Vikings’ Kluwe Argues Same Sex Marriage Is A Civil Rights Issue

Chris Kluwe:
In the locker room I’ve had quite a few guys come up to me and say, you know, hey we appreciate
what you said and thanks for standing up for Brendon. Or some guys have said while we may
not support the same sex marriage part of it, we do support the first amendment part.
And other guys just said we support everything you did. You know, we think you did a great
thing. So I’ve got nothing but positive words on… maybe like two or three angry messages
on twitter but, considering it’s the internet I expected a lot more. So I think it’s a good
sign. “Mary Franson”:
My concerns are that our children and our schools could be taught some liberal agendas
because of the marriage amendment. Because in the schools they might be taught that this
is normal behavior. Kluwe: God forbid our children learn some
liberal agenda in school because you can make that same argument about 50 years ago with
segregation. God forbid our children learn that black children are the same as them.
And it sounds pretty much the same. So I would rather my children learn that people are people,
treat other people the way you would like to be treated, and be who you are. Thats…
it’s really that simple. If your child happens to be gay, I would much rather your child
grows up knowing that it’s OK to be gay rather than being bullied or being driven to thoughts
of suicide. That’s not how children should be raised. So Mary, I simply do not agree
with you. Thank you for not showing up. Tom Barnard:
But It’s great to have you here tonight. Really, really is. No question about it. Don’t you
agree? Kluwe: Thank you everyone. Barnard:
Now a quote from Archbishop John Nienstedt. “Nienstedt”:
The institution of marriage and family life are unraveling before our very eyes due to
no-fault divorce, wide spread cohabitation and promiscuous sexual activity. Amendment
opponents, he said, seek to eliminate the need for marriage altogether. Barnard:
Mr. Kluwe. Kluwe:
I would say that once again that is completely false. No one is trying to take away the institution
of marriage altogether. What we are asking for is that gay couples can get married. And
Archbishop Nienstedt, I don’t think you realize but in the United States there is something
called the First Amendment and it guarantees the separation of church and state. What that
means is that religions are free to be religions, but in turn people are free from religion
in this state. If you don’t want to believe in a religion, no bills will be passed, no
laws shall be made to force you to believe in that religion. So therefore if you’re becoming
involved in secular matters. If you’re using religious influence in trying to push religious
laws on secular law, that is a clear-cut violation of the First Amendment. I think we’re, we’re helping sort of change
the image that the NFL is just, you know, stereotypical macho jocks type thing. I mean
there’s a lot of very smart players playing in the NFL. I think it behooves all of us,
to you know, kind of shatter that stereotype. TV AD:
Ever since the Dutch passed registered partnerships in 1997, followed by formal same sex marriage
in 2000, their out of wedlock birthrate has been moving up at a striking clip. The country
experienced a continuous nine year spike in out of wedlock birthrates since the passage
of the registered partnerships and then a five-year continuous spike since formal gay
marriage went into effect. There has been a ten fold increase in out of wedlock births
there since 1980. All of these are indications of a breakdown of family structure in the
Netherlands. Kluwe:
And the fact that you’re, you’re trying to corollate that with a breakdown in family
structures, the fact that same-sex marriage was passed, you think causes a breakdown in
family structure. Well as anyone has studied logic knows, or statistics, correlation does
not equal causation. Gee, it boils down to, you know, people Rick,
Michele, you know all the other proponents of this measure is that please just live our
own lives. Stop trying to live other people’s lives for them. Don’t take away people’s free

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