. And then we are going to add potatoes. And we’re just gonna cook that
for about 30 minutes on high. Or until the potatoes
are soft, it’s up to you. Are you having fun, ’cause
we’re making fundue. (boos) Some fundue, for mondue day. Now that our potato mixture is cooked, we are going to blend it
all in a high speed blender. If you don’t have a blender
with the high speed motor, it’ll just take longer. To out blended potatoes,
we are going to add tapioca starch. Now you might be like, I
can’t find tapioca starch in my normal grocery store. Go to a health food store and get it there because potato starch
won’t do the same things. And corn starch won’t either,
so get tapioca starch. Add white wine vinegar
and then sour kraut water which sounds really weird. But it helps give that
fermented cheese flavor so don’t skip this. And then add nutritional yeast, salt, meso paste, and mustard powder and blend it up. Because of my little mishap, falling off the counter over the holidays doing counter acrobatics, I’m not longer allowed
to have sharp objects or be in charge of fire or
stand on the counter anymore. So James is gonna light our fondue thing. – Safety first. Here we go. Fire. – Fire. – Try not to set your house on fire. – Now that it’s lit, lit A F, we are going to add
the cheese that we just made. Oh, cheesy. Now we’re going to add three tablespoons of Kirsch Schnapps, that has a cork in it. Try this again. Then about half a cup of dry wine. It’s starting to bubble. There’s all kinds of fun things that you can dip in your fondue. Traditionally of course, there’s bread. But also you can do Granny Smith apples because they’re very tart so they go really well with cheese. I also like to do mini roasted potatoes and then of course you need something that’s like super salty. So I like to do a mini
gherkins or pickled onions. You can dip anything in there really. Anything that goes well with cheese, you can put in your fondue. (upbeat music) Okay, well you’re clearly very
excited to try this. – I’m definitely excited. – ‘Cause you’re all up in
my personal space here. – Fondue forks at the ready. – What if I don’t wanna burn my mouth? It’s hot cheese. – Blow on it like everybody else. – Like a normal person? Mmm. – Oh yeah. – Yeah? Are you having fun? – When is this joke gonna die? – Alright guys, there you have it. Easy vegan fondue that
you can make at home and like throw a fondue party. Those are so much fun- due. (boos) If you like this recipe, make sure you give it
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create a recipe for you. Bye. (upbeat music)

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  1. Ohhh myyyy gooodddd! Thank you thank you thank you! Being from Switzerland this is such a childhood memory to be eating fondue at least a couple times during winter and I thought, I'd never have that again (or at least not with cheese). 😃

  2. love your videos! can you look into making papas rellenas. (fried potato balls stuffed with meat.) Prety please! They are found in cuchifritos all over the bronx and #1. I'm vegan af now. and #2 don't live near there anymore
    Thank you :* #puertoricanveganfood

  3. Here in the Netherlands we did fondue with oil. (which almost everyone did in the late 70's )
    I have never even had cheese fondue.

  4. I can attest to brown rice not working for blending. I didn't make any cheese dip, but I made a tomato soup that used rice to add creaminess. I used brown rice instead of white and it wasn't great. There are bits that refused to break down and blend. 8(

  5. Where I live (non-US) it is impossible to find tapioca. Sooo, if you REALLY had to suggest something else, what would it be?

  6. Just from a culinary perspective, this recipe is excellent. The winter fun it promises has me almost giddy–time to break out the Rundgren albums and polyester catsuit to get the right vibe for an evening of cheesy ecstasy : ) TFP!

  7. It sounds a little complicated, but that's what make me believe that you actually think it taste good- alot of the time when I see "quick and easy 3 ingredient recipes" I just think there is no way they made it not taste like the main ingredient from those 2 that they added.

  8. 1) I ❤ your top and I want one.2) This is probably the best looking vegan cheese recipe I've seen and I'm looking forward to trying it.

  9. Could I keep this warm in a rice cooker on warm, or a low crock pot? I want to do this but I don't want to have to keep it on the stove for people to eat it hot.

  10. My fam.loves your channel. So yes…bwe recently found out the my 5yr has a wheat+nut+ SOY. allergies😰were obviously vegan..and those 3 groups play a huge staple in our now am stuck…i feel limited. I was hoping 🙏if you can help with some ideas

  11. in switzerland and austria we dip little breadcubes into the "cheese". i used to eat a lot fondue before my vegan-change 😉 im looking foward to try this recipe! it looks amazing! thanks!

  12. I remember having fondue at my grandma's place once and we cooked it with homemade Kirsch instead of a store-bought one. Let me tell you, that was both the booziest fondue I ever had and also the most awkward family get together we had in a while.

  13. I really like this recipe, works quite well without the starch. Probably better with it, but I couldn't find it and I was starving😅

  14. Thank you thank you thank you! This is great. I just made it and it taste so good. One problem… I am a party of one and the amount that this made was a little bit more than I can eat all by my lone some. How long do you think left over sauce pre wine will last in the fridge?

  15. My family and I are exploring veganism and find that Mac and cheese is the one thing that's difficult to duplicate. I'm eager to try this "cheese" for my recipe. One question….is sauerkraut water just the liquid off of sauerkraut?

  16. most of the french people take bread not potatos with the fondue cuz it's really better with bread ^^ belive me french bread (baguette) is way better :p

  17. What type of nutritional yeast have you found to be the best/similar to cheese taste? Have you ever had a taste test of various brands?

  18. does this actually taste good? cause i'm tired of vegan cheese that taste like seasoned vegetable puree 🙁

  19. Im Swiss and fondue is on of our national dishes. When I went vegan I thought I have to give it up… Im so happy I can still eat vegan home-made fondue 😊😊😊

  20. This looks delicious but my bf is allergic to nuts what would be a good sub for the cashews or can I just 86 them and get the same results????

  21. I am a swiss girl and I can tell that the color and texture look perfect like real cheese! I really want to try, thank you for the recipe. And girl, you are awesome! 🙂 funny and pretty!

  22. these ingredients are so specialised 😕 I would have to spend a fortune buying tapioca starch, miso paste, saurkraaut, dry wine and schnapps, all just for this recipe

  23. Hello! This looks amazing! My husband is allergic to cashews though, would almond meal/flour work instead?
    I ask b/c I make Caesar dressing with almond meal and help seeds instead of cashews and it's great!

  24. Wow, I've gotta try this! Only I would use white miso instead of the dark variety, it has a milder flavour and colour. Maybe even a dash of turmeric?

  25. I know I‘m late to the party but there is Sauerkraut juice in Germany… I hope you never tried it cause it’s absolutely horrible but do you think I could sub the water from canned Kraut for the juice? Has somebody else here tried that…maybe…heeelp? It would save me the excess dry Sauerkraut 😂
    Much love from shit weather Bavaria ❤️

  26. I made this for a party last night and it was just ok. The written recipe calls for 6 cups of water which is way too much. The fondue was very thin, so I added more tapioca starch which did thicken it but it still tasted like something was missing. I think it needs a creamier/fattier flavor, especially if serving to non veg people who are used to a richer/creamier flavor. The flavor and consistency is closer to gravy. I have so much of it leftover, will probably taste good over mashed potatoes though with all the rice, it might be carb overload. I'll try not to toss it. I highly recommend if you make this dish to cut down on the water. I might even cut down on the rice or try to create a recipe using white rice flour.

  27. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but mine came out darker and more brown then what I’ve seen from your and other attempts and I can’t figure out why

  28. OMG. I made this tonight and it was so good! Thank you thank you. Love your book. Have tried several recipes and all are great!

  29. This fondue recipe is too liquidy and not dense or creamy enough in my personal opinion (former chef and have eaten vast amounts of fondue in UK, Switzerland and Germany and belgium as child).

    I have been disappointed with vegan fondue recipes so I will do my own and video next year inorder to get it out of my system. I will check her other recipes, personally I think its very much a channel for young vegans like 13 years old to 25 years old sort of thing but i will definately see what else she has to offer, her ingredient ideas themselves were reasonable in this recipe they just need a bit more cooking experience hindsight to get to grips witha bit more or maybe real previous fondue eating experience might of been an advantage.

  30. This looks so good. Do you think I can take this for raclette? It looks more delicious than most of the cheese recipes I could found for ”grilled” cheese.

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