[VIETSUB/ENGSUB/INDOSUB][BANGTAN BOMB] JIN’s birthday party behind the scenes – BTS (방탄소년단)

JIN’s birthday party is ready! (No need to insert 28 now) (It would be better to plug in when you’re 30) JH: Do you have 30? (Will you feel bad …?) JH: It’s okay, do it. (It must be the same size.) JH: Where is the lighter? The wisdom of borrowing a lighter from an employee If the number of candles is not enough, it is best to insert 3 candles. JH: Three candles for what? Thirty? JM: I can’t scold someone during the broadcast JH: can’t scold others during the broadcast. I just heard a strange sound.
JIN: No no JN: Without my brother, I did not scold Jh: What do you represent?
Jin: Not dad JM: Ah Nam Jun Jimin went out to call the members RM: Where is it? Here? I heard from JIN Vlive
JK: Where is VIive for JIN? JN: All my brothers know JK! To celebrate Jin’s birthday, V also found a room Jm: There is no one JK: got it JH: OK so we won’t open the door for him The moment he went out to add V
JN: Yeah, wait, open the door, box, box, open the door !! Wait, box, box! JN: Not the children who came to open the door. Wait for children. Are you playing? It was nv when the conquest was dancing … Now why did Wave do that? Right JH: JIN is here, JIN is here, JIN is back JK: Oh Mr. V is here The members laughed because Ji Min actually stopped broadcasting
JH: it was really turned off. JN: It’s okay, it’s really off JH: Where can I reopen?
JH: wait, how do I press. JH: rebooted JK: You should know how tough I am🎵
JH: It was really inconvenient for me. Really? JN: Would it be fun if I didn’t have a brother or not?
JH: Is it really classic? JN: Yes that’s it
V: please wait here. JM: We’re back
V: Go back
JH: How did this happen? Congratulations to the members who left the room one by one after JIN’s birthday JM: See you tomorrow ~ Happy birthday, oh Army is off and joking V: Bye Jin, bye
JK: Leave Army and see you again V: Work hard Jk went to the room but JK: Where is my room?

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  1. Is it only me or do you also find it funny how all of them press the bell as if their life depends on it and v just runs away after ringing the bell numerously 😂😂😂

    And not to forget Jk forgetting where his room is 😂😂😂🤪

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