VICC Kindergarten Party

Can you teach me how to play? Sure! All right, you tell me what to do. We are doing something so fun today. All of our in-coming kindergartners have been invited to come today. We are having an experiential learning day. [song] If your word is on the plate pick it up. We have some of our partners like I See Me Bookstore that’s going to be here selling books. They are making sure our kids know that there are stories that are reflective of them and see themselves. The social workers are hosting a social and emotional learning Candy Land game so they can talk about emotions. We have the C.C.L. (Center for Creative Learning) to help parents learn what more they can do to help expand their kids’ brains and learning over the summer. [teacher] There is a big step here, the first one, okay? He is excited, jumping around. He is actually learning. So just to get out and know what type of work they are going to be doing and learning each day, and how it affects them in their life. If you get off the bus, you’ll want to turn around and wait for your driver to tell you it’s OK to cross over. She is going to give you a signal, so you will want to be watching for your driver. I think it’s a great time for us to get to know kids and for them to get to know us, to do some fun things. Learning is bigger than just reading and writing and sitting down and writing something down. It’s really about ways to explore learning and to give them the ability to have fun while they are doing it. I am hoping that’s what we are doing here today.


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