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headphones. I am wearing them in this moment and the name is HIEDO. We do not know if the
name refers to the imperialistic Japanese period or if maybe it refers to some acquaintance
of the founders of this Italian brand, that is hiFun. What is certain is that hiEdo headphones
are obviously wireless, very colored and they are available in different models, this one
is the black and green one’a0You can use them to listen to your music, but also to
make phone calls and connect them to all Bluetooth devices, IPhone, IPad, but also other smartphones.
We are going to examine them in this video review: As soon as we pull the headphones
out, hiEdo are charged enough and ready to be used. To switch on the headphones you just
have to press the central button on the right earphone, untill you will see brief bursts
of blue light. To pair hiEdo with another device, you just have to press a little longer
the central button and you will see a blue red light. In that way you can see hiEdo on
the device and you can proceed with pairing. To turn off hiEdo just press the central button
untill a red light appears. Thanks to two small metal slides it is possible to regulate
hiEdo and adapt it to your head shape. On the right earphone there are all buttons useful
to manage playback functions, play music, activate SIRI, answer to phone calls or regulate
volume. All buttons are easy to reach, but maybe they require a stronger pressure to
push them. On hiEdo there is a microphone that allows you to use hiEdo as Bluetooth
earphones. With a longer pressure on the central button you can also activate SIRI and all
compatible devices. Do not be surprised if SIRI does not respect you since the color
of the headphones you are wearing. It is possible to use hiEdo also to have phone calls. Audio
quality is good and the microphone is powerful and clear enough, also in noisy situations.
Hi Tim! Are you ok? Where are you?’a0You are in Copertino, Lecce province. What are
you doing there? Ah the maps by IOS 6 brig you there! Things that happen! Yes I have
to go ok. Ciao. In the packaging, in addition to the headphones, also a mini USB cable,
two spare sponges and a lace with hiEdo logo are included. HiEdo are available in the website
{field{*fldinst{HYPERLINK “”}}{fldrslt cf2 ul ulc2}}, where it is possible
to have access to the store and buy products. The price is 69,99 euro}

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  1. Ciao, ma è possibile cambiare la batteria? Perché le cuffie funzionano perfettamente se collegate al cavo di ricarica, ma appena le stacco si spengono; per questo credo sia la batteria il problema.
    Grazie per l'aiuto

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