Vidcon fun times wow so fun excitement 10/10 would vidcon again

(Jaiden) Where are we going? (James) We’re going to VidCon. (Jaiden) YAAAYYYY (James) WOO! (Jaiden) We wanted to record the… the sign of “Welcome to California” because we’re in California now. But we were busy watching Treasure Planet (James) Yeah. We just looked up and like “Ohh there it is…” (James) What’s up? , practicing. *Jaiden laughing* (Jaiden) Playin’ Tetris in the car. Even on a phone he’s still-
(James)Still pretty boss. [Both snicker] (Jaiden) Wiiinnddd miiillllll fooorrreeeessst. Look at ’em go. Keep it up friends. You’re doing good. ( Both laughs ) lowkey… (it’s FunForLuis) Oh, hello. Just got in the hotel…
(James) What’s up! (Jaiden) This is pretty cool. And then they gave me a bag I don’t know what’s in it. A bag, and it says… Tumblr, even though I don’t have a Tumblr. (laugh) Ohh I got a camera? Wait, what is this??? :O Yeeahh (James) It’s totally not for me. *laugh* (Jaiden) Look, here’s the camera.
(James) You should film on that now. xD (Jaiden) So there’s like stuff in here too. There’s a Tumblr hat. Here, wear this for me. (James) Cause’ I have a Tumblr. (Jaiden) That’s- Yeah. You deserve it more than I do. Alright, we just-we’re gonna find people! (James) We’re gonna do it! (Jaiden) James is wearing my hat.
(James) Yes. (Jaiden) Because I’m not worthy of it. We’re gonna find the squad. This is gonna be awesome. (James) YES. 😀 It’s haaaappeniiing. (Jaiden) Oh my god. We got our passes. Fancy fancy~ I’m not supposed to be in this area because its public but… I mean… Whatever. (James) Shh don’t tell anyone. ( The shushing of the shushiest ) (Jaiden) We’re trying to find Tony! We’re on the phone with him! ( sound of vidcon crowd ) This is hi- We’re so close but so far! ( more vidcon crowd sound for you lovelies ) (Tony) Guys! (Jaiden) Tony! (Tony) Are you guys vloggi- (Jaiden) Oh my god, I AM vlogging. ( the most excited of ”oh my gods” ) (Jaiden) Just found us! Oh my god! What’s your name? (Theo) Theo. (Jaiden) You’re the first person we ever met here! (James) He just got here like five minutes ago. *laugh* (Jaiden) This is so real. (James) YESSS. (Jaiden) Tying his shoe. And we found DEEN. Yaaaaaay! (u can read) Don’t walk away from us. (Tony) I looked right in the sun and now I can’t see anything. (Jaiden) Oh there it is! Perfect timing. That’s for you guys. I already ate. Let’s go find somewhere to sit. We couldn’t find a spot to eat. So we’re sitting grass. Like peasants. *laughs* This is James’ room. (James) Yeah, there’s VidCon over there! I can see it. (Jaiden) You can see VidCon from here. James, explain- Oh, you can see someone in the, in the, thing there. (Tony) Oh god. (Jaiden) Ooh. Spooky. James, explain what just happened in the elevator. (James) So I- I was bleeding out of my hand. Just ’cause you know… Being a weirdo. Just messing around. And then, Jacksfilms, like, just went in the elevator with us. And, like my hand was all bloody. It was like- “Hey, I really love your videos.” Y’know, I was like “I make videos too, its whatever.” I told em. And I was like, really worried if he would like, try to shake my hand and I’d be like *uuhh* Y’know. We didn’t do that. (Jaiden) Yeah. So, we, like, talk to Jack. And Tony wasn’t there. Sorry Tony. (Tony) I don’t like these people, man. *James laughs* (Jaiden) Are these things $1500? (James) The world may never know. (Jaiden) The world may never know. Look who’s here! (Alex) YAAAAAYY (Jaiden) YAAAAAY, we’re in James’ room. And we got the bags. *inhale* The bags. ( Vidcon background music ) ( People ruining the film of the century ) (Jaiden) Just talked to the people and now he’s (Alex) gonna juggle with them. (James) This is crazy. I wish I was Alex. (Jaiden) I wish I knew how to juggle. (Alex) His name is Alex too. (James) What! (Jaiden) Ooooh! (Jaiden) Leaving the Animation Squad for the Alex Squad. ( dank music ) Go Alex! (James) Ooooh! (Jaiden) And when I say Alex I mean both of you! (Alex) Is Tony here? (Jaiden) We don’t know where Tony went. He’s gone forever! (James) what. WHAT. (Jaiden laughs) (where’d the dank music go) ( crowd cheering and clapping ) (Jaiden) Explain your emotions. (James) It was- very weird view. Haha. (Jaiden) Confess your love for your favorite YouTube star. (James) CaptainSparklez. (James) I love you Captain.

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  1. Aww man I wish I could be a famous you tuber
    Imagines being cased by crowds of fans, getting preschooled by security because I didn't stay backstage, and making content in a sweaty closet

    Nevermind! Honesty Jaden how do you handle it?

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