[VIETSUB/ENGSUB/INDOSUB] BTS and artists celebrate Taylor Swift’s birthday in Jingle Ball

Welcome to Taylor Swift’s Thirty Clubs. Hello honey. It was your friend Katy Hello honey. It’s your friend Katy and I just want to wish you the happiest birthday Taylor. I wish you a particularly happy birthday No one is more worthy of all the success you are having. Oh, we have. Congratulations That’s what Taylor’s 30th birthday trip is Happy birthday Taylor. What’s up Taylor? We just want to say happy birthday. Um, you’re sweet to us Taylor This is your good friend nyle here. I just want to say it out loud. Happy Birthday. I love you so much. You are a wonderful person What’s up, Taylor is 5 seconds of summer. We wish you a happy birthday, you’re done The number of astronomical achievements and you currently only have 30 Taylor. I absolutely love you I know how I love you I hope you have the best cat lover build the most love filled with the most incredible birthday We love you very much, No, Taylor happy birthday. Welcome to the cat family Hey, we’re so glad we can’t even remember how we were when 30. I didn’t even have 30 wasted. Do you know what? will love

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