Vice President Pence Delivers Remarks at the 80th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War II

The Vice President:
President Duda, President Steinmeier, other
presidents, prime ministers, and heads of
state, distinguished guests, and most of all,
the noble citizens of Poland: It is an honor to
be here, on behalf of the President of the United
States and all of the American people, to mark
the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of
World War II. Two years ago, President
Donald Trump came to this very city and spoke of the
remarkable bond between the American people and
the people of Poland, saying, in his words,
“America loves Poland, and America loves the
Polish people.” (applause) And today, as
Vice President of the United States, it’s my
great honor to stand here today, on behalf
of the American people, including nearly 10
million Polish-Americans, in a Poland that is
safe, strong, and free. (applause) As the President
said that day in Krasinski Square, “The
story of Poland is the story of a people
who…never lost hope, who have never been
broken…who have never, ever forgotten
who they are.” Today, in the heart of
Warsaw, standing humbly before the Tomb of the
Unknown Soldier, we’ve gathered to bear witness
to the courage of a great people, to the spirit
of a great nation, and to the profound
and lasting strength of a great civilization. While the hearts of every
American are with our fellow citizens in the
path of a massive storm, today we remember how the
gathering storm of the 20th century broke into
warfare and invasion, followed by unspeakable
hardship and heroism shown of the Polish people. During the five decades
of untold struggle and suffering that
followed the outbreak of World War II, the Polish
people never lost hope, you never gave in to despair,
and you never let go of your thousand-year history. In the years that followed
this day 80 years ago, your light shone in the
darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it. The character, faith,
and determination of the Polish people
made all the difference. It would, in time, turn
shattering defeat into glorious victory. It is difficult for any
of us who are not Poles to fathom the horrors that
began here 80 years ago, on the 1st of
September 1939. Within weeks, the armies
of Nazi Germany from the West, and the
communist Soviet Union from the East, divided
up this country into occupation zones. The maniacal Nazi leader
issued the command for “the physical destruction
of the enemy” and ordered the “mercilessly and
without compassion” death of Polish men,
women, and children. Those dual invasions
marked the beginning of a conflict unlike
anything the world had ever known before, and one we
resolve here today the world will never know again. (applause) In just over
four years, one in five Polish citizens would be
murdered at the hands of an evil ideology
bent on racial conquest and authoritarian rule. The Nazis systematically
murdered 90 percent of Poland’s more than
3 million Jews. Tens of thousands of brave
patriots of the Polish resistance would be killed
in the fight against the occupation of
their homeland. Over 21,000 Polish sons
and daughters were massacred at the hands of
the communists in April 1940, in the Katyn forest,
and buried in mass graves. And right here in this
city, more than 150,000 Polish men, women, and
children gave their lives in just nine weeks of
the Warsaw Uprising – an uprising which was
followed by the deliberate and total destruction
of this city by German forces, while Soviet
forces stood by and allowed the slaughter. Those who rose up died
fighting to liberate these bloodstained streets from
fascism, dictatorship, and the looming
menace of communism. But as President Trump
said two years ago, “There is a courage
and a strength deep in the Polish character
that no one could destroy.” (applause) And today we remember
the long roll call of Polish heroes who
fought for freedom in those dark days. Their names and the memory
of their heroism will be enshrined in the
hearts of their people and freedom-loving
people forever. The long and terrible war
started here in Poland. But before long, that
death struggle with totalitarianism
involved the fates and compelled the
extraordinary sacrifice of freedom-loving nations
across the world. So today, we also
remember the 16 million Americans who left
the peace and comfort of their home to fight
to liberate Europe. They stood against evil. And over 400,000 young
American men, including thousands of Polish
Americans, gave their last full measure of devotion
for their country and the peoples of nations
they did not know. Today, I remember my
countrymen and their sacrifices with
honor and gratitude. Today we remember the
millions of brave and sturdy British citizens
who served and sacrificed to save Europe, defend
their sovereignty, their liberty, and
their beloved Kingdom. So too we recall the
incredible patriots of the French resistance –
the Dutch, the Danish, the Belgians, the Czechs,
the Greeks, the Romanians, and so many other underground
movements and freedom fighters who entered
history as legends of courage, and they
demonstrated a selflessness that will be remembered
for the ages. But none fought with more
valor, or determination, or righteous fury
than the Poles. And in their decades-long
struggle against tyranny, Poland proved itself
a homeland of heroes. (applause) As we remember
the war that began here on Polish soil eight decades
ago, we do well to pause and reflect on the
causes of so great a conflagration. The fight against the
twisted ideologies of Nazism and Communism
reflected the eternal struggle between right
and wrong, good and evil. They were driven by an
ancient and wicked urge to claim power by any means
and impose their will to control the lives of
ordinary men and women. All morality became
socialist morality. Whatever served the power
of the state became justified – even murder on
an unprecedented scale. But when we think
of the depravity of totalitarianism, of
the death squads, the concentration camps,
the secret police, the state propaganda, the
destruction of churches, and the endless hostility
to people of faith, one cannot help but think
of the words of another who lived under Soviet
totalitarianism, the Russian dissident
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Pondering the ruinous
times in which he lived, Solzhenitsyn reflected,
and I quote, “If I were called upon to identify
briefly the principal trait of the entire
twentieth century…I would be unable to
find anything more precise…than this: Men
have forgotten God.” Those who sought to
remake the world by force did not have the last
word, because there was something greater at work. Through the brutality of
war and through “four decades of communist
rule,” as President Trump said two years ago in this
city, “Poland and the other captive nations
of Europe endured a…campaign to demolish
your freedom…your laws, your history,
your identity,” and your faith.” “Yet…you never
lost that spirit. Your oppressors tried to
break you, but Poland could not be broken.” (applause) In June 1979,
one of Poland’s greatest sons returned home
as Pope John Paul II. History records that
in this very square he preached that the
Polish people could not understand their history
or their future apart from the greatest source
of their strength and goodness. The Holy Father’s
visit caused a “revolution of
conscience” throughout the land. Within 16
months, solidarity became the first officially
recognized free trade union in the
Communist bloc. And the momentum of those
nine days would eventually lead to the fall of the
Berlin Wall in 1989 and the end of the
Soviet Union in 1991. (applause) But on that
day, in this place, Pope John Paul II said that,
Man cannot understand “who he is, nor what his
true dignity is, nor what his vocation is, nor
what his final end is…without Christ.” (applause) And when the
Holy Father spoke those words, the millions of
Poles gathered here fearlessly spoke for their
nation and their history. Lifting their voices,
they sang: “We want God. We want God.” And their voices echoed
across this nation and around the world. A memorial cross to honor
that historic moment stands before us today
just opposite the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. It is a symbol of Polish
faith but also of Polish hope and resolve. It is a permanent
testimony to the belief of the Polish people that
true solidarity among people and among nations
is only possible when that solidarity is seen
in the light of a providential Creator. Today, we are gathered
as friends, as allies, from more than 40
countries, representatives of freedom-loving nations. Today, the fates of our
people are linked by a shared love of freedom
and self-determination. So let us, on this day,
resolve that the words heard in this square that
unraveled that long night of oppression, not just
for the people of Poland, but all across Eastern
Europe – let us resolve that those words and
truths that have sustained human freedom from the
very beginning will never be forgotten. America and Poland will
continue to stand with all of our allies for
our common defense. And America and Poland
will also continue to call on all our allies to live
up to the promises that we’ve made to one another. For the American people
and the Polish people “know that a strong
alliance of free, sovereign and independent
nations is the best defense [of] our
freedoms” now and always. (applause) So thank you for
the honor of representing our President
and the American people on this historic occasion
as we mark the 80th anniversary of the
outbreak of World War II. Today, we remember those
that were lost in Poland, in their long twilight
struggle, and all of those who sacrificed from
my nation and nations represented here to win
a victory for freedom. We remember those that
were lost on this day, but we also do well to
celebrate – to celebrate an enduring victory for
freedom and the role that the people of Poland
played by their strength and their example. As President Trump said
here in Warsaw two years ago, America never gave
up on the “freedom and independence of the
Polish people, and we will never will.” (applause) And, on this occasion,
if any should doubt that the destiny of
mankind is freedom, let them look to Poland,
to the courageous Polish people, and see for
themselves the indomitable spirit, strength,
and resilience of freedom-loving
people standing on a foundation of faith. Through their decades-long
struggle, their courage and faith shone forth,
you prove again, here in Poland and for all the
world, that though it may take decades, that “where
the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” (applause) Having paid
tribute to the past, we now look to the future. And with the inspiration,
courage, and resolve of the Polish people, from
this day forward, I can assure you that Poland,
America, and all freedom-loving nations
in the world will meet that future together. Thank you. God bless you. God bless Poland. And may God bless the
United States of America. (applause)

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  1. Exceptional speech in the 21st Century in support of Polish Americans, Polish-US relations, and "freedom loving people" in the world. Thank you to VP Michael Pence of the United States of America. Julie Ann Racino, ASPA, International Chapter, 2019

  2. Arrest TRAITOR Pence and his wife for child rape and murder.

    Execute him at Gitmo.

    Follow Able Danger.

    Patriots in control.

    Satanist Cabal being destroyed as we speak!

    Q sent me!

  3. Saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia adelante Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo Bolton 2020_24_ por siempre jesuscristo es con nosotros amén aleluyah Shalom Rajem ShaBBat!!!!

  4. Good to let the people that never served at all, what is able to come to them if they put their guard down, they too can relive all the horrors of war and those that lived through them, and do not even want to talk about the worse they seen and experienced first hand and never want to see or hear of it again…

  5. israel has committed more war crimes and no more money should go to them. ten million dollars a day from Americans to support genocide and mass murder. stop this nonsense and tell the truth

  6. On this special anniversary I remember and give the highest respect to all my Polish countrymen who had to live, fight and die in these terrible times, murdered by germans and austrians and their minions, murdered by russians, ukrainians, lithuanians, and to those Polish men and women, even children, who had to rebuild the destroyed, plundered, bloody homeland after the war, homeland which was under another soviet occupation.

    Just like then – September 1939, so in the summer of 1943 and during the following 2 years, during the murder of Polish civilians by ukrainian degenerates, as during the Warsaw Uprising in the summer of 1944, Poles alone had to resist invaders and war criminals, and after the war they had to rebuild their homeland. Nobody helped us. The Marshal Plan helped the Germans who invaded and destroyed Poland and murdered 6 million Poles, but did not give Poland a cent.

    Therefore, let no one stretch out any sticky paws again for our homeland and the hardships of our work. Nobody but Poles has the right to Poland and fruits of our work.

    I was born over 30 years after the war's end, but I will never forget and forgive what the invaders did to my homeland, to my Polish brothers and sisters, especially to the innocent civilians, who were mainly victims of the german, austrian and ukrainian war criminals and bastards.

    Honor and glory to all Polish heroes, who gave their blood and died for free Poland. Glory to Great Poland.

    Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, póki my żyjemy! Zapamiętajcie to sobie!

  7. 95 % of Poles that were killed during WW2 were killed by Germans, not by Red army. But anti Russian hysteria is everywhere even in history

  8. It's supposed to be non aggressive union, and perhaps a American peoples democratic republic could never know anything but how much we can forgive although Germany and Poland are United,. It makes you think a little lost of those that fought through it to get us here and probably, it was history though many might still regret whatever their perception. Though why a planet needs to raise forces against each other and when the first shot's are fired is important too. Obviously the solution wasn't and still desired in times of the ,contemporary problems which trouble the modern ages. God bless the spirit anyway and faith ahead of our lives now and the world might not be at war so much . Allies are friends and comrades, many forget that as continuity is complicated.

  9. I think Poland is a more important ally than Britain or any European U.S ally for that matter. Good hardworking people who value military and country. I bet in the next war Poland will have our backs (the U.S) more so than others are capable to. Bigger than Israel, just as much tech as the UK. Very important people to keep on our side!

  10. Now is the time to encourage Americans to keep and bear arms. To discourage socialism and guarantee American greatness .The hero's of World War II fought and died for freedom , And the Leftist agenda in America is clear . Freedom is once again threatened right here on American soil. The rights of Americans are slowly being taken away by socialist that lie to get elected and spit on the Oath they took. Patriots will not comply with unconstitutional Laws and our God given rights to be Free

  11. In defense of Liberty was The United States of America Constituted … In return America stands with Those Who Sacrificed to Defend Liberty …

  12. WOW … Vice President Mike Pence that Was A Beautiful Speech!!! 🙂 God Bless Poland and God Bless the American People!!! 🙂 "Because Where the Spirit of the Lord is … There is Freedom!!!" 🙂

  13. Thank you for visiting Poland, VP . Please never give up on your brother's and sisters an #PolandStandsWithUSA from the beginning and always. Thank you also for highlighting to all of us the source of true freedom by citing the Bible, this message will be hard to grasp for a lot of us… from the evil of WW2 and then communist occupation a lot of us settled for the second best an follow the doctrine of catholic church, staying in that soviet era mentality where God and his people have no access to power and politics; we will change that surely. Thank you again VP Pence and God bless America, God bless Poland. 🇵🇱💌🇺🇲

  14. Donald Trump Did you know that Iraq has become a bad country to live in? The Iraqi government is a group of opportunists who robbed thieves and have mercenary militias and people belonging to Iran.

    Poverty, hunger and disease spread

    Life has become miserable
    You have a responsibility to correct things and execute the judgment

    Because you toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein and you came to these thieves

    The wealth of Iraq is permissible for America at any time ..

    Correct the situation in Iraq

    Iraq is really a US colony, so why do not you do your duty to reform the situation and life in it?

    Do not leave Iraq to Iran and its militias to play and disband

    Reform the situation in Iraq and expel the thieves politicians

  15. Outbreak of World War II.
    just before labor day. Very interesting🤔.
    Looks the GOD's have planned and set appointed dates, times according to HIS will, purpose and plan. KING JESUS is the LORD of hosts and RUELR of Heaven, earth.

  16. Dear Western World leaders, if you still cherish your Values of Freedom and Human Right hold for decades, No more Appeasement Policy to Devil CCP!
    If you remember what happened in the 1930’s in the world, the same situation happening now in Hong Kong and China, CCP is trying to conquer the world by bloody dictatorship, brutality, killings and gangsters! CCP is The darkest power and greatest threat to Liberty and Democracy and free world, CCP threat is just in front of everybody as you are watching Hong Kong !
    CCP Dream as “One ☝️ Belt and One ☝️Road” is in fact CCP wants to fxxk the world in China, Asia, Africa , Latin America and extending to Aussie, Europe and Americas!
    Wang Qishan and Xi Jinping want to fxxk you and your brothers and sisters like pigs and you have to kiss their dirty asshole as your God!
    No Appeasements anymore Free World!
    Action Now before it is too late!
    United we fight for Liberty 🗽 and for Our right, for Future of our next generations!
    Eradicate CCP and CUmmunism!
    Power to People!

  17. All these guys do is Praise War. Pence is an Evil Man. Trump Ended America. Trump has delivered the final blow to this Country. Hillary wanted the Job. These men are all Sick Evil Demons. Israel will attempt to take this Country from Honduras. 5000 Israeli Troops dropped in Honduras & Netanyahu is Working with The Honduran President that is being prosecuted for working with the Drug Cartels. Why is the Israeli Military Training our Cops. What are they going to do to us. Rotten pieces of Sexual Deviant Scum bags.



  20. VP One. respect sir 2020 sure endorse by America citizen chosen one and God Amen.. God be with poland and the people who die during the war may there soul RIP in peace 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  21. There is a Polish census before the war and after the war. 3 milion Polish Christians and 3 million Jews were murdered. Please use the correct data Mr. vice President, do not diminish the numbers. It was not the Nazis who invaded, it was Germans, 98 percent of Germans elected Hitler in a democratic election. Lets not forget September 17, 1939 when Soviet Russia invaded Poland from the East as Germany,s ally. . Let us not forget Poland was sold a Yalta by FDR and Churchill. Let us not forget neither Germans, nor Russians who were given at Yalta Polish eastern provinces and population, ever paid war reparations, nor was Poland given the Marshall plan. Now US Congress wants to rob Poland via Act S477, pressuring to pay US organizations that did nothing for their brethren during WW2, for heirless properties, that according to all Western laws revert to the state. Please Mr Vice President rescind the unconstitutional, beseless, heirless stipulation from this Act.

  22. Mike Pence we're focused on you ignoring the murder of the Romanov Dynasty, the Bolshevik Red Terror and Soviet Polish War, Latvian War of Independence the Spanish Civil War and the systematic starvation of seven million Ukrankans all before 1933 while the maniacal United States leader named Roosevelt with his jewish co-conspirators ambassador Litvinov and. Their friend Trotsky — powered the genocide. This continued into Korea. The upside down narrative died in 1952 when Congress published the Katyn Report. Congratulations, Pence you have a speech naming yourself a "Katynist."

  23. The Democrats will Never see the Oval Office. Trump's awesome tenure is done in 2024. Pence, becomes president (with four years of frivolous election investigations), And stays Commander-in-Chief, till 2032. That's reality. And this was a very appropriate dedication. Never forget.

  24. Without the Soviets that defeated the Nazis, Americans and the whole of Europe will be speaking German by now. Go home Yankees, we do not need your shit stained army in our country.


    Ukraine was occupied by the Bolsheviks and forced into a Union with Russia called the Soviet Union  … Just like Austria was occupied and forced into a Union with Hitlers Germany …. 

    NO ONE BLAMES Austria for Hitler's nazi crimes now do they???  because Austria was a victim just like Ukraine was a victim when it came under  the control of Russian evil  USSR

    Also, a lot of Polish guys was fighting in the Afghanistan war when USSR invaded Afghanistan…BUT that was not of free will,  they were forced to do that by Russian as Russia had controlled and power over Poland at the time— 

    Therefore no one puts blames Poland for the war in Afghanistan now do they?? NO they do not, because Poland at the time was a victim of the Russian hegemony control and evil… Just like Ukraine was a victim of the Russian hegemony control and evil in ww2 and all the why until 1991..

    IT WAS MOSCOW THAT DECIDED TO INVADE POLAND IN 1939 AND HELP HITLER FROM 1939-1941  AND MOSCOW DECIDED TO INVADE AFGHANISTAN IN 1979  you can not hold Ukraine responsible just like you can not hold Austria  responsible for fighting together with Hitler AS both  nations Austria and Ukraine was under forceful EVIL regimes at the time against their own will and its peoples and government had no choice in the matter at hand

    Joint Soviet-Nazi military parade in Poland. The history of Russian aggression.

  26. Every speech given by President Pence needs the theme to Halo playing in the background.

    Thank you President Pence, very cool.

  27. Since the United States would collapse if the huge debt machine were not continued and forever expanded, it is insane to continue with the central banking system. Eliminate the U.S. central bank and TBTF banks as no other thinking country should accept our fiat currency. Our debt, our fiat currency is a fraud apon the people of the world. We see who it is meant to benefit. Not impressed. They break the laws weekly. Next. And someone take control of military spending. " it's o.k., money is an illusion. " Gold to $40k is correct.

  28. May God Bless the victims of the Katyn Massacre and all of our Polish allies 🇵🇱🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯✝🛐 🇺🇸

  29. Vice President Pence is a terrible lier and criminal. You Poles and your government are traitors, you sold out to the Americans, against your Slavonic blood, and to your own detriment.
    The USA has in your backyard Tomahawsk rocket launchers, and the USA intention is to launch these rocket against Russia. The USA already broke the treat between Gorbichov and Regan so now they use your stupid Poles as the scapegoat and attack Russia. Russia is cleverer than the daft Americans and will intercept those missiles and retaliate. YOU POLISH Idiots will be destroyed, just like in 1939. WWIII will begin, Poland will be obliterated. Shame!
    Countess Ursula Widawska

  30. VP Pence’s speech was not translated into Polish. Polish media never translated the speech to this day. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s speech was translated live. The Polish government is in bed with China , EU and Vatican. They have to make their mind which way they want to go with China or USA. Only TV “ Idz Pod Prad” ( Go under the current) translated the speech on YouTube.

  31. For my first travel outside the USA. I am truly considering traveling to Poland for two weeks next year. God embrace and bless the people of Poland.

  32. No disrespect to Poland but some people here need a history lesson. I am a Brit and studied what we called modern history; at the time of the outbreak of the WWII no country in Europe other than Germany was ready for war, many of the major countries and politicians had no appetite for war off the back of WWI, anyone remember Mr Chamberlin and peace in our time? The point is not only Stalin did a deal with Hilter, but Britain and others did anything to avoid war, only one Politician had an appetite to stand-up to Germany and that was Churchill, who leading up to the war was ignored. Stalin knew a war was coming and was simply buying time to prepare for war, think of the scale and size of Russia in order to prepare for war, especially following the purges of the revolution and knowing Germany had spent the better part of the 30's getting ready for war. Anyway, bottom line the Soviet Army saved all our European arses – fact. While Britain and its colonial army was busy fighting in North Africa, the Atlantic, the Battle of Britain, the Italian campaign. Russia and the Soviet Army was holding its own on the mainland against two-thirds of the German Army. All this anti-Russian tit for tat is complete nonsense – Germany apologizing to Poland, they should also apologize to the rest of Europe including Russia. All these crap serves only one thing the Capitalist Global agenda to scaremonger in Eastern Europe and sell weapons, while turning a blind eye to the nationalist movements that have been hijacked by Nazi sympathizers – they should all be ashamed – why did our Grandfathers sacrifice so much?

  33. Texas – there is Mexico. California – there is Mexico. It is necessary to support the residents of these states who want the return of the historic lands belonging to Mexico back! The annexation of Texas and California must be stopped.

  34. Jeszcze Polska nie zgineła, kiedy my żyjemy…
    Co nam obca przemoc wzieła szablą odbierzemy!
    Marsz, Marsz Dąbrowski! Z ziemi włoskiej do polski za twoim przewodem, złączym się z Narodem
    Marsz, Marsz Dąbrowski! Z ziemi włoskiej do polski za twoim przewodem, złączym się z Narodem,

  35. 5:35 "at the hands of the communist" Those commies were Russian; it's OK to say German or Russian instead of Nazi and Commie dude.

  36. usa financed hitler to build taks and today polish love those who gave hitler money to finance war. are you mad???? whats wrong whit you poland??? even inviting ex nazi states who was alliance whit germany to celebrate!!!??

  37. Ye CONDONE it and SUPPORT it yer IT…
    So F$CK U PENCE n thet ORANGE WHORE ye rode in on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Sorry Pence, the US was not the liberator of the Nazis, merely a part of the allied forces (USSR, USA, UK et..)…..its was primarily the USSR (Russia), and now you wish step up tensions with the east in our continent…we do not need it nor the US military here. Please go home.

  39. Communism is infinitely better than this 'flood America with garbage' krap:

  40. 3500 brave Polisch military high officers were betrayed by the nazis and executed by the homosexual stalin overnight just before the start of the war ! stalin was an fanatic homosexual and whoever rejected him was dying

  41. Is there any way that a member of the republic can have their grievances respectfully tended to by a member of the democracy? If so, let me know.

  42. Okay I just want people to know Matt the gated communities are literally destroying people right now by not giving us any paper no by not loving us yes so I'm going to say this one good time goodbye

  43. I heard the saying who takes care of the animals, we do. With that and farming I come to national parks. How often do we comb parks and park areas for animals. They're for the zoo. We get pandas when we have animals

  44. Thank you Vice President Mike Pence . Best speech in Poland History, so true so deep, so human. you are remarkable man. God bless 🇺🇸 God bless 🇵🇱 best friends forever 👍💪🙏 Greetings for Poland.

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