Vintage Peugeot PH12 Cycle Restoration (100th Anniversary)

Hello and Welcome to another bike restoration This believe it or not is how I exactly purchased the bike its got no head set no handle bars No brake levers and no tyres but all of the gearing system is working fine! and what a gearing system it is its a super custom crank and we have also got this simplex rear mech really really nice gears on this and the front mech is bolted on there itself very special bike this its from 1982 believe it or not and its going to be a bit of a struggle to get hold of these brake levers This is a 100th Anniversary Bike Really nice Peugeot Bike this what it is and what is special about it is it was the first attempts at aerodynamics in laid brakes which is unusual for 1982 and what also is unusual is these gear levers really loving these just built up from the frame itself and what happens it has in laid cables but its into an areo frame as well so its first attempts at aerodynamics so yes should be a really good bike to clean up and do up what I have noticed already on the frame there has been some repair done someone has used a silver spray and I have noticed the original bike at the front here is a pearlescent white so I am going to rum that down take the frame apart the wheels are in really good order so just need to get some tyres for them need a new saddle as well so lots of researching and getting hold of the bits for this one but should be a good one when its all done it is an iconic bike and its 100th anniversary so yes lets take it back restore it and crack on Right, OK! well thats the frame all stripped down the bottom bracket the spindle itself yes quiet a bit of rust on that I don’t think that has ever been serviced the frame itself now we just need to clean this up just get all this spray off and yes we are going to take it from there I have left the cables in situ in the frame itself the gear cable and the brake cable purely as a guide for when I guide the new cables through so yes it should be good but yes a bit of work to be done Right OK! well where we up to well the frame is all stripped and I have managed to get most of the spray from off the back of the frame itself has revealed a couple of sins the frame has been rubbed down to the bare metal its no too bigger problem but will need cleaning up and spraying ill be priming that first with a white primer and then need to get hold of a peal white spray and then finish it off with a lacquer itself thats the frame and where we are up to with that I have managed to get hold of a ATAX head stem Got some handle bares and the original brake levers Quiet hard to obtain I got them from France so I have managed to get the original brake levers back from 1982 which are the areo levers quiet difficult to put back together regards to the cable going in there erm it was quiet fiddlerly but we have managed to do it peaced that part of the puzzle together the other problem I have got is is the seat stem pretty unusual seat stem anyone who has put Peugeot’s together 24mm seat stem but the top of it has been damaged with the clamp its been clamped on to hard basically its crushed the tube in side so I need to get hold of a new seat post as well just need to locate some pedals and also what I really would like is to get hold of the original Areo Profile Water Bottle quiet expensive these and hard to obtain again! so it is becoming a bit of a difficult project to put together but very rewarding in the mean time as well so Im going to crack on with this frame and see how that comes out and well take it from there Well OK ready to start spraying the frame itself I have masked all the decals up Im going to start with a white primer and then I have got a pearlescent white spray Im going to take the masking tape off then touch up any of the decals themselves and then finish off with a clear lacquer just make sure the spray can itself has been warmed up to room temperature and also the frame itself has been warmed up so yes ready to start spraying once we have done that then take it from there and look at getting the bike back together OK, well where we at we have just finished off with the lacquer Just to reiterate the process that we have just done we have rubbed down the frame itself, get rid of any rust then used masking tape to cover and decals used a primer and then we have used a pearlescent white spray which the frame was originally in once we have done that the paint has actually gone hard we have removed the masking tape we’ve matched the colours to touch up the decals themselves with a very fine brush and then just finished off with a lacquer so all thats left now is to wait for 24 hours so this now to harden up and then we can carry on Ok well the time has arrived Finally to get this bike back together seat post has arrived I have managed to locate one of theses from Germany 24 mm its actually a replacement seat post lovely little piece of kit err we have got all the equipment all laid over the side here the handle bars have already been done the cables was a bit tricky to get in everything is there already to assemble the bike What i have managed to get hold of as well Ive got this from Denmark Is the Original Water Bottle so I have manage to get hold of the Profile Water Bottle which was originally on the bike Very happy that I have managed to get hold of this so its like the icing on the cake so to speak so yes all thats left to do now is get the bike back together so lets crack on! OK well, that all the bike put back together! Compared to how the bike came in and to how it looks now is a complet and utter transformation so really happy and Im also really happy that i have dug deep to find these part and put this back how it was originally the water bottle itself does set it off so yes really happy I went the extra mile to get that the bike itself was a little fiddley to put back together with all of the cables in laid into the frame its self from 1982 though areo framing and its even got the areo hoods so yes really excited about getting this bike out and giving it a ride and yes its been absolutely fabulous Really love the gearing system Simplex rear mech and the super custom crank as I say back from the 80’s its been a cracking bike to do so lets get it out! Right OK well really made up with this one back from 1982 rally happy with the finish I have actually overwhelmed myself with this one I think the water bottle its self really does finish it off its been a piece that has been worth the money itself just to put back on there The ride is great and yes I just can’t believe its 1982 with all the in laid cables and all the Aerodynamics of the bike it really does show that back then they really was thinking about it Really enjoyed it though and yes it will be said to see this one go I do actually want to keep hold of this one but I can’t keep hold of them all so it will be going up for sale if you do enjoy watching the video’s the please Subscribe and please drop us a like so until next time bye for now

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  1. Loving your work here. I've just purchased this frame planning on giving it a little TLC. I'm actually going to reapply the decals after a re-spray. Could you let me know what sprays you used? Any advice or specifics would be much appreciated. Ta

  2. Andy: you always seem to find bikes where the frame size seems to fit you spot on. Do you even end up finding a bike for restoration where the bike is either too big or too small to fit you? Or do you just pass on those?

    Also you seem to always be pretty lucky or skilled at locating these old bikes to restore. I just don't see this many cool old road bikes like this here in the US where I live. The only vintage biuke like this I found one time was a old Gitane Gran Sport.Deluxe. But once I got it I could never get the one bottom bracket cup out of the frame. So it is just hanging up in my garage. Do you think just more of these vintage road bikes were sold in the UK?

  3. I came across this model on a craigslist sale and instantly fell in love, I wish I had the money to get it now! Lovely bike, I love the aesthetics and seeing the enthusiasm you put on restoring it made me see there's something special to this Peugeot. Cheers!

  4. I had two of these , the missing bars were atax and the bars were engraved philipe? . I remeber the CLB aero levers were the smoothest I have ever used. The bikes retailed at £180 in the early 80`s being towards the top of the lower range of Peugeot bikes.

  5. Maybe you would enjoy taking on another Peugeot project? Was wondering if you would be interested in doing a restoration on my Record du Monde? I've seen a few of your videos now (and subscribed) and would be chuffed if you could work your magic and return it to what it was once was…

  6. Brilliant memories! I completely remember that model in the 1982 catalogue. I started racing in 83, and had to make do with the "Criterium" model which was a few specs lower. Seems like an age ago. 😏

  7. proper ace! shame Peugeot cars don't look as good as this bike, apart from the 205 gti which is a blast from the past to!

  8. Fantastic job Andy. you've got me hooked. I've just won one of these off ebay, original and complete for £25. I don't think it's a Centennial as it's blue but everything else identical! Always wanted one when I was a kid, finally sorted at 45! 😆

  9. Hi, Very nice video Restoration of this bike, I got a same model and still great performance..
    I would like to know where did you buy original water bottle in Denmark or if you can remember the shop..many thanks

  10. Very nice build, but spray from a can??? With all the solvents in canned spray, how can it ever achieve a proper hardness? Why not use a compressor and professional lacquer?

  11. I would like to change the color (pink) of one of my kids bikes to a more suitable male color (black). Can I do it without tearing the bike apart? Thank you. Love the videos.

  12. Excellent video.
    I've just stumbled across this channel as I picked one of these 1982 Peugeots up today for £15 (all sprayed grey and only the 1882-1982 headtube logo for info), but it looks like I'll be going all in with a pearl white paintjob.

  13. Andy,i just got this bike! but i don't know if you can make a video explaining how you paint your bikes without removing decals…..because I'm not sure what techniques you use. Thank you.

  14. I have one of these it was my first race bike as 14 and is complete except for the original wheels as they were charged for tubulars on campag record hubs I used it till I was 16 when I got my first custom frame

  15. Awesome job, that bike got back to life!! I really liked the way that you secured the decals and repainted them to look as good as new. If you could give some more tips about this process for restoring a frame with the original looks that would be amazing !!!!
    Really good video! thanks again!

  16. Hi Andy, After watching this bike I was able to find the same bike in mint condition only ridden TWICE! I pick it up Tuesday! VERY EXCITED.

  17. Love your work. Recently bought the same model, almost mint condition. My question: I want to repair some dents and minor scratches on the frame. Where did you get the exact color code for it or is it just pearl white? I want to make it look flawless, bit of a perfectionist.

  18. Have the exact same bike completely original apart from the wheels (which are better than original) my dad saw it for £100

  19. Awesome video! You got the beginning gross bike and show the middle then the end. As well as a ride. Great video keep them coming!

  20. Monsieur, vous êtes un artiste! Vous avez su insuffler la vie à ce vieux monsieur. Il est plus beau qu'à l'origine. Translation : Sir, you are an artist! You have given the breath of life to this old gentleman. It's even more beautiful than the original. You see Andy, I live in France, so I simply had to do this in the original (language). I enjoy watching every one of your videos. Take good care. Hello from Paris!

  21. superb . remember seeing that model in the flesh as i always used to pay special attention to peugeot due to having the perthus pro model.the pearl finish was so nice. i had campag aero bottle on mine.looks like you even put new benotto bar tape on. not much choice back then benotto, bike ribbon, or velox cloth.your passion is clear to see. atb. PS just rememered another noteable bike i owned was a italian concorde in pdm team colours. all my bikes where stripped , polished, lubed, back then as they are today.

  22. WHen I masked off the decals on my 1977 Carlton Pro ( ) , the blue 3M masking tape (painters tape) lifted off parts of the transfers, any suggestions? I have heard of people attempting to use Vaseline but I think modeling clay might work better …

  23. I appreciate the effort you put into finding the correct parts when possible for your refurbishments and restorations, especially on more desirable or historically significant bikes.

    Why anyone would give a video of yours a "thumbs down," is beyond me. I love to watch you work. I also learn a lot from your comments and techniques.

  24. Where to you get your paint from? I need the white pearl paint but can't seem to find it? also the handel bar tap in that gold colour? Thanks.

  25. Hi Andy. Great videos! I am restoring 3 peugeots and 2 of them need 24mm seatposts. Can you tell me who your German supplier was. Google has not been my friend finding one 😩. Cheers Bob.

  26. Thanks Andy. I used your lead about finding a german supplier and found a company on selling them for €23. Bargain. Thanks for your help 👍🏻.

  27. What a brilliant channel you have created on You Tube. Very watchable and excellent presentation. Brings back some memories looking at the bikes you restore.

  28. Great bike. I have a 1985 Peugeot professional
    in 531 with simplex ends and gears. In same colours as the ANC Halfords team bikes from that era.

  29. Hi, in your diverse project you are using bar tape, kind of shiny white tape. Could you please tell me what is it? Thanks for motivation and tips regarding restoring the bikes. CHeers

  30. Did one like this for a friend of mine. The guy that sold it to me for 80 euros had no idea. We neither… Until I came home and started researching a bit… 🙂 Only thing missing (obviously) is the waterbottle, it did came with the cage so maybe one day we can make it complete…

  31. Yet another amazing video! Great bike! I'm wondering, as you don't strip it back to bare metal, do you sand down the whole frame except the decal area? Or just sand down the bare metal and rust spots. You paint primer over the existing paint or just touch up bare metal with primer? Then you cover the existing paint with pearl top coat? People have advised me against trying to do a pearlescent paint job myself. I have a pearlescent Peugeot that had many spots where the rust was under the paint, now, cleaned i have many bare metal spots, if I touch up just the spots the paint won't match, but I've always heard that if you paint over existing paint it won't end up very good? Or lasting? It is nice to see you do more restorations than fixie rebuilds.

  32. just my kind of channel-i actually restored an old peugeot year before last-nowhere near as authentic as yours but this was more of a making use of leftovers kinda deal, but i`m quite happy with the result..(pic doesn`t show the finsih,i added some bar end brake levers and gave it the single speed, since the mounts for the shifting were non-existing …pretty happy with the result tho
    cheers from germany

  33. Can i ask… what bartape you use on your handlebar? thank you.. and you did a great job restoring a 1982 peugeot classic bike… <3

  34. Wow, nice to watch this video… I own a vintage Peugeot bike originally purchased by me as the first owner in the year 1985 in nearly the same color. I use it until today for my fitness training. I had to replace only a few parts . I'm impressed concerning Peugeot's product quality of those days. I'm not happy about that…I was not always so careful, as I should have been with the bike – but my bike resisted like hardly to believe. Nowadays I use it only at good wheather conditions , and some owners of modern road bikes make compliments, when they see, how it runs.
    In the moment I consider to purchase three historically correct parts, which I replaced a lot of years ago , to fulfil the rules of the L'Eroica. The rear wheel, the saddle, and the original aerodynamic drinking bottle. I never found again a matching bottle.
    I wish you a lot of fun riding your restored Road Bike. You did a great job.

  35. Hey do you guys take in bikes to restore? I have an old Sutton from the 70's I just bought and have been looking into getting it restored

  36. i dont understand the part starting at 7:00. You dont zoom in enough to see what youre actually doing to restore it and you keep standing in the way of the camera. If we cant learn from its hard to see what learning can be done. You could also maybe post videos in a higher FPS so people can use slowmotion to watch the sped up clips..

  37. Hello Andy very nice videos, love how the bike looks, was wondering how did u get the howsing back in on the down tube from the shifters any tips???

  38. bro… if you ever see my bikes.. you wood shit your self… would like see the 50 year of 1 off bikes form every thing under the sun..that no one has ever seen…

  39. very nice work 🙂 I love it and the bottle 😉 just a stupid question: I'd like to buy the exact same bike and is it original, that the cables run through(!)the tube and not outside? Or isn't that original?

  40. Nice channel. Find the constant use of the word 'itself' irritating. Not unlike the Glasgow 'ye know?'' What part of the country does that come from then?

  41. Great Project and amazing restoration results… do you mind sharing the wheel-set and tires you have used in the project and if possible the online shop you usually go to. Looking for 27 x 1-1/4 Rear Bicycle Wheel, Freewheel and Front 27 x 1-1/4 Alloy Rim to restore a 1981 Raleigh Road bike I got from my Dad. Your work is an inspiration. Thank you

  42. Hi, I just bought a Peugeot bike that is this same pearl white color, and has some spots that need touch up. What was the brand of paint and name of the color that you used?

  43. well done. I have a question if you don't mind. I just picked up a peugeot frame today. Looks like an 80's. Light blue, nice chrome fork one decal saying vitesse 12 speed. Only original component left is the downtube shifters, and them being there is what sealed the deal – for $25. I've built plenty of bikes, but never a Frenchie. The bb is standard english, and the spacing looks like 126 on the rear. My question is on the headset and fork – is this a standard size, or something odd? Again great bike there, too bad you couldn't keep that one.

  44. Love your videos!… Best part is when you take the bikes out! So envious about it! Greeting from Colombia.

  45. I am restoring a bicycle from the 60s. The chrome parts removed the rust at all but when they dried up they created again rust that I can do to avoid this. I would also like to know how I can investigate what set I originally had to buy the missing parts and leave it the same as the original

  46. Question:
    What bb thread type has that particular frame?
    Could I fit a gxp sram cranks on it?
    I'm about to get a frameset like that one, and I'm planning to build it with modern components…

  47. I have one of these in good working condition with minor paint chips, apart from the saddle full stock components. How much would it be worth? I guess around the price of any functioning oldtimer around 150 to 250 bucks, dont reckon its of any special worth is it?

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