Vinyl Rewind – The Beatles – Please, Please Me 50th anniversary overview

[theme music] ♪ VINYL REWIND ♪ [music] [CROWD SCREAMING] Hey guys, we are celebrating the fiftieth
anniversary of the Beatles first album Please, Please Me on Parlophone records
from 1963. At this time it was standard in the UK to have 14 tracks on an LP but the Beatles only had four tracks recorded, two singles and their b-sides. Not wanting to lose momentum on the wild success of the number one UK single
Please, Please Me, Parlophone rushed the release of this album, scheduling only two three-hour recording sessions on… A third session was
added later that evening. The Beatles cut 11 songs during this 9 hour recording
marathon. 10 of which ended up on the album. At this point in their careers the
Beatles were so tight as a group from playing so many live shows that this
album was essentially recorded live with very few overdubs or edits. Each Beatle
was paid the standard musicians rate of £7.50 for each of the 3 recording sessions. Which is roughly around 180 US dollars in today’s money. The album was released just over a month later on March 22nd, 1963. [music] The original title was going to be “Off The Beatle Track” with a cover photo of The Beatles in front of the insect house at the London Zoo. But the powers-that-be rejected the idea and we’re left with a much better album title and cover photo. The album wasn’t officially released in the US until the
late 80s, however most of the songs could be found on Introducing The Beatles on Vee Jay Records released in 1964 and on the 1965 Capitol release The Early Beatles [music] We’re flipping over to side two and
starting with track seven Twist And Shout [music] Every time I hear this, I think of the
film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off which reminds me when I was little whenever my family would rent a film I would rewatch the entire thing the next morning all by myself. I remember my oldest brother asking me what I was doing and I didn’t have a great answer for him, but I suppose it had something to do with me re-watching my favorite scenes and the parade scene
which this song is featured is certainly one of them. Although for the film
director John Hughes added a brass section to the mix of song which didn’t
sit well with a certain Beatle Paul McCartney who said “if had needed brass
we’d had stuck it on ourselves” Hughes did feel bad about offending a Beatle and explains “we saw a band and we needed to hear the instruments” referring to the marching band featured in the parade What’s amazing about this song is that
it’s a one-take wonder. Producer George Martin scheduled this song last because he knew that John would most likely throw his voice out due to the high
energy required and the fact that his voice was already strained due to an
illness. John did go for a second take but could not finish. After the recording experience George Martin was quoted as saying “I don’t know how they do it. We’ve
been recording all day and the longer we go on, the better they get” and this song
is certainly testament to that. Okay, we’re going to jump back to one of my
favorite tunes track one on side two, Love Me Do [music] Ah man, when I was a little
kid I used to think that the harmonica part on this song sounded so similar to
the one used in the closing credits of Sesame Street [Sesame Street music] I don’t know what do you
guys think? I mean it might be a little off my rocker which wouldn’t be that
unlikely considering my recent acid trip. [music] I have to agree with Rolling Stone
Magazine when they put it 39th on their list of the greatest albums of all time
and what’s cool is that there was a reissue put out just last year in both mono and stereo, so there’s no reason not to own this album. One more thing before
we go I have some Awesome Finds! Okay guys, so my dad picked up this big sack of 45s at garage sale for I want to say just a couple of bucks and most of it were just common records but then I saw this one and it, it intrigued me. It’s on
Mountain Dew Records I found out it was released in 1950 it’s by Arkie Shibley
and his Mountain Dew boys and it’s called Hot Rod Race. Now what’s
significant about this, it is one of the first times racing culture was
incorporated into popular music. It became a hit in 1951 and Arkie actually
went on to write four more sequels to this. One of which spawned the
answer song Hot Rod Lincoln which I’m sure you’ve heard of because it became a
much bigger hit. It also inspired such songs as Chuck Berry’s Maybelline and
Gene Vincent’s Race With The Devil. So that is all the time I have for you
today thank you so much for watching. I am your Vinyl Geek and I’ll catch you on
the flipside [music] God damn it, sounds so stupid with no music

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  1. Weren't you originally listening to "I Saw Her Standing There"? If so, I do know ehy you removed it.

  2. You look a little like Paul McCartney with that Beatle wig. What is the background music you use for this episode?

  3. Now I have to get this record. Your channel is outstanding. I hope you don't get hired away by some big media concern.

  4. Hey Vinyl, will you do a review on the Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary set? Also, did you know that the harmonica part was inspired by the harmonica part in Bruce Channel's "Hey! Baby!"?

  5. Great review as always, man! I love this album, having 2 stereo vinyls of it and I think about getting the mono remaster LP soon, hehe…

  6. I can never get enough of how much I love your taste in music. I guess we're old souls because I prefer older music more than modern. Modern isn't as prue.

  7. Can you do Fall Out Boy if you heard of them? If you can, can you do Infinity on High? If you haven't heard of them, I suggest you look them up. If you want to xD

  8. Lame and ugly cover…hey, what's with Ringo's Elvis hair and who in the hell decided that the stairwell of an apartment complex would make cool album cover art?

  9. Speaking of anniversaries, next year is the 50th anniversary of The Who Sell Out. I know you have a massive request list, but that album is so much fun to listen to and your reviews are so much fun to watch… it'd be a dream combo if you reviewed it. 😉

  10. You should review every Beatles album! Every one of your reviews are great but the Beatle ones are even better.

  11. I have spent years of my life with a mop top…

    Then my grandmother says I look like Paul McCartney…and I play bass guitar left handed. Why God why.

  12. Great films!! Love the Beatles!! Also, as I've said before, I love your set(fucking epic), especially your accessories such as the tiki siesta tumblers w/coasters & atomic ashtray w/pipe, very KooL!!! Also love your title card in it's old-school, 1960's – early 1970's, very Tarantino-esque, design!!

  13. Great reviews you do! Your mob top hairdo looks as David Bowie would wear: a bit over the top but the hell with women. They´d loved it back them, I think. Greetings from Berlin.

  14. Check out Foxtrot by Genesis they are one of the best bands of all time and I am really loving the Beatles reviews they are such great song writers.

  15. man this guy is a funny, sweet charicterist geek. hes such a nice gu-

    considering my recent acid trip

    dark side emerges

  16. In Canada, Capitol Records of Canada released a 14 track album called ''Twist And Shout'', which was 12 songs from ''Please Please Me'', plus ''From Me To You'' and ''She Loves You''.

  17. That marching band in Ferris Buehler's Day Off was my high school's marching band, the Lockport Porters.

  18. You talked about two songs?… What ?.. I like your reviews, but two songs! I wish you would have discussed others!!

  19. This album to me is timeless,it’s still my favourite Beatles Album,Raw and magnificent,just listen to Boys for example loud and gutsy
    plus everything on it ,Superb,

  20. OMG I used to do the exact same thing! My dad would rent Pulp Fiction or The Rock or Trainspotting and id go down to watch it on Sunday morning. Such an education from those VHS days 😀

  21. Wow you had like 9k subs 2 yrs ago and about 15k subs a year ago and now you have 47k subs now? If you keep up the great reviews you could get about a hundred thousand

  22. 1:23 right side
    "They have already tucked away enough elf-penned numbers to maintain a steady output of all-original singles from now until 1975!"
    if only bbc
    if only

  23. Honestly this is my least favorite Beatles album, I feel like each album was better than their last, this one was a little too Pop for me

  24. Glad I found your channel! Please Please Me is to me one of the best debut albums I ever heard. You knew there was something special about this group when you hear that 1,2,3,4 for the first time.

  25. Trivia questions 1. The Beatles recorded 11 songs on that day, but only 10 made it to the album. What was the song that was left out? 2. Who played the harmonica on the closing credits music of Sesame Street?

  26. I don't like Paul's response to the parade scene. "If it had needed brass, we would've added it". Since when were you the authority on a song you (or any of the Beatles) didn't write? And who cares if it needs it, it's an over-the-top version of a song for an over-the-top character's over-the-top amazing day. Sounds good, too. I don't know why I'm so hung up on this. Just seems dickish.

  27. The Beatles (or whoever owned it at the time) should never have given any song rights to lame-ass John Hughes. He could have used the Beach Boys or whatever.

  28. Hot Rod Lincoln and Jonny Cash’s One Piece at a Time sound so alike and share so much in common lyrically that I wouldn’t be surprised if the latter was inspired by the former. You should have mentioned that.

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